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Rudy and Timmy Have Vampire Sex at

Halloween season has now begun (according to retailers and Disneyland, at least) so we thought we’d bring you some spooky gay fucking. In this hot update from Staxus starring Rudy Valentino and Timmy Taylor, Timmy sets out to stake a vampire (Rudy) who has been pestering the local community. Luckily, Timmy has a secret weapon: his sexiness. After some mutual cock sucking, Rudy gets a chance to ram his cock into Timmy’s ass. Then they switch places, and Rudy delivers an amazing cumshot while being fucked. But will Timmy stake his heart while he’s unloading? You’ll have to watch the clip to find out!


Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Camping can be great fun, but you’ve really got to go into it with an “anything can happen” mindset. You’ll probably enjoy a lazy respite in nature, but you should also be ready for bear attacks, killer bee attacks, wild boar attacks, and even Creepy Janitor attacks. Because they can happen, as you’ll see in this hot update from Bound Gods. Adam Port plays a carefree hitchhiker (apparently he thinks that he’s Jason Mraz in the I’m Yours Video.) Unfortunately, life isn’t always a sweet fairytale. Naughty Pines can be a dangerous place to thumb a ride, and Adam gets picked up by the infamous Creepy Janitor. He’s bound, thrown in the flatbed of a truck, transported to an undisclosed location in Naughty Pines, and then dragged into the woods. Then he’s tied naked to a tree, flogged, and molested. In the end, the Creepy Janitor cums all over Adam’s face. She may look pretty, but sometimes Nature can be a savage mistress.

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines at Bound Gods


Chi Chi LaRue’s Taken






Taken is Chi Chi LaRue’s latest smuttastic hardcore video that explores the darker side of sex. A little birdie told us that the scenes were all from the amazing imagination of Miss Chi Chi herself. We knew that bitch was dirty, but we had no idea it was this much!

Circuit dancer turned porn star Adam Killian kicks things off by shoving a lit candle up his man-hole. Yes, you read correctly… lit. Before you make any happy birthday jokes (like we did) we should tell you that it’s a pretty hot scene – especially when he ends up pissing all over his rock hard chest.

Johnny Hazzard proves once again why he’s one of the most daring porn stars of our time when he allows himself to be tied to a St. Andrews Cross, and allows himself to be flogged before getting wax poured all over him by the bucketfuls.

One of the hottest scenes features bootylicious Blake Riley and tattooed stud David Taylor. David almost makes the second cumming happen when he pounds the bejesus out of Blake’s ass. Although it looks like both are about to cum from all the moaning and groaning they are doing, things aren’t over just yet. Instead, Blake pisses all over his chest, and David follows suit pissing all over his dick and balls. Next he hoses Blake down and gets a little carried away when he accidentally lets the running hose slip inside of Blake’s ass over and over again.

We haven’t even told you the half of it but you can expect lots of group action, asphyxiation, fisting, flogging, watersports, bondage… Hell, it would almost be easier to tell you what Taken doesn’t feature.

Girls, we didn’t see any girls.


Getting Kinky with Bound Gods

There’s no getting around the fact that the men over at Bound Gods know what they’re doing! No other site on the web provides such kinky hardcore sex for your delight. The thing that really sets this site apart is their high-quality content — and there’s plenty to go around. The latest update features two guys — one happily tied up while the other tortures him — fucking their brains out. The guy who is tied up is put through the ringer as he gets dangled from the ceiling while the top smacks him with anything he can get his hands on including paddle, whips and his own fat cock. The slave doesn’t quite understand, so the top forces his cock in the guy’s mouth and forces him to deep throat. Later he puts a mask on him that forces him to keep his mouth open so that he has easier access to the hole.
It’s the kind of thing that you have to see to believe but when it comes time to pound some ass, the top makes sure it’s held steady by a hook that is connected to the frame of the bed. We’re not sure about the ouch factor but it did keep the bottom quite still, even though he was getting the daylights fucked out of him. If that wasn’t enough, he also has some ropes and straps tied to his balls at the same time. Now that’s something we’d definitely love to try someday.

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