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Inside Israel





After the phenomenal success of Men of Israel and the hardcore sex it contained, Lucas Entertainment returns with another batch of sultry men cavorting along the Mediterranean Sea and doing what they do best: having even more sex! The wait may not have been too long, but it was time enough to garner interest in a sequel. This time around, the premise revolves around photographer Bruno Jones as he samples some hard cocks and tight holes in Israel. The picturesque Jordan River makes a beautiful backdrop for the sculpted bodies of all the hot men featured in this film. Sex is to be had all over the ruins of the Promised Land.

This video is a wild mix of international men exploring each other in different parts of this country. And from what we’ve seen, they’ve never looked better. With their manly builds and masculine demeanors, each one of these models is a vision of perfection. Michael Lucas takes hot sex and gives it some international flair – with all the hardcore fucking, facial cum-shots, and extra bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from every Lucas Entertainment release.


Bruno Jones and Martin Passoli





Lucas Entertainment first brought us an exclusive look at the hot men of Israel this past summer with his blockbuster hit Men of Israel. You’ve never seen so many hot Israeli men getting naked and doing each other the way they did in that video. Now, Lucas Entertainment is bringing us a little more of that Israeli sex with his new video, Inside Israel. Production started last month and already there is footage available to whet your horny appetite. In this section, you’ll find Bruno Jones and Martin Passoli in a steamy hot duo scene outside exotic locales in Israel.

This clip shows Bruno Jones as a photographer out to capture the beauty of Israel for a book. From the looks of things, this photographer is doing less point-and-shoot and more point-and-enter – with his horny fuck stick. Bruno takes an in-depth look at some hot ass in a steamy rimming session that gives new meaning to the title, Inside Israel. If these previews are any indication of what’s to come, this new release is going to be a hot one. Expect to see plenty of European models getting into naked adventures with the popular men of Israel.


Men of Israel Causes a Commotion!





We’re not sure if you’ve heard of a little movie that Michael Lucas just released called Men of Israel, but it has grabbed more mainstream media attention than any other gay porn film in history. Patrick Goldstein wrote an article about it for the Los Angeles Times, and now Chelsea Handler has gotten in on the action as well. Check out the video below as she discusses the movie with a couple of comedians. It’s pretty fucking hilarious!