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Cristiano Ronaldo nude pics: Is the wait over yet?

Cristiano Ronaldo six pack

By now, you’ve probably all seen David Beckham’s sexy new Emporio Armani ad. You know, that one with the huge billboard that was unveiled in San Francisco’s Union Square showing the tasty Brit in only a skimpy pair of skivvies?

Cristiano Ronaldo Grabs Cock

But now that Beckham’s been spread all over some of the gayest cities in the world, I say it’s high time we turned out attention to the next hot soccer player of the moment, and that’s pretty Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. I mean, where’s this dude’s underwear campaign? Can you hear me Calvin Klein? Joe Boxer? Anyone? If they were smart, they’d snatch up this lean and mean stud ASAP because whatever he’s selling, I’m definitely buying.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bulge

Even more than that, how long are we going to have to wait until naked pictures pop up of this international playboy? In case you didn’t know, Cristiano’s quite the player on and off the field and considering the way he’s rumored to get around, we’re betting some lucky lady has snapped at least a few camera phone pictures of those saggy soccer balls he’s got hiding in his shorts! In the meantime, I guess we can lust over these pictures of him from and be thankful he hates wearing shirts.