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Frat Bros Teabag Each Other, Suck Cock, and Fuck in “Dunk These Nuts” at Haze Him

Frat Bros Teabag Each Other, Suck Cock, and Fuck in Dunk These Nuts at Haze Him

Frat Bros Teabag Each Other, Suck Cock, and Fuck in Dunk These Nuts at Haze Him

Frat Bros Teabag Each Other, Suck Cock, and Fuck in Dunk These Nuts at Haze Him

Frat Bros Teabag Each Other, Suck Cock, and Fuck in Dunk These Nuts at Haze Him

It looks like some of the nation’s drunken, horny fraternities have been getting up to no good again – and Haze Him has the video evidence for all of us to enjoy. In this recent update, a group of drunken frat brothers end up in a video chat with three sorority girls. Knowing that the guys are drunk, the girls take full advantage by asking the guys to take off their pants, show off their dicks, and more. That spurs even crazier hijinks, with the guys lining up and sticking their fingers in each other’s asses and then sniffing them. Then comes the ball dunking, with guys dipping their balls in frosting and then tea-bagging their bros. All the horseplay actually backfires for the girls, however – because when the guys all get turned on, they just stop the video chat and start sucking each other’s dicks and then fucking each other. The moral of this story is: You can only take a tease so far before it backfires on you!


Cute, Straight Young Pledges Forced To Suck Cock at Haze Him

Cute, Straight Young Pledges FOrced To Suck Cock at Haze Him

Cute, Straight Young Pledges Forced To Suck Cock at Haze Him

Cute, Straight Young Pledges Forced To Suck Cock at Haze Him

Cute, Straight Young Pledges Forced To Suck Cock at Haze Him

When it comes to homo-erotic frat initiations, East Coast colleges are even more hardcore than their West Coast counterparts. Here in Southern California, many of the hazing rituals seem to be merely an excuse to party and get off. But the guys on the East Coast are really serious about their hazings. In this hot new Haze Him clip (recently submitted by an East Coast frat) cute young frat pledges are forced to suck the cocks of senior frat brothers. You can see the look of shock on their faces when they’re first told to do it. Unfortunately for them, it’s no joke – and they won’t get into the frat unless they suck cock. So they do it. At first, they are tentative – but after a while they seem to really get into it. By the end of the clip, the guys are even rimming their future frat brothers’ asses and getting fucked. Guess that means they made the cut!

Cute, Straight Young Pledges Forced To Suck Cock at Haze Him


Marc’s First Time





This new freshman at Corbin Fisher is so eager to make a good impression and show off his skills that he wastes no time getting right into the action. It’s his first time and from the nervous look on his face, it seems he’s never done anything with another dude. Thankfully, Travis eases him into things with charm and a friendly smile. In no time, Marc is stiff in his pants and ready to get into the man-on-man fucking action that’s about to take place. He doesn’t need to be told twice. In one quick move, Marc has Travis’ dick in his mouth and he’s enjoying giving his first blowjob.

After they trade oral services, Marc slams his wet dick into Travis’ ass. He holds up Travis’ legs to push in even deeper with each thrust. This is more than Travis can handle. He grabs hold of his dick right before it starts shooting boy juice all over his chest and abs. Marc is in his own lustful zone, showing Travis no mercy as he continues to pound away at his tender hole. That doesn’t matter. Travis tells him to keep fucking, so Marc turns him over and fucks him doggy style!


Brett & Thor





The name Thor brings a big hammer to mind and when you get a load of Thor at Randy Blue, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of his big club. You could also look at his handsome face and naturally smooth athletic body all day. He is the perfect mixture of boyish charm and manly muscle, right down to the Adonis line that frames his thick meaty cock. Brett Swanson has the perfect body to complement Thor’s, so it’s only natural that they are featured together in this clip!

Thor had never fucked a guy on cam before, but that is all about to change when Brett spreads his legs open and lets that god-like hammer into his waiting ass. Brett gets really into the dirty talk while Thor is pumping his sweet hole. This only fuels his lust for fucking on camera and he ups the ante with some more powerful thrusts. Brett, of course, is loving every minute of it, egging him on to pound his sweet hole harder and faster. By the time Thor is done with this ass, you’ll be convinced that he was born to fuck… The rest comes naturally.


Dawson & Ethan Tag Trey @ Corbin Fisher





The boys at Corbin Fisher aren’t much for foreplay. They are always ready to start up the action, eager to taste cock and fuck some really tight holes. In this clip, lucky Trey gets to experience not one, but two hard bones up his tight hole in this hot double penetration action shot. Of course, because Trey is taking two at a time, there will be a bit of foreplay, just to get the juices flowing and get his tight ass muscles loose enough to fuck the hell out of this bottom boy. Dawson and Ethan can’t wait to slip their hard shaft into that warm fuck hole!

Dawson says word on the street is Trey’s never eaten a guy’s ass before. Always eager to please, Trey is more than willing to expand his boundaries. They get a train going – Ethan eating Trey and Trey eating out Dawson. That’s all they need to get the action going! Once Ethan’s cock is buried inside, Dawson squeezes his big dick into Trey’s ass. Trey screams out from the pleasure of getting two cocks inside him at once. “Oh my god!” he moans loudly, sounding delirious from the sensation. Don’t miss this kinky clip!


Cain Fucks Levi





Cain and Levi are pretty new to Corbin Fisher, but already they’re becoming quite popular. They also know what they’re doing, as demonstrated in this clip. Cain’s big dick is sure to please and Levi’s salivating mouth is a clear indication that their scene is going to be one of the hottest at CF. Levi loves to bottom, so they don’t waste precious time getting their clothes off and getting right into the fucking action. Kicking off a sexy fuck session, Levi gets down on his knees and sucks Cain’s fat cock before sitting on it.

Neither wanted to wait any longer to fuck, though, and Cain quickly gets Levi’s ass in the air so he can rim and prep his hole! He then starts to drive that big dick in to Levi’s hot ass, making Levi moan and gasp in response! You only have to look at that thick shaft going in and out of Levi’s hole and you’ll find yourself trying hard not to shoot your own load all over the place. The best part, though, is the finale. Cain drains his meat with a big gusher that lands right into Levi’s hungry mouth!


Double Penetration





David White, Tomas Coccin, and Nick Daniels are three sexually insatiable college dudes who are hungry for cock. David is cute in a dirty, nasty, sexy way. Tomas has a boyish and innocent face and a jock’s body that frequently turns heads. Nick Daniels is a bisexual guy who loves to play around. If it will get him off, he’s game!  Two of these lucky studs will get double-penetrated as mouths and asses are stuffed with cock. Once they get going, they don’t stop until all three of them have shot their loads.

David and Nick are playing cards when they hear their buddy Tomas jerking off in the other room. They watch him from the doorway before finally offering some help. Nick loves cock and immediately goes down on Tomas. David strips and then Nick greedily devours both dicks at the same time. There are countless sexual configurations that three horny boys can get into and these guys are eager to try every single one. In the end, Nick fucks David while David pounds on Tomas. Then Nick cums on Tomas’ face. Finally, Tomas dumps his load all over David’s ass.


Hayden, Carter, & Logan





For college students across the nation, it is getting close to finals time. There isn’t a single college stud who isn’t feeling the stress. Right before the exams, most stressed out students look for ways to relieve that feeling, and a lot of the time it revolves around rubbing one out – whether it’s alone in the dorms or with a good jerk off buddy. College Dudes 247 offers some of the best clips of cock-hungry (not to mention cash-strapped) students looking to get off. In this clip, Hayden, Carter, and Logan have been teamed up together for a threesome.

The intensity of this video is so hot that it can’t be viewed in one sitting so it’s split up into two parts. This first part features our horny trio exploring one another’s tight bodies. Carter and Hayden both have huge cocks, and Logan really gets crazy in this video. Hayden and Carter are also the two kinkiest dudes around, so Logan gets the special treatment. He gets his face stuffed with cock and he keeps begging for more. We don’t know how long he’s gone without sex, but it’s obvious he wants more. Stick around and find out what happens in Part Two.


Mark Fucks Ocelot





In honor of the coming of Summer, we’ve got a hot treat for all of you. Dirty Tony’s clip features two surfer studs from opposite coasts. Mark is a straight Southern California hottie who’s eager to fuck – even if the piece of tail belongs to another dude. Ocelot, with this slim body, and eager mouth quickly jumps on Mark’s cock as soon as he pulls it out of his jeans. The sucking gets well underway as Ocelot services that surfer cock to near completion. But what he really wants is to ride on that 8-inch cock.

These two masculine studs on spring break take advantage of their free time to do what they do best. They share such a heated chemistry that it threatens to catch the whole place on fire! Mark feeds his cock like the horny SoCal stud he is and Ocelot is open for a good pounding, which Mark is happy to provide. Mark’s grunts and Ocelot’s groans are like music to our ears. As the pressure builds up deep inside of Mark’s balls, he speeds up the fucking and pulls out to release a big load of cum all over Ocelot’s face. Ocelot laps up the juice – his just reward for being such a wonderful bottom.


Chad Hollon from Randy Blue





Randy Blue model Chad Hollon has the right looks to make him a star whether he does it with his clothes on or his clothes off. His movie star looks can melt hearts and we’re fortunate he’s decided to make his on-screen debut with his clothes off. This guy is a frat boy with all the right moves – starting with his decision to show some skin right here at Randy Blue. His body is simply amazing and it would be a shame to keep it covered up in his tight-fitting jeans and t-shirt. This active stud shows us one of his favorite hobbies: jacking off!

Chad can’t wait to get started. Not even fully naked yet, he turns around to reveal a nice, tight hole that peeks out from between his ample butt cheeks. It turns out that he loves to show off his ass and we are more than eager to get an eyeful! If this is any indication of things to come, we’re almost positive we’ll be seeing a stiff Randy Blue cock drilling his ass soon! For now, let’s enjoy his cock. He grips his shaft with the ease of someone who probably does it on a regular basis!


Tyler Dorn Busts a Nut





Tyler Dorn may look like a sweet and innocent kid, but this college stud has nothing but sex on his mind when he’s not diligently studying for exams. All study and no play can make Tyler a dull boy, but there’s definitely nothing dull about his sex life. He’s got aggressive sexual tendencies that he freely discusses before whipping off his tight-fitting orange shirt to reveal his ripped body! He’s extremely hot – all chest, arms and sexy abs. He teases the camera with a bit of flexing to reveal rippling muscles. Then he moves down to his pants and unzips them!

When the jeans come off his hard dick pops out. It is a thick piece of meat that he grabs and waves around for us to see. His ass proves to be just as hot as the rest of his body. This boy takes care of his body and he’s not afraid to show it off! Everything about Tyler is sexy from top to bottom. He strokes off his cock for us and spreads his rock-hard butt cheeks so we can get a better look at his tight hole! Now this is a fun game of show and tell!


Hot Shower Duo





It’s hot straight boy first time alert! Trent Blade’s as straight as it gets. He’s never been with a guy before and has never had a bro go down on his stiff cock , so when he signed up to do this shoot, he was a little skeptical and just a tad bit nervous about doing the dirty deed with another guy. But once Rob Ryder got a hold of that straight boy’s piece of hard cock and started to suck up a storm, Trent relented and the result is this steaming hot shower scene that captures on film Trent’s first full on man-on-man action.

Right off the bat, they’re sucking face like pros, exploring one another’s wet tongues. But the action soon moves to the shower, where they’re able to explore some more of their tight college bods closely. If Trent was nervous before, it does not  show. Rob, eager to taste some man cock, goes down on Trent’s cock and even gets to taste his hot virgin hole-careful to get every inch of it covered in hot spit. As a reward, Rob’s treated to a face fuck before getting showered with Trent’s thick creamy load. At least the shower is getting put to good use.


Randy Blue’s That 70s Gay Porn Movie, Part 2





Like a classic 1970’s TV show two-part episode, the thrilling conclusion to That 70s Gay Porn Movie picks up where part one left off.  The cock sucking, mouth stuffing, dildo ramming has ended, but the boys at Delta Lota Kappa (DIK) are hardly done with their plan for sexual sabotage.  In this scene, the action slow down a bit—but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any fucking left in them.  Wooky took a pledge pounding in the first half, but now he’s horned up and takes revenge on Skip.  The tables are turned as Wooky tops Skip in a scene that who turns out to be too hot for the polyester wardrobe.  That’s never a problem, the clothes simply come off and the action resumes.

Before long, the twosome becomes a foursome as the rest of the pledges return from their pledge tasks.  Eventually, the rest of this hardcore Randy Blue cast is going strong in what can only be described as an all out orgy fuck fest with the frat members wearing only multicolored stripe tube socks and headbands and a couple of togas here and there.  Indeed, a flashback to the ‘70s doesn’t diminish the pleasure of a timeless fuck fest.


Frat Boy Tommy Fucks Blow Up Doll






You have to love the high level of testosterone on those delicious looking frat boys you find at Dirty Boy Video.  They crave the sexual attention and they are willing to go the distance in order to get off.  Check out Tommy in this latest update.  He’s got the looks of a rough fucker and a body that’s as tight as any young stud can be.  He’s eager to take off all his clothes and show off his amply defined torso, his round firm bubble butt, and his ever-hard cock for the camera.  Today, he’s so revved up and ready to bust a nut that he’ll take out his pent up libido on a blow up doll.

Watch as he quickly gets hard and strokes his man meat to full erection as he slides his hands up and down the shaft of his pre-cumming dick.  Next, he shows off his straight boy prowess on the doll as he mounts and fucks her holes as he would any girl he comes in contact with.  You know the money shot is not far when he starts to jack his dick off in a frenzy and lets out a huge load of frat juice.


Randy Blue’s That 70s Gay Porn Movie





Ah, who can forget the 70s? It was a more naïve time when sex was just a roll in the hay, and any repercussions could pretty much be cured with penicillin. In honor of these simpler times, the people over at Randy Blue have come out with a full-length feature film honoring this horny time period.

Randy Blue imagines what one of their pornos would have looked like had they been living during this time period of lava lamps, bell bottoms, and disco. The movie centers around Brock Wopat (Christian Sharp), horny college student who wants nothing more than to belong to a fraternity whose letters spell out DIK. Unfortunately, he’s pissed off Skip Deuche (Xander Scott), and his two studly sidekicks, Swallow (Vincent DeSalvo) and Boner (Brandon Kent). Leo Giamani plays hunky Professor Ben Davidson who in one scene feeds an eager Mike West a mouthful of huge cock, as well as rams his ass with a dildo.

Also along for the ride is Reese Rideout as Puff, the perpetually stoned fratboy. It’s definitely a fun blast from the past as you travel back to a horny, simpler time!


Gage Preston's Favorite Dildo

Back when I was in college, I used to love watching the jocks practicing on the track. Most times the guys would be wearing skimpy spandex looking shorts and no shirt. My favorite was when they would practice on the hill where I parked my car. At least once a week I would watch as they raced up and down the hill while the rest of them looked on. There’s just something about being straight that causes guys to hate wearing tight underwear because their junk was always flying all over the place.
gage-preston-busts-nut1’s most rec

ent update features Gage Preston – a very sexy blond dude who just loves to jerk it for the camera. When I saw a picture of Gage, I was taken back to the images of that hill that provided some of the best masturbation material. Gage encapsulates everything about those runners with his sexy six-pack, toned body, and serious eyes.

I just love the look of concentration on his face as he bobs up and down on his dildo before he busts a nut, and I think you will too! I wonder what college he goes to, and if he’s on the track team?

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