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Chandler Fucks Skye Bareback at Corbin Fisher

The only way to foster Olympic-level fuck champions is to constantly push them to new heights, and that’s what happens in this hot new Corbin Fisher update starring Skye and Chandler. Freshman Skye was feeling fairly confident after getting fucked by Marc in his last scene, so Corbin Fisher decided to see if Skye could handle Chandler’s huge dick. As the scene begins, Chandler throws Skye down on the couch and immediately goes to work on his cock. After teasing Skye’s ass with his tongue, Chandler lets Skye suck his dick so that he can get familiar with the monster that is about to wreck his ass. Chandler fingers Skye’s hole, then jams his cock in so quickly that it makes Skye cry out. It seems brutal at first, but within minutes Skye is on top and riding Chandler’s cock, begging  for Chandler to drill him harder. Skye cums while being fucked and then Chandler keeps fucking him until he’s ready to blow his own load all over Skye’s ass. Then he licks it up and kisses Skye!


Kent Fucks Tom Bareback at Corbin Fisher

We never believed the old saying abut blonds having more fun – until we saw this hot new Corbin Fisher update starring blond hunks Kent and Tom. These guys are two of Corbin Fisher’s most popular models, and in this scene they enjoy a hot and heavy bareback session that has them devouring just about every inch of one another. As the scene begins, Kent and Tom are making out on the bed and kissing each other’s muscular bodies. Kent quickly makes his way down to Tom’s cock and rubs it against his own. After engaging in a little bit of foot worship, Kent rims Tom’s ass and slides a finger into the tight hole. Next comes Kent’s big dick, with Tom moaning as Kent fucks him bareback. They then try a number of different fucking positions until Tom eventually cums while being fucked – and then Kent unloads all over Tom’s ass. To finish, Kent jams his cock back inside to give Tom a nice creampie!


Jack Harrer and Josh at Corbin Fisher

Jack Harrer and Josh at Corbin Fisher

Jack Harrer and Josh at Corbin Fisher

Jack Harrer and Josh at Corbin Fisher

Jack Harrer and Josh at Corbin Fisher

It’s been a while since we last talked about the cross-pollination between Corbin Fisher and Bel Ami, but it’s still going strong.  We were reminded of it when we saw this hot update featuring All-American boy Josh with sexy foreign exchange student Jack Harrer. It’s interesting to hear these two blond hotties each speaking a different language before the real action starts. Luckily for them, no translator is needed – because these boys have “the language of love” in common! As Jack and Josh pose for still photos before the actual shoot begins, you can tell that it’s really hard for them to endure being so close without fucking around.  When they finally get the okay, they kiss passionately and then start sucking each other’s dicks. Next up is some 69 action and rimming before Josh starts fucking Josh doggy-style. After that, Josh takes control and climbs on top to ride Jack’s cock for all it’s worth. After trying some different positions, they both unleash huge loads that drench them in each other’s jizz.


Dawson Fucks Justin at Corbin Fisher

Dawson Fucks Justin at Corbin Fisher

Dawson Fucks Justin at Corbin Fisher

Dawson Fucks Justin at Corbin Fisher

Dawson Fucks Justin at Corbin Fisher

Check out this hot recent update from Corbin Fisher featuring Dawson fucking Justin. These two young studs have fucked around in the past and it was amazing, so we were excited to see them paired up again. Apparently they really enjoyed their previous scene together and wanted to get even wilder. Justin tries toe sucking for the first time, but the real action begins when Justin starts sucking Dawson’s cock. That leads to some hot 69 action, and then some making out before they start fucking. Justin bottoms and actually cums while Dawson is fucking his hot little ass. Then Dawson pulls out and unloads on Justin’s back (shooting all the way up to Justin’s shoulders!)


Marc’s First Time





This new freshman at Corbin Fisher is so eager to make a good impression and show off his skills that he wastes no time getting right into the action. It’s his first time and from the nervous look on his face, it seems he’s never done anything with another dude. Thankfully, Travis eases him into things with charm and a friendly smile. In no time, Marc is stiff in his pants and ready to get into the man-on-man fucking action that’s about to take place. He doesn’t need to be told twice. In one quick move, Marc has Travis’ dick in his mouth and he’s enjoying giving his first blowjob.

After they trade oral services, Marc slams his wet dick into Travis’ ass. He holds up Travis’ legs to push in even deeper with each thrust. This is more than Travis can handle. He grabs hold of his dick right before it starts shooting boy juice all over his chest and abs. Marc is in his own lustful zone, showing Travis no mercy as he continues to pound away at his tender hole. That doesn’t matter. Travis tells him to keep fucking, so Marc turns him over and fucks him doggy style!


Philip’s First Time





It’s important to document first time experiences for posterity. Corbin Fisher has a nice and hot selection of first times on video and Philip is about to enter the archives with his bang-on first time as a bottom boy. With a great boned up teacher like Travis, this is going to make for a great sex video. Travis strips and asks if Philip has ever touched a cock before. He says no and grabs Travis’ big meat and jerks it. This boy needs no encouragement. He’s ready to go and Travis is eager to sink his dick into that virgin hole.

Philip’s first time with another guy also turns out to be Travis’ first time rimming someone! What a treat for us, too! Travis gets Philip’s condom and lube on and guides that cock into his ass. Phillip slips into a strong, natural rhythm of fucking, that has Travis’ muscular body flexing and sweating. He groans with ecstasy. But it’s when he gets on top of Philip and rides him, that it gets super intense. Words can’t describe the rest of this fuck lesson for this first-time bottom boy. You’ll be panting with anticipation watching that shaft bury itself deep into Philip’s tight boy hole!


Dawson & Ethan Tag Trey @ Corbin Fisher





The boys at Corbin Fisher aren’t much for foreplay. They are always ready to start up the action, eager to taste cock and fuck some really tight holes. In this clip, lucky Trey gets to experience not one, but two hard bones up his tight hole in this hot double penetration action shot. Of course, because Trey is taking two at a time, there will be a bit of foreplay, just to get the juices flowing and get his tight ass muscles loose enough to fuck the hell out of this bottom boy. Dawson and Ethan can’t wait to slip their hard shaft into that warm fuck hole!

Dawson says word on the street is Trey’s never eaten a guy’s ass before. Always eager to please, Trey is more than willing to expand his boundaries. They get a train going – Ethan eating Trey and Trey eating out Dawson. That’s all they need to get the action going! Once Ethan’s cock is buried inside, Dawson squeezes his big dick into Trey’s ass. Trey screams out from the pleasure of getting two cocks inside him at once. “Oh my god!” he moans loudly, sounding delirious from the sensation. Don’t miss this kinky clip!


Cain Fucks Levi





Cain and Levi are pretty new to Corbin Fisher, but already they’re becoming quite popular. They also know what they’re doing, as demonstrated in this clip. Cain’s big dick is sure to please and Levi’s salivating mouth is a clear indication that their scene is going to be one of the hottest at CF. Levi loves to bottom, so they don’t waste precious time getting their clothes off and getting right into the fucking action. Kicking off a sexy fuck session, Levi gets down on his knees and sucks Cain’s fat cock before sitting on it.

Neither wanted to wait any longer to fuck, though, and Cain quickly gets Levi’s ass in the air so he can rim and prep his hole! He then starts to drive that big dick in to Levi’s hot ass, making Levi moan and gasp in response! You only have to look at that thick shaft going in and out of Levi’s hole and you’ll find yourself trying hard not to shoot your own load all over the place. The best part, though, is the finale. Cain drains his meat with a big gusher that lands right into Levi’s hungry mouth!


Cain Fucks Brody





When it comes to pairing up the right kind of guys for a hot fuck sessio

n, Corbin Fisher has the eye for it. Cain has not been around with Corbin Fisher that long, but already he's proven to be an exceptional top and eager bottom. But when Brody is brought in, everyone agreed Cain should top. Together, they make a scorching couple. Cain goes down on Brody's hard cock and gives him the best blowjob. Brody reciprocates the favor and the hot action is well on its way.

Once Cain gets his dick buried in Brody's ass, the look on Brody's face says it all. Cain's big dick totally fills his ass and stretches it to capacity. He fucks Brody hard and fast, both guys filling the room with the sounds of their moans, grunts and groans. They really enjoy the action and they enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror as they continue to fuck. When Cain cries out that he's going to cum, Brody clenches his ass tight and milks Cain's cock. That's all it takes to get Brody hot and horny. He starts to jerk off his cock and then spews out a big load of his hot jock cum all over the place.


Fucking Colby





Colby jumps into his first guy-on-guy experience with both his legs wide open. A self-described hetero guy, Colby garnered a lot of attention from fans at Corbin Fisher and when he was approached about fucking or getting fucked on camera, he said he would be up for trying both. So, what better way to introduce this young stud with a tight body to gay sex than by having him bottom? He goes at it with full passion and intensity as evidenced in this clip. There’s a first time for everything and Colby is beginning to realize just how hot another guy can be.

He appears nervous at first as he kisses and touches his partner’s hard body. But then he feels the warmth of a hot mouth sucking on his dick and on his toes and he’s in lust! But when that thick shaft splits his virgin hole, his expression at first is sheer shock and pain, but as he opens up his hole and starts to feel the pressure of that dick pumping in and out of his pucker, his expression turns to joy. There’s one born every minute. Not a sucker, but a bottom born to get fucked!


Connor Fucks Dru






Connor and Dru are tall, buff an blond with a lot of sex appeal and a horny disposition. They look hot together as they get ready for their fuck session. From the moment they start to explore their well-defined bodies, you know that these two are going to deliver a very hot scene. Connor can’t wait to stick his long shaft deep into Dru’s ass! From the moment that Connor throws Dru down on the bed and feeds him his dick, Dru is a non-stop moaning stud in heat. He groans with every thrust of that powerful fuck tool and it’s hard to argue that Dru loves every minute of it.

You can tell that they’re feeding off of each other. With every moan of pleasure, Connor is enjoying ramming his cock and fucking the daylights out of Dru. He enjoys watching him squirm and Dru loves stroking his own cock while Connor rams him. Before they’re done, Dru climbs on top of Connor and starts to ride that stiff boner taking control of each thrust that sends chills up and down his spine. All that fucking, sucking and groaning builds to a hot, sticky climax that ends with Dru covered in both of their loads.


Corbin Fisher Tag Team





Sibling rivalry takes a back seat when brothers Elijah and Simon agree to a tag team. Sure, they’ve tagged a chick before. That’s not a big deal. But when they agreed to do a threesome with another guy – well, that’s a totally different kind of ball game. For Trent, the lucky bottom that gets to take both dicks in his holes, it’s a dream come true. How often does a hot 20-year-old stud get to work his mouth and his ass for two totally straight, hot brothers? Judging from Trent’s reaction to the butt pounding he receives, not often enough.

The scene is too hot, to be sure. Separately, Elijah and Simon have perfectly shaped bodies and rock hard cocks that demand attention. But together, they’re out of this world. The way they spit-roast Trent – with Elijah pumping away at his rump while brother Simon gets his cock sucked – is almost more than Trent can handle. And when they switch into new positions and the action amps up even more than in the previous, you have to wonder if, indeed, there is some sibling rivalry going on.  You know how brothers like to get competitive. Either way, we’re the ones that come out winning with this sexy video.

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