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Kaden Talks Jaden Into Sucking His First Cock at Active Duty

Kaden Talks Jaden Into Sucking His First Cock at Active Duty

Kaden Talks Jaden Into Sucking His First Cock at Active Duty

Kaden Talks Jaden Into Sucking His First Cock at Active Duty

Kaden Talks Jaden Into Sucking His First Cock at Active Duty

We can never get enough of the hot military porn at Active Duty, so we were very excited when we saw that cute newbie Jaden had finally been tempted into sucking his first cock. Jaden is one of Kaden Saylor’s recent recruits, and Kaden had been working on him for quite a while. Soon Kaden will be featured in his very first DVD release, Kaden’s Recruits, and this will be one of the scenes that it includes. Kaden is making huge strides as a provocateur, and he expertly cajoles fellow Texan Jaden by first sucking his cock. He never tells Jaden exactly what he wants him to do, but instead just gets him more and more turned on until finally he does it all by himself. Now that’s a master seducer in action! If you like to see straight guys experimenting with gay sex for the first time, don’t miss this hot update!


Rod Daily Does Ethan in the Bait Bus

Rod Daily Does Ethan in the Bait Bus

Rod Daily Does Ethan in the Bait Bus

Rod Daily Does Ethan in the Bait Bus

Rod Daily Does Ethan in the Bait Bus

In this recent update from Bait Bus, hunky Rod Daily joins the crew as they search for cute boys in South Beach. Once they spot the delectable young Ethan, they know they’ve found their mark. They tell Ethan that they’re filming a new reality show and then ask to interview him in the bus. It’s a classic tale of, “Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.” Except that the spider and the fly are both dreamy, horny studs. After Ethan agrees to get sucked off by the beautiful Bait Bus girl and puts on the obligatory blindfold, Rod goes to work sucking his dick. Ethan is pissed off and shocked when he realizes what’s happening, but he needs the money and his dick is hard – so he agrees to go all the way. You won’t want to miss the sizzling fuck scene that ensues!

Rod Daily Does Ethan in the Bait Bus


Dirty Boys First Time




Ely and Elias haven’t had very much experience with the whole guy-on-guy thing. In fact, Elias shares in the end that it is his first time getting cummed on by a guy. For being beginners, the two of them do a pretty good job of sucking each other’s cocks – especially given the fact that they are both pretty hung. There’s nothing like seeing a big dick being pulled out of its hiding place and released into the wild. We love the awkwardness of two guys going at it for the first time. It’s our opinion that even the straightest guy can do a good job of sucking dick. Think about it, most of the time a guy will know what he enjoys, so he’s bound to do that in order to pleasure his partner.

Dirty Boy Video has always gotten our rocks off. How can you not get turned-on by watching a bunch of guys getting it on for the first time, or whipping out their members in public to get a bit of release going. These dudes prove that guys are a horny bunch no matter whether they’re gay or straight. Check the video of Ely and Elias down below, and then click on over to this filthy site that always delivers a happy ending.


The Bait Bus Strikes Again!






The award to the site that has the most gullible guy of the week goes to… drum roll please. how to lose weight fasthref=”” target=”_blank”>Bait Bus! And the crowd goes wild! But seriously folks, what the fuck are these straight dudes thinking? If someone told me they would give me a couple of hundreds bucks and a blowjob just to wear a blindfold, I'd probably call 911. But not these happy-go-lucky whack jobs.

This week Elle was out with Todd, Stone and Marques to troll the streets of Miami for yet another dumbass innocent and naive bystander to dupe. As they’re driving around, they stumble upon a handsome mechanic covered in tattoos. I wonder if the cameraman also carries a gun. Anyway, the girl flashes titties, the guy gets blindfolded, and yada yada yada. The borderline-autistic unsuspecting dude actually thinks they are shooting a movie and goes along with it. There really is no end to a straight guy’s stupidity.

Next thing he knows, he’s blindfolded and getting his cock sucked by someone other then Elle. When he found out, the dude was pissed, like “I’m a bust a cap in your ass” pissed, but after being handed fifteen hundred bucks there was slight change in plans. What a cheap slut! Anyway, he fucks the shit out of the bottom, who by the way is really hot, and all ends well.


Gage Preston's Favorite Dildo

Back when I was in college, I used to love watching the jocks practicing on the track. Most times the guys would be wearing skimpy spandex looking shorts and no shirt. My favorite was when they would practice on the hill where I parked my car. At least once a week I would watch as they raced up and down the hill while the rest of them looked on. There’s just something about being straight that causes guys to hate wearing tight underwear because their junk was always flying all over the place.
gage-preston-busts-nut1’s most rec

ent update features Gage Preston – a very sexy blond dude who just loves to jerk it for the camera. When I saw a picture of Gage, I was taken back to the images of that hill that provided some of the best masturbation material. Gage encapsulates everything about those runners with his sexy six-pack, toned body, and serious eyes.

I just love the look of concentration on his face as he bobs up and down on his dildo before he busts a nut, and I think you will too! I wonder what college he goes to, and if he’s on the track team?

Zeb Atlas Pounds Killian

A few months ago we had the opportunity to sit down and speak to Killian, who appears in Falcon’s film Best Men Part 2, The Wedding Party. What made this such a momentous occasion for Killian (aka go-go dancer Adam Killian in the circuit scene) was the fact that it marked his first appearance in porn.
In the movie, Killian plays a wedding videographer who captures all the shenanigans (and believe us there are plenty). As an interesting sidenote, readers may be surprised to learn why he was cast. Kilian has actually worked behind the scenes in porn for quite some time. When the idea for an explosive scene with Zeb Atlas was proposed, he felt it was the perfect time to make his screen debut.

The night before they shot the scene, the two grabbed some dinner and

got to know each other. Killian says they really hit it off and that he felt very relaxed around the well built Atlas. Fast forward a dozen hours or so, and Killian is filming Zeb in the shower washing his hole out and soaping up his cock that resembles more of a billy club.
All those years of barely engaging in any gay activity finally came to a head. Zeb does everything, including letting himself get rimmed before he bends Killian over and gives him the fucking of a lifetime. The fucking is so intense that Killian almost loses his balance and has to grab Zeb for stability. By far one of the best scenes to come out in recent times!

Sep Is Where Freaky, Horny Guys Get Off

There’s no doubt about it, the guys over at are a bunch of freaks — in a good way of course! These guys just can’t get enough sex in their diets and will pretty much do anything to get off including rubbing up against their favorite childhood teddy.


When there’s no stuffed animal around they turn to the next best thing — themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone can be blessed with either a back flexible enough, or a cock long enough (or a combination of both) to be able to shove their own dick in their mouth, but for those lucky few getting a blowjob is easy.



Those who find themselves lacking in the contortionist arena, and are tired of using their hands should find other creative ways to bust a nut. Perhaps no other toy has really given guys — both gay and straight — as much pleasure as the Fleshjack. At least the guys on this site just can’t seem to get enough of it as they slide their big fat dicks into an orifice that simulates a nice tight ass.


The site also features guys who know how to unleash their inner piggy. There are tons of galleries that showcase piss-guzzling dudes who just can’t get enough golden showers to quench their thirst.


In the end any guy can get creative when he gets off by himself, but the real challenge is being creative with someone else. And no we don’t mean the use of a sling — that is so passé — we’re talking about some gutter-butt, freaky, hair-raising shit you never thought of trying, but can’t wait to once you see it!




Dakota and Branson strip each other down and size each other up

There’s nothing better than watching two hot straight guys strip down and size each other up – especially when those two straight guys are about to have hot, gay sex for the very first time, and even more especially when it’s all going down on

But that’s exactly what happens when Dakota and Branson are paired up together and told to do some “further experimenting”. See, both studs have been here before; Remember, we brought you Branson, the hot EMT, last week, in a sizzling hot solo video? We know you can’t forget a body that well built. Well, little did we know we only had to wait a little more than a week to see Branson get totally pounded by another straight guy – and it couldn’t have happened sooner.

The best part is all the loud noises Branson makes as Dakota is driving him deep from behind, so make sure you’ve got your speakers turned way up when you’re viewing this one. We’re not quite sure if Branson is absolutely loving having Dakota poke him from behind, or if he’s just counting down the minutes until he shoots his hot, creamy load all over, but either way it definitely makes us want to find our own EMT to fuck!


Charlie from grabs hold of his shaft and makes us (temporarily) forget he’s into chicks!

Oh man, it’s been way too long since we’ve featured a really hot straight guys, hasn’t it? Well, actually it’s only been since the last time we posted about our favorite site-of-the-moment,, but hey – “homemade” videos of hetero boys playing with toys and tugging at their meat is one of the things they do so well now, isn’t it?

Speaking of which, meet Charlie, a guy who’s just about as straight as they come. We heard he even insisted on using one of those “pussy”-shaped Fleshjacks, rather than the ass-shaped ones just to prove how 100% into women he was. Good grief!

Of course, after taking one look at the perfect cock of his, and we’d let him fuck a hole in a napkin if it made this stud happy – and totally hard. Even better, Charlie’s totally got all the moves that make us go wild down cold. Look at him grab the base of his shaft like so, and playfully rub his balls with the other. It’s clear he knows exactly what he’s doing, and heck – even if what he’s doing is some gross girl, we’d gladly pull up a seat and watch.


“You know you’ve got a big dick when” …even old pros like Jake Cruise have trouble choking down your meat!

There’s not a lot of things an old pro Jake Cruise can’t do – at least sexually, that is. I mean, just look at the guy; it’s clear he’s been around more than a few huge cocks in his life. And he always knows just how to touch a guy’s junk to get him in the mood – and as proof, just look at all the hot, buffed out straight guy this gay and grey all-star has managed to pull into his bed.

And Seth, his latest update, is no exception. How Jake always manages to seduce the hottest guys into fooling around with him on camera still remains a mystery (at least until Jake writes that juicy tell-all novel we’ve been begging him to start penning for years now!), but one thing’s clear: Seth was one handsome piece of work.

Of course, everything was going swimmingly – until Jake tried to deepthroat Seth’s cock. Now, as we said earlier, Jake knows his way around a guy’s cock and balls, so it’s truly a testament to the girthy size of Seth’s meat to see Jake struggling to choke down every last extra inch. It’s also pretty damn hot, if we do say so ourselves…

Jul, and an oral lesson in how to be kind to straight guys

Jay McQuay – It sort of sounds like the name of some whimsical children’s fairytale character, doesn’t it? Like, you’d expect some cartoon-like guy to pop out with a funny hat and start singing songs about “cooperation!” or “kindness!”. That, or maybe we just watched way, way too much Sesame Street as a kid….


Actually it’s name of’s latest hunky conquest, and let’s just say that this guy is a lot more raw, unedited fact than fanciful fiction. You know how you can count on for it’s real, unfiltered action – mostly of Mike seducing some hot, straight stud? Well, he’s done it again, and this time he’s caught a totally hot, tattooed muscle guy – and he’s ready to document every moan, groan, and sigh as Jay McQuay (I love that name!) experiences what it’s like to get his cock blown by another man for the first time.


Of course, Jay McQuay’s got a great dick – surprisingly thick, perfectly shaped, everything you could ask for in a dick. But the best part is watching Mike get Jay MQuay all warmed up; he gently massages his crotch through his tight blue cotton boxer-briefs, and let’s his dick peek out the side as it grows too large to be contained in his tiny pair of skivvies. Looks like maybe we will be learning a lesson in “cooperation” and “kindness” from our buddy Jay McQuay!



How to tell a straight boy from a not-so straight boy: A few simple tips!

I swear this works everytime! You see, in this crazy world of gay-for-pay porn, there’s a lot of straight boys gout there willing to get all naked and gay on camera. Some do it for the thrill, some do it for the money, but whatever their motives, it’s sometimes hard to tell which ones are in it for the cold, hard cash, and which ones are in it for the warm, hard cock.

active duty gay sex orgy blow job

 More times than not, the boys of seem pretty straight – to the untrained eye, of course. But I’ve found there’s a few simple ways that you can tell a straight boy from a gay one, and they’re pretty full proof, if you ask me.

active duty gay sex orgy blow job

 The first way to tell is a guy’s gay or straight is by taking a look at his surroundings. If he’s encircled by a bunch of naked girls, he’s straight. But if he’s knee-deep in an orgy full of his buffed-out military buddies all naked, he’s definitely into guys. Sorry dude, you’re way gay.

active duty gay sex orgy blow job

 Another way to check if he’s gay? Check to see if he’s got a thick, stiff cock in his mouth. If he’s filling his throat with another guy’s boner, you can be sure he’ll be willing to suck on your lollipop with little to no persuasion. Of course, if all these tips fail, you can always just ask the guy. That one never fails!

Jun and the lure of the dork with a tiny penis

Did you know the word dork is also a term for a whale’s penis? I’m not sure if that’s actually really true, but I heard that recently from my little sister. And I don’t know about you, but I always believe everything I hear from an elementary schooler. Those kids are like little bundles of truth.

deans boys cuddly twink with small penis

Speaking of little bundles, we’ve got a cutie on our hands today from Sure, he may have no whale-sized endowment, but this kid is still a full-on dork – and an adorable one at that. In fact, his tiny penis is all part of charm if you ask me. You just want to hug it and squeeze it till there’s a river of love spilling all out of it, right? Sure!

deans boys cuddly twink with small penis

Seriously though, Dean’s got some cute and cuddly boys – and it’s all exclusive amateur stuff, so you won’t be finding these boys grinning and grinding on any other website. Go check ’em out, before they grow up to be all old, tired, and jaded like the rest of ’em out there!

deans boys cuddly twink with small penis


Dick-ilicious Debut: Falcon busts onto the scene

Okay, so we know it’s only Memorial Day, but we can’t help but feel like it’s Christmas! That’s because we’ve just laid eyes on our very first scene from Falcon Str8men, and it’s definitely one hell of an amazing present, in the form of Joe, a hunky straight guy who enjoys sports, shaving his chest, and rubbing one out on camera – for a price.

falcon str8men gay solo jerkoff hot models

Lucky for us, Falcon’s willing to pony up the dough – and Joe’s more than willing to work hard (and work his hard cock) for the money, spilling his payload all over a leather recliner as he squirms in pure pleasure.

falcon str8men gay porn new website

To be perfectly honest, we had our doubts as to whether a studio like Falcon (known for it’s pretty boys) could pull off an entire site dedicated to real straight guys, but we’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Falcon Str8men is fucking amazing, and we can’t wait to see what new macho magic they’ll have in store! What do you all think?

falcon str8men gay solo jerkoff sticky cumshot


Big News: to Offer New live Cam to Cam technology

It’s no secret we here at Cybersocket are big fans of It can get pretty damn lonely putting out our amazing monthly magazine, and keeping our sites fresh and exciting for you all the time, and sometimes the opportunity to talk to a super hot pornstar using some Cam to Cam technology is all we have to get us through the day.

video secrets live interactive one on one sex chat cams

Needless to say, we’re pretty jazzed about the newest facelift has just undergone. As they announced early this week, the site (through Adobe Flash player) is now offering the ability to interact with their performers on an entire new level. Using their new Cam to Cam technology, you’ll not only have the ability to talk with the guy you’re watching, but they’ll be able to talk back to you. Isn’t technology wonderful?

live gay interactive sex cams

According to the site’s manager, Brad Estes, the new system has allowed for more stimulating and personal chat sessions – and as we’ve found out first hand, the sessions can go a lot longer now that you’re both able to interact with each other. You won’t be able to stop!

live interactive gay web cam chat


Stop getting fucked by bad movies and choose your own twink adventure!

Has this ever happened to you? You save up your dough all week until you’ve got enough cash for that brand new XXX twink DVD you’ve had your eye on – only to buy it and find out that out of the five scenes in the flick, only one of them is hot.

twink movies dvd gay porn

We’ve been there, done that more times than we care to count. It’s almost as if the studios these days know they’ve got a super hot scene, and think they can get away with filling the rest of the movie with stuff that should have been left on the cutting room floor. It’s so frustrating, and quite frankly we’re so over it. gay porn videos

That’s why sites like are so awesome, and – if you ask us – widely under-appreciated. For us, the major selling point with a site like this is that you can select only the scenes that appeal to you – and kick the rest to the curb. With detailed description and gallery previews from each movie, you’ll never end up with a handful of lubed-up cock and an unsatisfying movie on the screen.

twink movies on DVD gay porn

And did we mention these are way fucking hot? We love the whole amateur vibe they’ve got to them, and they’re filled with boys you’ll never see anywhere else. You know, the kind of guys who only do porn once for the money because they have to. Oh yeah, one-timers are always the hottest.

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