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Hard Trainer (Part 2)





There is a certain vulnerability to being at the mercy of an expert. It can also be a great learning experience. The trainer is definitely in control. He can and will tell his pupil exactly what he needs to do. Hans VonFersen has hired hunky trainer Devin Draz – probably for his great masculine build and the big cock that is clearly outlined in his training shorts. Whatever his reasons, Hans needs to be whipped into shape and Devin is the man to do it. One thing is very clear: Hans looks like he knows his way around the gym.

What does Hans have in mind? He definitely wants a workout. But these push-ups and squats aren’t found in any of your traditional exercise guidelines. With Devin’s hard cock at full-mast, Hans begins his push-ups as he bobs up and down on his hard shaft. Then it’s time to do a set of squats – up and down on his trainer’s slicked-up dick. Hans is ordered to bend over a nearby machine so Devin can really lay into his hot asshole and then he flips him over and shoots his load all over his face. What a workout!


Dirty Boys Lick Balls





There’s a reason this site is called Dirty Boy Video. You won’t find any cute set-ups with guys jerking off. Instead, you’ll get a load of the dirtiest fuckers doing the nastiest things in front of the camera. Take Cain and Potter, for instance. They’ve been lounging the pad doing nothing in particular. In no time, their thoughts turn to sex and before they know what they’re doing, they’re feeling each other up getting hornier by the minute. With no girls around, it’s easy to get away with some gay shit and that’s exactly what these two buds are doing.

You can’t help noticing those big nut sacs they carry between their legs and neither can they. Potter gets down on his knees and starts to lick Cain’s ball sac as if it were a tasty jawbreaker. The action continues as they reciprocate the action over and over again until their stiff cocksGet the latest Flash Player to see this player.


28 Inches of Wang





Can you stuff 28 inches of pure cock meat down your throat? Of course not! Thankfully, the guys at Video Boys don’t expect you to pull off that enormous task, but they do break it down for you in the form of three hot Canadian boys, collectively known as “The Three Tenners.” By now, you probably already guessed that these boys are not going to break out into opera any time soon.  They are, however, going to strip down and show off their near perfect 10-inchers. They may not all reach that perfect score in the size department, but they hang a little lower than most average guys and they know how to work their excessively fat dicks.

Between them Ashton Hardwell, Jessy Karson and Sascha Vistos account for 28 inches of Canadian meat. In this clip, the boys chat about the pros and cons of having such large dicks. As if this would pose a major problem for a trio of super horny boys looking to get off. The three start working their thick peckers into an Icejack as they sit side by side on a couch.  It truly is a sight to see them tear into those toys.


College Boy Gets Fucked By His Hot Buddy





When you have a horny college dude calling up saying that it’s been a while since he’s gotten fucked “really good,” you know the resulting video is going to be hot! That’s what Tucker Davis said to the guys at College Dudes 247, so they paired him up with the deliciously dark-haired Buddy Davis. From the moment Travis caught sight of that hard cock, he was on his knees doing his best to deep throat that sucker. It’s an awesome sight to see Buddy’s glistening abs and tight torso undulate with the rhythm of Travis’ expert blow job.

But once Buddy’s cock is at full attention, he turns his attention to Travis’ ass by fucking him doggy style. The highlight of that scene is when the camera pans down to capture Buddy’s big balls slapping Travis’ taint with every powerful thrust of his muscular body. Watch as Travis mounts Buddy and spreads his legs so that we can get a good look at that pole sliding in and out of his perky, firm ass. This bottom boy knows how to work a top and by the looks of this episode, Travis will definitely be back for some more butt-busting action.


Lance Strokes His Rod





Some guys look really good when they jack off, and Lance is definitely one of them. This cute jock recently made his way over to Cocky Boys where he rubbed his dick through his shorts until it was bursting at the seams to get out. He slowly pulled his Hollister underwear off, and revealed his cut cock, which was throbbing hard.

Lance is one of those guys who really enjoys getting a firm grip on his dick and massaging himself. At one point he gets on all fours while he continues to stroke his rock-hard tool. With his free hand he spreads his hole and exposes one of the most perfect ass holes we have ever seen. Not only does it look delectable, but it also looks like it’s very tight!

As if a nice cock, and tight hole weren’t enough, he also has a pair of low-hanging balls that made our mouths water with excitement. He beats his meat furiously and announces that he’s ready to explode. We just can’t get enough of this stud, and hope to see him paired up with another Cocky Boy real soon.


Sex-Crazed Latino Men



Words cannot begin to describe the hotness that occurs in this utter fuck-fest featuring men at a famous sex club in Barcelona. There’s a little something for everyone as these sex-crazed dudes do anything they can think of in order to get off. In one scene a guy is jacking off a huge uncut dude while another one peaks out from a different glory hole and watches the action. As the guy getting jacked begins to cum the one doing the whacking makes sure he gets plenty on his right cheek and neck before he aims for the left side of his face.

This is what a public sex space should be like. Guys crawling on guys and making their kinkiest fetishes come true. Some are happy just being voyeurs while others stuff big feet into their mouths and suck on toes with eyes closed enjoying the taste.

Somewhere else in Boyberry there’s a bottom getting his ass completely ripped apart by a top with a huge dick who relentlessly thrusts into him. It’s questionable whether he’d be able to comfortably sit for a week, but if his enjoyment is any indication this is one power bottom that can take a pounding.

If you want to see some beautiful uncut men in some of the hottest fucking you should really check out Massive Cocks At Boyberry.


Hung Dude Jacks It in the Shower

Damon is a very dirty boy. So dirty, in fact, that he has to shower while getting off, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. When he showed up to show off for the Dirty Tony cameras, it was suggested he might want to take a shower. See, Damon had had a long day and needed to refresh himself. Not only did he jump at the opportunity to shower, but he also invited the cameras into the bathroom to watch him do it.
Even before his clothes started to come off, it was clear that Damon wasn’t packing your average buldge. The more he stroked himself the bigger he seemed to get. Granted, that’s how these things usually work, but in this case whatever was hiding underneath his underwear looked especially huge. When he finally whipped that shit out it was like seeing an uncut trunk being pulled out of a hat. Not only does this unassuming guy have a huge thick cock and low hangers, but he’s able to cram it all into his underwear!

Damon hopped in the shower and rubbed his cock and taint at the same time until he finally busted. Unfortunately, every delicious last drop spiraled its way down the drain.


Straight Boys Love Man-on-Man Action!

Let’s face it most guys would fuck a parking meter if the opportunity arose. Guys are pigs plain and simple, so it really isn’t that surprising when straight dudes end up getting into gay situations for money. Broke Straight Boys is one of those sites that offers up every gay man’s fantasy: Straight men having sex with each other.
For these straight guys, the need for money trumps any reservations that they might have about performing in front of the camera or (gasp) getting off with another guy.
You really have to wonder if these guys are 100% straight or if there is a little portion of them that has been waiting for the perfect excuse to get it on with another man. Most of us believe that if you are not attracted to a guy there is no way you could possibly be aroused by engaging in any sexual activity with him, but these guys really make us doubt this idea.
The hottest thing about this site is watching these guys as they maneuver through their first man-on-man encounter. Most of these guys have never given a blowjob, but like fish to water they take to it just fine. We’re guessing that they know exactly what they like, and therefore give it to the guy like they would like it.
The more sexually adventurous will even fuck another dude, or get fucked himself. The guys are so hot that we’re pondering whether we should pretend to be broke straight guys just so that we can finally bag our first straight guy!


Tommy Finch Soaks Himself in Cum

Tommy Finch is one of those guys who is 100% straight as an arrow, but when it comes to showing off his body for a bunch of gay guys he’s got no problem dropping his trunks and showing off all his assets. As is the custom at, Tommy teases the viewers before he finally shows off his enormous cock!
Now, we’ve been told that Tommy’s dick measure a nice & thick 7 inches, but we think they need to re-measure that shit because it looks way bigger than 7 inches! We’re thinking maybe Tommy was just being modest, so as not to come across as a braggert.
One thing we really love is when a guy has a fat mushroom head, and Tommy’s is as perfect as it can get. Even though he’s straight, you know if he ever fucked a guy said guy would be sore just having that fat cockhead shoved into his ass.
One thing about Tommy that we really love, besides all the obvious things, is that he has no qualms over sticking a finger or two up his bum while he pleasures himself. You know that shit must be super tight!
We’re not sure if it was the fingers that helped, or if Tommy always has such a ridiculously wet cumshot, but this hot stud definitely knows how to deliver!


Badpuppy’s Mario Gets Naughty!

Mario is one of the latest guys to hit and boy are we ever happy to see him. This 26 year-old stud has a youthful face but a nice defined body — definitely more man than twink, but the combination of the two is what makes him so fuckable.
Mario is definitely a guy who’s a little shy, but also knows he has nothing to be shy about when it comes to getting naked. He’s very playful with the camera and really gets the viewer going by smiling mischievously. He even takes his time pulling his pants down, and at first you can only see the shaft, which doesn’t seem to end.
One thing about Mario that makes him so irresistible is that he resembles several hot actors. Don’t you think he looks a little like Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with just a sprinkle of James Franco for good measure? We do!


Sometimes, when guys get naked for the camera they tend to lose their personalities and get really serious, Mario is definitely not one of them. We have never seen someone so at ease and so playful, and so flirtatious. We’re pretty sure he’s probably the same way in person.


We certainly hope we’ll be seeing more of him very soon!



Mike Butders Stroke It At

Mike Butgers is one of those guys people will totally recognize though they may not know where from. See Mike has been in over 200 movies and has been nominated for the AVN awards over 13 times! He recently shot a solo jerk-off scene for and boy was it hot.

The 26-year-old Piscean starts off nice and slow rubbing his big chest, tight stomach and down to his budging hard-on that is making his underwear resemble a tent. The line of his cock is plainly visible and he moves it so it sticks out to the side. He pulls his briefs down slowly but the tip of his dick gets in the way pulling his entire shaft back. As soon as he gets his dick loose, it bounces back and makes a smacking sound against his stomach.

Mike is known for his huge balls — some say he’s got the biggest ones in the industry — and he definitely knows hot to put them to good use. As he strokes himself, he also pulls on them this way and that showing just how big they really are. We should mention that his cock is in proportion to his balls, which means it’s big as well. It’s clear that this former captain of the wrestling team in high school loves to stroke his cock, and has had wonderful practice.


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