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Men In Suits With Jeremy Bilding and John Magnum at Lucas Entertainment

Men In Suits With Jeremy Bilding and John Magnum at Lucas Entertainment

Men In Suits With Jeremy Bilding and John Magnum at Lucas Entertainment

Men In Suits With Jeremy Bilding and John Magnum at Lucas Entertainment

Men In Suits With Jeremy Bilding and John Magnum at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment has long been known for using high-end fashions in some of its productions, but with Volume One of their new Gentlemen series, Men In Suits, they dive head-first into the dedicated suit-and-tie porn genre. As you might expect, the results are stunning. Just check out this hot scene featuring Jeremy Bilding and John Magnum.  After cruising one another at the Port Authority terminal, they head to one of their offices for some fun. After some kissing, they suck each other’s cocks and then Jeremy eats John’s round, firm ass. As suited executives are apt to do, John then issues a command. He orders Jeremy to fuck his ass and Jeremy obediently complies. As Jeremy fucks the daylights out of John, however, it’s clear who holds the real power in this new relationship! John shoots his load while being fucked and then Jeremy cums right into John’s open mouth. Talk about a power lunch!

Men In Suits With Jeremy Bilding and John Magnum at Lucas Entertainment


Jeremy Bilding & Luke Marcum





Playtime doesn’t always have to be so serious. Take Jeremy Bilding and Luke Marcum. These two like to have a little fun and a lot of sense of humor when they’re fucking. Luke starts out by tickling Jeremy’s feet, which sends Jeremy writhing in exquisite pleasure. You can tell right off the bat that these two have great chemistry – they even chum around before getting down to business. When they do, they turn up the heat. They strip down to their underwear and parade around, groping and making out with each other while we enjoy their bubble butts swaying back and froth under the thin cotton.

Luke then turns his attention to Jeremy’s ass and he goes down on it for a hot rimming session that gets Jeremy all turned on. In no time, they switch positions, with Jeremy on top and Luke about to receive a hard ass fucking. Jeremy pounds his tool deep into that ass and works it back and forth, creating plenty of friction that feels good on both ends. Luke rides that cock like a pro before dumping his load on Jeremy’s chest. Jeremy then climbs on top of Luke and returns the favor – but directly on Luke’s face!


Jeremy Bilding & Shane Frost





It’s nearing summertime again and as long as the sun is out and it’s warm enough to strip down to the bare minimum, guys will find any opportunity to lounge around and catch a few rays. That’s what Jeremy Bilding and Shane Frost are doing in this video clip. With a couple of beers on hand, they let the contents of the alcohol affect their libido, causing them to become outright exhibitionists. They start to play with their cocks and before they can even check to see if the gardener is watching, Jeremy’s tongue is deep inside Shane’s ass.

The effects of the beer and the sun really make these two studs a couple of horny bastards. They trade off sloppy blowjobs before their attention turns to what they’re really looking for. Shane can’t wait long enough to get Jeremy’s cock in his ass and Jeremy is all too eager to drive his boned up pecker inside those tight buns. These two look absolutely hot in this outdoor clip. The passion with which they fuck is unscripted and the cum-filled finale is a perfect way to greet a new summer… Even if it’s still a bit early to do so.


Chi Chi LaRue’s Taken






Taken is Chi Chi LaRue’s latest smuttastic hardcore video that explores the darker side of sex. A little birdie told us that the scenes were all from the amazing imagination of Miss Chi Chi herself. We knew that bitch was dirty, but we had no idea it was this much!

Circuit dancer turned porn star Adam Killian kicks things off by shoving a lit candle up his man-hole. Yes, you read correctly… lit. Before you make any happy birthday jokes (like we did) we should tell you that it’s a pretty hot scene – especially when he ends up pissing all over his rock hard chest.

Johnny Hazzard proves once again why he’s one of the most daring porn stars of our time when he allows himself to be tied to a St. Andrews Cross, and allows himself to be flogged before getting wax poured all over him by the bucketfuls.

One of the hottest scenes features bootylicious Blake Riley and tattooed stud David Taylor. David almost makes the second cumming happen when he pounds the bejesus out of Blake’s ass. Although it looks like both are about to cum from all the moaning and groaning they are doing, things aren’t over just yet. Instead, Blake pisses all over his chest, and David follows suit pissing all over his dick and balls. Next he hoses Blake down and gets a little carried away when he accidentally lets the running hose slip inside of Blake’s ass over and over again.

We haven’t even told you the half of it but you can expect lots of group action, asphyxiation, fisting, flogging, watersports, bondage… Hell, it would almost be easier to tell you what Taken doesn’t feature.

Girls, we didn’t see any girls.

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