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Mason Wyler & Jake Lyons





In gay porn, it's not always about sex, although we would enjoy watching our favorite stars in a nice naked romp in bed. Pract

ical jokes play a big part during long shoots where our models have to wait around for the technical part of the shoot to be ready. In this clip, Jake Lyons finds a life-like sex doll of a naked women! Mason is easily freaked out by women – especially naked women. Jake decides to play a practical joke on Mason, but the results aren't exactly what Jake hoped for… Although he doesn't mind the punishment.

After getting really creeped out by the doll, Mason feels he has to show Jake who's the boss, and by boss, he means the Top. Mason teaches his twink buddy a lesson he won't soon forget. After making him suck his thick bone, Mason skull fucks him against the headboard and then starts to fuck that twink ass. Jake has plenty of time to think about what he's done as Mason pumps his shaft deep into his tight hole, but from the looks of things, he definitely doesn't mind learning his lesson well. Good thing Mason is a good teacher.


Mason Wyler and Parker London





Parker London is a rock-n-roll kind of dude. He’s laid back, carefee and most importantly, he’s never let anyone near his very tight asshole ever. Right now he’s just fresh out of the shower and feeling a bit horny. Mason Wyler has been checking him out and he was just warming up a hot boner when he saw Parker freshly bathed. Mason’s big dick is just the thing needed to stretch out Parker’s hole and it’s no surprise that Mason is up for the job. This certainly isn’t Mason’s first experience in hole stretching.

He’s plunged his throbbing cock into many a tight space, always getting the job done with pleasure. But he’s especially excited to get deep inside the muscular, tattooed Parker. From the look of things, Parker isn’t too worried about getting his cherry popped. He knows that Mason also loves a thick shaft up his bum and if he lets him in the back door, he’ll have to return the favor. They go at it, sinking dicks into tight, wet holes and flip-flop for a hot butt banging time. Parker is able to take Mason’s powerful thrusts and when his turn comes up to fuck Mason, he shoves his fatty all the way in!


Mason And Aryx Fucking





What’s a little rough sex between friends, right? Aryx Quinn certainly doesn’t mind it. If you look at his hard pecs, tight abs, and muscle legs, you wouldn’t say no to a tumble in bed to get him off, would you? Mason Wyler certainly doesn’t. And even though he’s awakend from his restful nap, he’s up for a head to head with sexy strong man Aryx, but Mason has a few tricks up his…well, if you watch this scene, you’ll see what we mean. One thing is for sure: Mason won’t be in his underwear for too long.

When Aryx steps out of the shower, his meaty dick demands some attention – the kind of attention that Mason can give. Aryx can rim a nice ass, as evidenced in this scene. He gets Mason’s ass nice and primed for a hot afternoon fuck. Mason takes it in his stride, easing himself onto Aryx’s cock while Aryx slowly begins to pump his meat shaft all the way into Mason’s hot young hole. All that pent-up energy is directed towards this full-on fuck-fest as they both pump their tight bodies to a satisfying orgasm that’ll leave them wet with their own juices.


When Patrick Fucked Mason





Mason Wyler is turning into the McDonald’s of porn stars. He may not have served a billion yet, but we think the number is pretty close. He’ll throw his legs up for just about any dude with a hard cock. Fortunately, all the dudes just happen to be very hung, and very hot. Of course, when your hole’s been as stretched out as Mason’s has you need to find the biggest dicks out there possible. Otherwise, it’s just like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

The latest stud to mount Mason’s man-hole is hot twink Patrick Kennedy. Patrick has everything that we look for in a man including a very formidable piece of meat. At one point he’s fucking Mason’s pie hole (that’s mouth for all you ignorant bitches), and it appears as if he’s causing Mason to choke. We seriously didn’t think there was a cock Mason would ever meet that would bring out such a reaction in him, but we guess we just gave his slutty little ass too much credit.

Patrick doesn’t waste any time going for Mason’s tortured hole, and gives the power bottom quite a workout. Just check out the pained look on Mason’s face! We’re actually surprised he has any feeling left back there.


Mason Wyler Strikes Again!

We spent half the weekend watching Mason Wyler clips, so we thought we’d share with our thoughts about this young buck with our horny readers. We don’t know how to explain it, but there’s something about Mason – insert hair gel joke here. But seriously folks, Mason is this shy guy with a twink body that we cannot get enough of. From his cut cock, to his small bootie that we’d love to pillage, everything about Mason screams come fuck me!

One of the clips that really caught our attention feature Mason and a Latino looking stallion named Anthony. Anthony is one of those guys that you would never pin as someone who likes to fuck guys. He’s as masculine as they come – and boy does he ever cum! He’s got this sexy tattoo, and keeps everything nice and trim, which only makes his already plentiful package look even bigger.

What really turns us on is his aggressiveness. Most gay men (or at least the ones we know) want to be dominated by a masculine dude. That’s probably why so many of us have straight boy fantasies. Well, Anthony has masculinity coming out of his ears, and dominates Mason in a way that leaves no doubt who’s in charge. Mason Wyler is just the latest site added to Next Door Pass, which gives you a total of eight sites for the price of one. Enjoy the clip of Anthony and Mason below.


Mason Wyler Gets Ravished

We’re betting Mason Wyler lives in a house or has very thick walls because he gets plowed quite frequently – and trust us, the boy is loud. He’s the type of loud that not only announces to the neighbors that someone is having a good time, but to the entire gayborhood. Although he loves his boy toys, none compare to Rick Ravishing. Why do they call him Ravishing, we hear you ask. Well, Rick loves to fuck. He loves to fuck bottom boys like Mason more than anything else in the whole wide world. Before they get to the ass pounding, Mason takes no prisoners as he takes Rick’s dick down his throat.
Watching Rick fuck Mason’s mouth is pretty hot. We just love watching the shot of his butt as he thrusts in and out of Mason’s mouth. It’s pretty clear that they are both enjoying themselves, but Mason is thinking ahead by fingering himself in preparation for the ravishing he’s about to receive.
We don’t use the phrase “getting porked” very often, but that’s the best way to describe what occurs between Mason and Rick. The top plunges into Mason’s sweet hole and doesn’t come up for air until he’s ready to blow his load.

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