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Zacahry Quinto Naked!?




We were completely smitten with Zachary Quinto from the first moment that we saw him playing the evil superhero Sylar on the show Heroes. Perhaps it’s his dark looks, or his manly appeal, but Zach is one fine specimen of man. This weekend he hit the big screen in the movie Star Trek. Although we haven’t seen it yet we know we’re going to swoon the minute we see him with those Vulcan ears. Just the idea of something pointy on his body gets our hearts racing.

Zachary’s sexuality has been a huge point of contention in the blogoshpere, but this may have arisen from the fact that he played a gay character in Tori Spelling’s show in which he had a kissing scene with a guy. We can’t say that we believe the rumors, but we’d love for them to be true. People swear up and down that they can see some gay mannerisms when he’s doing interviews, but we think that’s just wishful thinking.

Zachary isn’t the only hottie in the new Star Trek movie. His co-star Chris Pine, who plays Captain Kirk, is also lighting up the big screen in a similar fashion. Chris was recently caught jogging with his shirt off. It’s just a matter of time before these two end up making out. Might we suggest in the next Star Trek movie? Perhaps they could go to a planet where the air makes them gay. We can only hope!