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Buddy Davis and Alexander Greene at College Dudes

Buddy Davis and Alexander Greene at College Dudes

Buddy Davis and Alexander Greene at College Dudes

Buddy Davis and Alexander Greene at College Dudes

Buddy Davis and Alexander Greene at College Dudes

Buddy Davis is back, and he’s hotter than ever in this sizzling new update from College Dudes featuring Buddy with Alexander Greene. This is Buddy’s second clip for College Dudes and the chemistry between Buddy and his new partner Alexander is amazing. Buddy must have been really hungry for this, because he seems voracious as he starts grabbing Alexander’s cock. This gets Alexander just as hot, and before long the guys are trading blowjobs. After that, Buddy starts fucking Alexander, and he continues slamming Alexander’s ass until  they both blow their loads. And then the two young studs end their scene with a kiss.

Buddy Davis and Alexander Greene at College Dudes


Nasty Twink Newbie Chase Rawling Busts A Nut at College Dudes

Nasty Twink Newbie Chase Rawling Busts A Nut at College Dudes

Nasty Twink Newbie Chase Rawling Busts A Nut at College Dudes

Nasty Twink Newbie Chase Rawling Busts A Nut at College Dudes

Nasty Twink Newbie Chase Rawling Busts A Nut at College Dudes

If you don’t think a solo Jerkoff scene can be hot, wait until you see this amazing clip from College Dudes featuring nasty twink newbie Chase Rawling. This sexy young pup is hot and he knows it. He has no shame and proudly shows off his hairy ass, spreads his ass cheeks for the camera, and delivers a lively masturbation scene with a great cumshot. Chase has an eight inch cock and is pretty new to porn, but he must have been a hustler or a porn star in a former life because he’s already got all the skillz.

Nasty Twink Newbie Chase Rawling Busts A Nut at College Dudes


Jason Ryes Jerks Off Like No One’s Watching at College Dudes

Jason Ryes Jerks Off Like No One's Watching at College Dudes 247

Jason Ryes Jerks Off Like No One's Watching at College Dudes 247

Jason Ryes Jerks Off Like No One's Watching at College Dudes 247

Jason Ryes Jerks Off Like No One's Watching at College Dudes 247

“Dance like no one’s watching” is a popular, feel-good quote that has graced countless plaques, cross-stitch creations, bookmarks, and mugs. Jason Ryes seems to have internalized that pearl of wisdom, except that his version goes, “Jerk off like no one’s watching.” And that’s exactly what he does in this hot new clip from College Dudes 247. This straight-laced, barely legal skateboarder manages to completely ignore the cameras as he gives us an intimate glimpse at one of his private J/O sessions. It’s no act, either. This boy simply doesn’t have any inhibitions. You’ll almost feel guilty watching it. Almost.

Jason Ryes Busts a Nut at College Dudes 247


Shad Tomas @ College Dudes 247





We can’t get enough of the shy guys at College Dudes 247. It’s probably because we know that once they get their clothes off they lose all inhibition as they lose themselves in the act of self-pleasuring. Take Shad Tomas, for instance. He’s got such a cute baby face that you wouldn’t expect him to come in and start fist-pounding his gorgeous cock like a pro… But he does. He’s a sports enthusiast and that shows when he takes off his shirt to reveal a naturally fit body. We love it when he strokes his cock and flirts with the camera, and we also like the fact that he shows us his tight hole and bubble butt, spreading his ass wide open and letting his hand linger just enough for us to start drooling.

We look forward to more of this cutie. In the meantime, watch him hop on the bed, stroke his nice shaft and blow a big wad of boy juice all over himself. Like they say, it’s the quiet ones that we have to look out for – they’re the real wild ones in the bunch. He’s no exception. And we love checking out his tight buns and rigid cock as he stiffens up and lets out a big stream of jizz in this photo shoot!


Hayden, Carter, & Logan





For college students across the nation, it is getting close to finals time. There isn’t a single college stud who isn’t feeling the stress. Right before the exams, most stressed out students look for ways to relieve that feeling, and a lot of the time it revolves around rubbing one out – whether it’s alone in the dorms or with a good jerk off buddy. College Dudes 247 offers some of the best clips of cock-hungry (not to mention cash-strapped) students looking to get off. In this clip, Hayden, Carter, and Logan have been teamed up together for a threesome.

The intensity of this video is so hot that it can’t be viewed in one sitting so it’s split up into two parts. This first part features our horny trio exploring one another’s tight bodies. Carter and Hayden both have huge cocks, and Logan really gets crazy in this video. Hayden and Carter are also the two kinkiest dudes around, so Logan gets the special treatment. He gets his face stuffed with cock and he keeps begging for more. We don’t know how long he’s gone without sex, but it’s obvious he wants more. Stick around and find out what happens in Part Two.


Hayden Wolfe Fucks Rob Ryder





Rob Ryder knows how to service the horny man that’s about to fuck him. He savors the taste of that stiff rod in his mouth as his tongue runs across the bottom of the shaft and over the rock-hard cock head. It’s like making love to that cock with his mouth.  And when that cock belongs to Hayden Wolfe, ass destroyer… Well, you just have to treat it like cock royalty. They say you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you, but they never said anything about sucking the cock that’s about to fuck you. Enjoy the ride Rob!

That thorough blow job does the trick. Hayden is stiffer than he’ll ever get and his cock is ready to invade that willing ass. He turns him over on his back and pulls his ass towards his face for an up-close inspection. Finding it to his liking, Hayden spits a big wad of saliva on Rob’s tight pucker and goes to work, digging his massive cock into his ass. Rob instantly starts to moan and groan with satisfaction as his butt gets a hardcore ass banging from one of the biggest cocks that has ever penetrated his sphincter. He loves it so much that he even swallows Hayden’s big load.


Felix Sharpe Busts A Nut





Felix Sharpe is making his nasty debut with a little jerk off session for all members of College Dudes 24/7. He’s bound to wow everyone even before he takes any of his clothes off. He’s got a beautiful face and a killer smile that melts hearts. His body is young, tight and well defined. Best of all, his cock is just the right size to fit right in your mouth. But today, we’re only getting a close up glance at his stroking techniques. Still, we’ll take what we can from this gorgeous stunner with a bubble butt and a long cock.

Even before he takes off his clothes, you can trace the outline of his stiffening cock. When he drops those pants, his dick pops out and is ready to play. Felix strokes his penis like a pro. Occasionally, he’ll look to the camera and flash us that killer smile. He turns around for a better look at his pucker as he spreads his ass cheeks. Finally, he’s ready to blow a load. He pumps his fist faster and faster and then lets loose a giant fountain of boy cum all over his perfectly defined abs.


Jack Griffin Services Ben Moore





Ben Moore finally breaks out of his man-on-man phobia! He’s been cool with a little jerk off session for the guys, but we wanted to see more and he has finally agreed to give us what we want! In this clip, Jack Griffin has the honors of breaking Ben into the world of gay sex. He eases him into it with a sensual massage that gets Ben’s big boner stiffer than the massage table he’s laying on. A little butt rimming courtesy of Jack helped to bring him out of his shell, too!

Jack takes advantage of Ben’s stiff cock and carefully licks, sucks and swallows the whole thing down his throat. Ben, of course, loves the attention his dick is getting. Jack gets Ben to hike up on all fours for a proper ass-licking and Ben slides his engorged cock down Jack’s throat once again. This massage gets a happy ending when Ben is no longer able to hold back. He gushes out an enormous load on Jack’s face. Jack doesn’t miss a beat. He cleans off Ben’s cock to make sure there is no cum left and then he shoots his own load as he works that cock!


Tyler Dorn Busts a Nut





Tyler Dorn may look like a sweet and innocent kid, but this college stud has nothing but sex on his mind when he’s not diligently studying for exams. All study and no play can make Tyler a dull boy, but there’s definitely nothing dull about his sex life. He’s got aggressive sexual tendencies that he freely discusses before whipping off his tight-fitting orange shirt to reveal his ripped body! He’s extremely hot – all chest, arms and sexy abs. He teases the camera with a bit of flexing to reveal rippling muscles. Then he moves down to his pants and unzips them!

When the jeans come off his hard dick pops out. It is a thick piece of meat that he grabs and waves around for us to see. His ass proves to be just as hot as the rest of his body. This boy takes care of his body and he’s not afraid to show it off! Everything about Tyler is sexy from top to bottom. He strokes off his cock for us and spreads his rock-hard butt cheeks so we can get a better look at his tight hole! Now this is a fun game of show and tell!


Jack Does Tucker





When you are a good cocksucker, and Tucker Vaughn from College Dudes 24/7 is a good cocksucker, finding the right meat pole to suck can be a real challenge. Luckily, Jack Griffin is up for the challenge. Not only does he have a beautiful long dick, he is also very aggressive and rough when he’s feeding it to an eager bottom boy. In this scene, you can see just how much Tucker loves being roughed up and getting faced-fucked before giving up his tight pink hole to that hard, stiff cock.

When the two go at it, it’s instant chemistry! Tucker drops to his knees and devours Jack’s rod. At the same time, Jack slams his pelvis against Tucker’s face. But it looks like it’s not enough for either one of them. Jack takes Tucker’s mouth and, with his fingers, pries open Tucker’s mouth to make sure he can throat-fuck this bottom bitch to the limit. Tucker takes it without complaints, and when sucking turns to fucking, he rides that cock like a champ until he’s blowing his load all over himself. From the looks of this video, a little rough sex can be a satisfying experience.


College Boys Adam And Rob Fuck





Adam Campbell is quite the little sex shooter. Rob Ryder is the lucky target in this first time pairing of two of the hottest studs found on College Dudes 247. Though they’ve never had the opportunity to ravage their hot bodies on camera before, this scene more than makes up for the wild passion they both share. You can almost feel the sexual energy Rob feels when Adam grinds his hard cock against Rob’s engorged bulge. But when Adam’s cock head disappears past Rob’s sphincter, you know they are both in for a ride they’ll never forget.

After some kissing and some stroking, Rob goes down for some cock sucking action, making Adam feel good. It’s been a while since he’s gotten head like this. Adam returns the favor before he climbs on top of Rob and starts pounding his tight little asshole. Adam knows how to fuck. The pleasure he brings when his pelvis slams up against Rob’s rump sends shock waves of sheer pleasure that you can see on Rob’s face as he moans and grimaces. But the real shocker is Adam’s powerful cum shot – it shoots in rapid succession, hitting the wall almost 6 feet away!


College Boy Gets Fucked By His Hot Buddy





When you have a horny college dude calling up saying that it’s been a while since he’s gotten fucked “really good,” you know the resulting video is going to be hot! That’s what Tucker Davis said to the guys at College Dudes 247, so they paired him up with the deliciously dark-haired Buddy Davis. From the moment Travis caught sight of that hard cock, he was on his knees doing his best to deep throat that sucker. It’s an awesome sight to see Buddy’s glistening abs and tight torso undulate with the rhythm of Travis’ expert blow job.

But once Buddy’s cock is at full attention, he turns his attention to Travis’ ass by fucking him doggy style. The highlight of that scene is when the camera pans down to capture Buddy’s big balls slapping Travis’ taint with every powerful thrust of his muscular body. Watch as Travis mounts Buddy and spreads his legs so that we can get a good look at that pole sliding in and out of his perky, firm ass. This bottom boy knows how to work a top and by the looks of this episode, Travis will definitely be back for some more butt-busting action.


Hot Shower Duo





It’s hot straight boy first time alert! Trent Blade’s as straight as it gets. He’s never been with a guy before and has never had a bro go down on his stiff cock , so when he signed up to do this shoot, he was a little skeptical and just a tad bit nervous about doing the dirty deed with another guy. But once Rob Ryder got a hold of that straight boy’s piece of hard cock and started to suck up a storm, Trent relented and the result is this steaming hot shower scene that captures on film Trent’s first full on man-on-man action.

Right off the bat, they’re sucking face like pros, exploring one another’s wet tongues. But the action soon moves to the shower, where they’re able to explore some more of their tight college bods closely. If Trent was nervous before, it does not  show. Rob, eager to taste some man cock, goes down on Trent’s cock and even gets to taste his hot virgin hole-careful to get every inch of it covered in hot spit. As a reward, Rob’s treated to a face fuck before getting showered with Trent’s thick creamy load. At least the shower is getting put to good use.


Jimmy Durano Fucks Beau Tucker





Jimmy Durano, resident hot stud at College Dudes 247, is back with his incredibly taut body and a stiff cock.  He’s quickly becoming a favorite on the site and I’m sure no one is complaining about seeing more of what he can do—to himself and to another tight young body.  This time, he’s putting that huge pole to work on Beau Tucker.  You’ve seen Beau and the way he works his mouth (that boy gives new meaning to deep throating!) and in this video, you’ll see his sweet pink hole get worked over by power top Jimmy.

There’s too much sexy going on in here and you’ll have no problem getting into the action.  These boys are irresistible to watch—not only because they’re both gorgeous from top to bottom, but also their sexual work out is hot enough to make you sweat.  When Jimmy slips his throbbing member down Beau’s mouth, he works it to the max and Beau has no problems keeping up with the pounding rhythm.  And when Jimmy finally slams his cock head and shaft into Beau’s ass, the sheer pleasure of getting worked over by a hot stud sends Beau into a frenzy of lust.


Jake and Carter Fuck!




College Dudes aren’t really known for doing anything half assed. Whether it’s an all night keg party, cramming for finals, or throwing down in the bedroom these dudes mean business. So when we saw that Jake Steel and Carter Nash were recently thrown together for a little dude on dude action we were barely able to contain ourselves. And for the record – these guys don’t disappoint!

Jake is one of those guys who can really take a pounding even when the guy giving it to him is as hung as Carter Nash. In fact, Jake ends up begging for more as Carter puts him through his paces. At one point Carter has his hand lovingly wrapped around Jake’s neck in a way that is both erotic and a little bit dangerous. Later, Carter puts his foot on Jake’s head as he fucks his man-hole into oblivion. It’s so explosive it really needs to be seen to be believed. Once he’s abused Jake’s poor stretched out hole (it might never be the same again), both guys drop huge loads all over. Just another day in the life of a College Dude 247 model.


College Dudes Fucking






The latest muscle stud over at College Dudes 247 is Jimmy Durano, and let me just say that he is one delectable piece of ass. Jimmy is so fucking hot it boggles the mind. Although this Italian stud loves hitting the gym, he is totally modest about his body.

I’m totally jealous that Shane got to munch on Jimmy’s uncut schlong. It’s got a little curve to it, but Shane is a true cock-sucker and doesn’t let anything get in his way of doing the job right! Jimmy, as it turns out, loves to pound ass, which is great but also a waste since he has one of the most perfect asses we’ve seen in a while.

Sometimes when two guys hook-up the fireworks are less than spectacular, but these two really heat things up. Jimmy ends up giving Shane such a hot pounding that the bottom ends up shooting an explosive load that gets all over the comforter. I definitely think these two should get together real soon only next time Shane should be the one doing the pounding!

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