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Oy Papi!: A white boy’s review of the Latin hotness

For some reason, I feel the need to premise this post by letting you all know that I’m white. Like really, really, white. Like Jimmy Kimmel white. No, more like Cindy Brady white. Like, so white I enjoy going hiking, or throwing dinner parties, or golfing.

Anyways, that being said, let’s just say that sites like are not really ones I typically call home. They’re just not familiar territory, ya know? At least, they weren’t – until I laid my beautiful blue white boy eyes on Raudy, the newest object of my affection – as well as their latest update

Holy crap, this boy is amazing! That face, those abs, that long, dick! It was all I could do to stop myself from booking a flight to Mexico, or Africa, or wherever is it that boys like him come from, and finding Raudy and his gorgeous thick black hair and crazy Latin accent and asking for his hand in marriage. This kid is totally wild, and has the kind of big man burrito between his legs I know he could feed me over and over again, and I’d never get enough. And if you want more, salsa on over to for more……


Sex Dictionary Word of the Day: “Woofy!”

When having sex, there are a few phrases that are universal; they’re used by almost everyone, and mean the same thing – no matter who you’re with, or how you’re having sex. “I left your money on the dresser” and “No means no” are the two we’ve most commonly encountered in own sexual exploits – How about you?
Well, after looking at’s latest dark-haired Latino lover Rodrigo, we’ve got only one thing to say – and we’re sure it’s one phrase that everyone should add to their list of common sexual slang – “Woof!”
Sure, it sounds simple, but “Woof” has actually a very specific meaning; it’s a term reserved for only the hottest guys, who like to leave a little hair on their body, and generally have that scruffy, dirty boy look to them. Just like Rodrigo.
I mean, just get a good look from the center of his crotch; follow his thick, uncut cock up to it’s swollen head, and up the trail of hair that covers his stomach, all the way over his broad chest, and finally to that cute mug of his, which he’s got accented by the perfect little goatee. It’s enough to earn Rodrigo the award for being positively ‘woofy”!


Hot, Hung – Looks like the West isn’t the only Coast on fire!

With the pending California heat wave nearly upon us, and wildfires out of control up and down our coast, I thought today would be the perfect time to take a little mini-vacation. And what better place to go than Miami – where the weather’s still hot, and nothing is on fire.
Actually, the only thing flaming down in this gorgeous, Latino-rific hot spot are the many deliciouso men, and no site gives a better taste test of the local flavor than For those of you who have never been down to Florida before, let’s just say the boys are bigger, stronger, and hornier than anyplace we’ve ever been.
is a great example of that classically tacky-yet-appealing type of guys Miami has to offer. From the piercings he’s sportin’, to that silver necklace chain, Ray is sure not to be topping any best dressed lists – but with a long, cut cock like his, you can bet he’ll be topping everything (and everyone) else.


Nude Mario Lopez, Pleads, Marry Me Please, Madonna!

just kidding!

Mario Lopez strips down, showers, butt naked

Over here at Cybersocket headquarters, we’ve been watching (and watching) the Mario Lopez nude — yes, nude — shower scene from Nip/Tuck’s fourth season episode, “Monica Wilder.”

The clip — set in a gym, one step away from the main work out floor of many a porno set — proves that Nip/Tuck is the most pornographic show on television (hehe, like there was ever any doubt about that.)

Mario Lopez strips down, showers, butt naked

The scene opens with Lopez, looking something like a dead ringer for the sexy Solo Flex stud. [Wherein, Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck’s gay producer) slyly uses Mario’s “exercise” to point and click on all our pre-porn jerk-off material; the scene’s destined to rate up there for baby gays with our International Male catalogs and Jim Palmer Jockey underwear ads.]

Oh, so back to the “action”: Mario’s features everything you’d expect from a gay male porno, except instead of sliding his hot bubble butt up and down a big fat cock, Mario’s shown solo, knocking off a half dozen reps, pulling himself up — and down — and up …

Cue next (soft core porno) scene, the post work-out shower! Beautifully lit (like a male Emmanuel) with water cascading down Mario’s smooth, olive skin muscle boy body (Note to Self: invite Mario to the White Party … & does he sing?), Mario’s shown soaping himself up while chatting up plastic surgeon, Cristian (Julian McMahon). TV Guide describes their conversation as “disturbing” — disturbingly erotic is more like it — but whatever, we find out Lopez isn’t an escort cleaning up before his 8 p.m. trick but Dr. Mike Hamoui … a (hot) plastic surgeon.

Disturbing in what TV Guide sense, we can only wonder since we weren’t exactly listening to the dialogue* between the two, seeing as how we were too distracted by the sight of Mario Lopez sensually running his hands over his chiseled six (eight? ten? at twelve, we lost count) pack, twisting and turning for the camera, giving as much T as A.

*Okay, with repeated viewings we finally listening to what Lopez and McMahon were talking about: Lopez reveals that he keeps his body circuit party perfect by working out daily and starving himself. Later, McMahon butt nekkid again, and Dr. Lopez is giving him liposuction.

According to YouTube, the clips been viewed over forty thousand times and, we’d daresay, it’s almost as good as logging onto

Nude Mario Lopez, Pleads, Marry Me Please, Madonna!

Given Mario’s scattershot, B list career — playing everyone from Olympic diver Greg Louganis to “Husband for Hire” (the most watched program — ever ! — on the Oxygen Network) and “Dancing with the Stars” — we emailed Lopez suggesting he apply for the biggest opening this year: Madonna’s new husband.

According to today’s New York Post’s gossip guru, Richard Johnson, Madge is done with That Guy (Ritchie, the lanky London Lad, father of Madge’s son, Rocco, and Kabbalist). One source blames the split on That Guy, explaining, “he’s (just) the foreign half-wit who took Madonna from her American homeland and made her talk all funny.”

Denying the rumors — or confirming them? only time will tell — Madonna’s rep, Liz Rosenberg cackled, “They’re still both sharing Cloud 9 – as opposed to Client 9, ha-ha!”


Latino boys from Miami –!


Why do I love gay porn industry, Miami so much? I think the infamous song by Will Smith sums it up the best “Can yall feel me all ages and races, real sweet faces. Every different nation Spanish, Hatian, Indian, Jamaican, black, white, Cuban, and Asian. I only came for two days of playing But every time I come I always wind up stayin’. This the type of town I could spend a few days in – Miami the city that keeps the roof blazin’!” The song was, well awful but the lyrics do the city justice!

Miami has always had a great influx of hot boys from around the globe and gay porn industry, has always done a good job at representing the city of Art Deco, pristine beaches and brown boys with uncut cocks!


The guys on the site range from pretty, well-groomed boys, to tattooed, thugged out guys. Oh, let’s not forget about the hairy ones with the hairy crotch – these are among the best on the site and have seem to become gay porn industry, MiamiBoyz trademark, check out the guy above for instance!

No doubt, if you like nice pieces of meat gay porn industry, MiamiBoyz has it for you! Some boys we have our eye on are: Rolando, Enrique, Angel and Chico (below). Something about gay porn industry, Chico’s boyish looks makes us instantly hard. Perhaps it’s because he is straight, 18, has a great ass and a nice uncut cock!


LATE BREAKING NEWS!!! We never knew that gay porn industry, MIamiBoyz started pulling guys off the streets of Los Angeles too! Wow, we are impressed that MiamiBoyz is starting to go national and showcase the world of hot boys all across the United States!

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