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Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Camping can be great fun, but you’ve really got to go into it with an “anything can happen” mindset. You’ll probably enjoy a lazy respite in nature, but you should also be ready for bear attacks, killer bee attacks, wild boar attacks, and even Creepy Janitor attacks. Because they can happen, as you’ll see in this hot update from Bound Gods. Adam Port plays a carefree hitchhiker (apparently he thinks that he’s Jason Mraz in the I’m Yours Video.) Unfortunately, life isn’t always a sweet fairytale. Naughty Pines can be a dangerous place to thumb a ride, and Adam gets picked up by the infamous Creepy Janitor. He’s bound, thrown in the flatbed of a truck, transported to an undisclosed location in Naughty Pines, and then dragged into the woods. Then he’s tied naked to a tree, flogged, and molested. In the end, the Creepy Janitor cums all over Adam’s face. She may look pretty, but sometimes Nature can be a savage mistress.

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines at Bound Gods


Gavin Waters and James Jamesson Work Things Out at Nextdoor Buddies

Gavin Waters and James Jamesson Work Things Out at Nextdoor Buddies

Gavin Waters and James Jamesson Work Things Out at Nextdoor Buddies

Gavin Waters and James Jamesson Work Things Out at Nextdoor Buddies

Gavin Waters and James Jamesson Work Things Out at Nextdoor Buddies

In this acrobatic new clip from Nextdoor Buddies, hotties Gavin Waters and James Jamesson demonstrate their favorite form of contact sport. The guys start by having a normal workout, but they’re soon grappling with one another to let out some pent-up aggression.  But it turns out that aggression isn’t the only thing that’s pent-up in these studs, so fighting turns to cocksucking and fucking. The boys are like human pretzels as they try a variety of new positions, until they both finally release their loads all over one another.


My Sister’s Husband Part 2 at Lucas Kazan

My Sister's Husband Part 2 at Lucas Kazan

My Sister's Husband Part 2 at Lucas Kazan

My Sister's Husband Part 2 at Lucas Kazan

My Sister's Husband Part 2 at Lucas Kazan

Every family has its secrets, and sometimes the most compassionate way to handle them is to keep them secret. That’s the kind of intrigue that is featured in this hot new clip from Lucas Kazan’s My Sister’s Husband. Just imagine how bodybuilder Daniele’s wife would feel if she knew that her husband was fucking her brother Phillipe up the ass! Daniele gets so into pounding twink boy Phillipe that the bed is literally bouncing around. All things considered, Phillipe is actually doing his sister a favor by helping her husband to vent some of his excess sexual energy. After all, very few pussies could take the kind of abuse that Daniele dishes out to Phillipe’s ass!

My Sister’s Husband Part 2 at Lucas Kazan


Hugo Martin and Jay Roberts in The Wedding Part 2: Perfect Fit from Menatplay

Hugo Martin and Jay Roberts in The Wedding Part 2: Perfect Fit from Menatplay

Hugo Martin and Jay Roberts in The Wedding Part 2: Perfect Fit from Menatplay

Hugo Martin and Jay Roberts in The Wedding Part 2: Perfect Fit from Menatplay

Hugo Martin and Jay Roberts in The Wedding Part 2: Perfect Fit from Menatplay

At Menatplay, the sexual saga of The Wedding continues in Part 2: Perfect Fit. In this episode, all is revealed as we learn of the groom’s (Hugo Martin) sleazy past. In a flashback, we learn that stud/homewrecker Jay was actually a client who came to Hugo’s tailor shop for a fitting. But once Hugo started feeling Jay up for his measurements, things quickly got out of hand. As Jay undressed, the tension erupted in a passionate sex scene that had the two of them ripping off each other’s suits to kiss, suck cock, rim, and fuck right in the fitting room. Jay ended up having his ass sized for Hugo’s cock, and that hot interlude is what is now giving Hugo pause when it comes time to say his wedding vows.


AJ Fucks Aden Stone





AJ has proven to be such a hot, compact muscle god with a tight body and a raging libido. With these two assets working in conjunction with each other, there’s not telling what he can do. His bottoming skills in previous videos has shown off his ability to take a pounding, but in this Cocky Boys clip, AJ shows that he can pound on an ass just as good as the next guy! He’s paired up with handsome stud Aden and the chemistry is electrifying. The natural attraction to each other makes this scene a scorching winner!

The two start out with a passionate make out session, but Aden quickly starts to lick his way down to AJ’s crotch. AJ barks out commands such as, “worship that cock!” and Aden is all too eager to oblige. He swallows up that hard cock in one swift move and then prepares for a hot face fuck. In the end, though, AJ is anxious to pound on that perfectly round bubble butt so he flips Aden over and starts to fuck him missionary style. AJ blows his load all over Aden’s abs and Aden quickly adds his own juices to the mix!


Jack Griffin Services Ben Moore





Ben Moore finally breaks out of his man-on-man phobia! He’s been cool with a little jerk off session for the guys, but we wanted to see more and he has finally agreed to give us what we want! In this clip, Jack Griffin has the honors of breaking Ben into the world of gay sex. He eases him into it with a sensual massage that gets Ben’s big boner stiffer than the massage table he’s laying on. A little butt rimming courtesy of Jack helped to bring him out of his shell, too!

Jack takes advantage of Ben’s stiff cock and carefully licks, sucks and swallows the whole thing down his throat. Ben, of course, loves the attention his dick is getting. Jack gets Ben to hike up on all fours for a proper ass-licking and Ben slides his engorged cock down Jack’s throat once again. This massage gets a happy ending when Ben is no longer able to hold back. He gushes out an enormous load on Jack’s face. Jack doesn’t miss a beat. He cleans off Ben’s cock to make sure there is no cum left and then he shoots his own load as he works that cock!


Cody Cummings, Sucked Off By a Golem — Scandalous!


If you haven’t whacked off to porn from the Cody Cummings site lately, you’ll want to be sure to have a gander at the latest video clip which features Cody and larger than life hottie Jonny T. It seems that Cody had a yen for some head (in other words, it was a normal day like any other) and Jonny T. was the bud who answered the call. What’s nice about Jonny is the fact that he’s pretty much Cody’s equal in just about every way. He’s big, buff, and confident — and definitely not just some cock-sucking acolyte. He’s just one of Cody’s buddies who wants to drop a load and he doesn’t mind wrapping his sensuous lips around a familiar dick if it helps out his friend.


The first thing that may strike you about Jonny is the size of his massive unit. It’s a good thing he didn’t fuck Cody, because then Cody might have been out of commission for at least a few days. What must it be like to have such a ginormous piece of meat between your legs? It’s like carrying around a hammer in your pants. What’s it like to constantly be sending your new lovers to the emergency room, to never be able to find anyone that can swallow it properly, and to not even be able to get your own hand all the way around it? If you think I’m joking, click through and take a look. Seriously — it’s like a statue dick. Luckily, our world is filled with an ample supply of size queens who are Olympic-level ass fuckers. They train night and day in hopes of one day taking a cock like Jonny’s. “One moment in time, when I’m more than I thought I could be…” C’mon, sing along… But what if Jonny wants to form a long-term relationship with a nice guy instead of always ending up with the physically-modified guys whose asses could double as umbrella stands? Such are the complex multi-issues faced by some of today’s well-endowed porn artistes.


This is a great clip, but the free samples are really hot, too — and definitely worth a look-see. You’ll really get off on the way the guys like to watch each other jerking off. And when these two muscle-bound golems sit next to each other to pound their meat, it’s pretty amazing. The free sample gallery includes some great shots of the guys cumming and some great shots of Jonny sucking Cody’s dick.


Try it, you’ll like it.


CockyBoys’ ripped set of abs gets us all fired up and ready to shoot!

Can someone please tell me how to get abs like the ones the boys from have? Sure, I long ago gave up my quest to find my own finely chiseled stomach muscles – but every time I see a new update, my desire to uncover my own sexy six-pack is instantly renewed.

cocky boys hot male washboard stomach gay porn

Take a look at their latest shaggy-haired stud. There should be some kind of law that guys like him are only allowed to wear belly-tees all the time, rain or shine! And his tan torso is fucking to die for – and that awesome head of hair is just dying to be pulled, right? Sorry for my frisky mood, but something about these boys just gets me all fired up to all get out! Just try and count those solid stomach muscles, I dare you. If there were such thing as an 8-pack, this guy would so be rockin’ one.

cocky boys hot male washboard stomach gay porn

Ab crunch? Bow flex? Or maybe it’s just sucking cock that gives a person such superbly sculpted midsection, but whatever it is, this SoCal surfer knows the secret – and watching him flex ever muscle in his body as he puts a tight grip on his dick is definitely not to be missed.

cocky boys hot male washboard stomach gay porn


New Site Watch: Colt steams things up with his Hot Sex Cams

Colt (formerly from was starting to develop quite a cult following – just ask any fan of this feisty little surfer guy, and you’re sure to get an overwhelmingly gushing response about everything from his tight, muscular frame, to that cute patch of hair that covers his chest. So it was no surprise when it was announced early this month that Colt had moved on to bigger and better thing – in the form of his solo project of

colt hot sex cams surfer guy

And what a project it’s turned out to be – and one that couldn’t come at a better time. See, if your anywhere as big of a television buff as me, you’ve probably been a bit down in the dumps ever since last week, when most of the good shows had their season finales.

colt hot sex cams surfer stud

With live performances every Tuesday and Thursday nights, Colt and his sexy shows have been the perfect replacement for the evening television blues. And the coolest parts? Since the site is relatively new, we’ve found Colt to be pretty damn responsive to messages and e-mails, which you can send to him from the site. Send him your requests, and as long as they’re not completely wacko, Colt and his tight, round ass and thick dick will be more than willing to oblige. Requests, anyone?


Dick-ilicious Debut: Falcon busts onto the scene

Okay, so we know it’s only Memorial Day, but we can’t help but feel like it’s Christmas! That’s because we’ve just laid eyes on our very first scene from Falcon Str8men, and it’s definitely one hell of an amazing present, in the form of Joe, a hunky straight guy who enjoys sports, shaving his chest, and rubbing one out on camera – for a price.

falcon str8men gay solo jerkoff hot models

Lucky for us, Falcon’s willing to pony up the dough – and Joe’s more than willing to work hard (and work his hard cock) for the money, spilling his payload all over a leather recliner as he squirms in pure pleasure.

falcon str8men gay porn new website

To be perfectly honest, we had our doubts as to whether a studio like Falcon (known for it’s pretty boys) could pull off an entire site dedicated to real straight guys, but we’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Falcon Str8men is fucking amazing, and we can’t wait to see what new macho magic they’ll have in store! What do you all think?

falcon str8men gay solo jerkoff sticky cumshot


Nude Mario Lopez, Pleads, Marry Me Please, Madonna!

just kidding!

Mario Lopez strips down, showers, butt naked

Over here at Cybersocket headquarters, we’ve been watching (and watching) the Mario Lopez nude — yes, nude — shower scene from Nip/Tuck’s fourth season episode, “Monica Wilder.”

The clip — set in a gym, one step away from the main work out floor of many a porno set — proves that Nip/Tuck is the most pornographic show on television (hehe, like there was ever any doubt about that.)

Mario Lopez strips down, showers, butt naked

The scene opens with Lopez, looking something like a dead ringer for the sexy Solo Flex stud. [Wherein, Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck’s gay producer) slyly uses Mario’s “exercise” to point and click on all our pre-porn jerk-off material; the scene’s destined to rate up there for baby gays with our International Male catalogs and Jim Palmer Jockey underwear ads.]

Oh, so back to the “action”: Mario’s features everything you’d expect from a gay male porno, except instead of sliding his hot bubble butt up and down a big fat cock, Mario’s shown solo, knocking off a half dozen reps, pulling himself up — and down — and up …

Cue next (soft core porno) scene, the post work-out shower! Beautifully lit (like a male Emmanuel) with water cascading down Mario’s smooth, olive skin muscle boy body (Note to Self: invite Mario to the White Party … & does he sing?), Mario’s shown soaping himself up while chatting up plastic surgeon, Cristian (Julian McMahon). TV Guide describes their conversation as “disturbing” — disturbingly erotic is more like it — but whatever, we find out Lopez isn’t an escort cleaning up before his 8 p.m. trick but Dr. Mike Hamoui … a (hot) plastic surgeon.

Disturbing in what TV Guide sense, we can only wonder since we weren’t exactly listening to the dialogue* between the two, seeing as how we were too distracted by the sight of Mario Lopez sensually running his hands over his chiseled six (eight? ten? at twelve, we lost count) pack, twisting and turning for the camera, giving as much T as A.

*Okay, with repeated viewings we finally listening to what Lopez and McMahon were talking about: Lopez reveals that he keeps his body circuit party perfect by working out daily and starving himself. Later, McMahon butt nekkid again, and Dr. Lopez is giving him liposuction.

According to YouTube, the clips been viewed over forty thousand times and, we’d daresay, it’s almost as good as logging onto

Nude Mario Lopez, Pleads, Marry Me Please, Madonna!

Given Mario’s scattershot, B list career — playing everyone from Olympic diver Greg Louganis to “Husband for Hire” (the most watched program — ever ! — on the Oxygen Network) and “Dancing with the Stars” — we emailed Lopez suggesting he apply for the biggest opening this year: Madonna’s new husband.

According to today’s New York Post’s gossip guru, Richard Johnson, Madge is done with That Guy (Ritchie, the lanky London Lad, father of Madge’s son, Rocco, and Kabbalist). One source blames the split on That Guy, explaining, “he’s (just) the foreign half-wit who took Madonna from her American homeland and made her talk all funny.”

Denying the rumors — or confirming them? only time will tell — Madonna’s rep, Liz Rosenberg cackled, “They’re still both sharing Cloud 9 – as opposed to Client 9, ha-ha!”


Brazilian Studs Suck ‘N Fuck, muscle man gay on

What’s really great about is how they give it up on the home page, featuring some of the hottest outtakes we’ve ever seen. We checked out the rest of the site and found this video featuring Ramon Gonzales and Alex Cerqueira. These two horny Brazilian dudes (we’ve never met a Brazilian, “straight” or gay, who wouldn’t drop trou and get down to fucking.)

brazilian studs suck face,

are tall ‘n tan, dark and lovely, if you’re into outdoor sex — we sure are — you’ll love watching this couple strolling on the beach wearing those skimpy boxer briefs when they realize it’s lunchtime!

Brazilian Studs Suck ‘N Fuck,

They step to the side, shuck their briefs and get down to business: Alex sucks dick before getting rimmed by Ramon. Ramon then spreads Alex’s sweet cheeks and fingers the hole before sticking his meat in, and fucking his newfound friend doggy style. He then gives it to Alex missionary, finishing him off with a banging on a blanket.

brazilian studs fuck hot ass, gay sex

And there’s more!

At the top of the page, there’s another preview we watched oh, about twenty times, before shooting our load — that’s the great thing about Cybersocket: you’re expected to look at hot gay porn and nobody bats an eye when you shoot your load.

This clip made its way around the office so we had to share it with you: set in a gym, two muscles heads (Trey Casteel & Nick Marion) start out their he-man action with some chest slapping/nipple twisting/who’s the Alpha action. It’s not long before the black trunks slid off and the pair gets down to some hot straight dude action. What’s super (super dooper!) is how Casteel and Marion use the gym equipment for fucking. First, Trey fingers his smooth, brown man pussy, then, he gets down on his knees and sucks Nick’s fat dick. The best part is when Trey reaches up, grabs hold of the abs bar and lowers himself down on Nick’s rock hard dick. Then, he starts bouncing his big muscle butt up and down on Nick’s cock his semi-hard boner slapping against his muscular inner thighs. And that’s just the preview!

Next door (the window to the left) there’s an amazing slide show featuring a gay orgy. Set in a gym, four tattooed muscle heads stand around a weight bench where their bitch boy/cock sucker/bottom pig lays back, ready to service their cocks, get fucked, whatever. This gay sex slide show features some muscle man tongue action and cock sucking: our favorite still’s a side view of a veiny uncut weiner getting sucked by an scruffy faced jock boy.



Gay Porn Top 20 DVD Jerk Off Flicks of 2007!

2007 was a great year for porn movies with many studios pushing the sex envelope to new heights. Our list has brought together a variety of genres that proved to have massive appeal throughout the year. Hoping that 2008 will be just as explosive, here are our top 20 picks of ’07!

The Exclusive Leather/Fetish Film of the 2007 Folsom Street Fair, Fear brings the world of Fetish play into the light of day.

Hot men in uniforms finding sexual ways to distract each other from the searing war that is waging around them. Need we say more?

Sleaze – tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar. That’s exactly where the action starts – in a cheap, sleazy motel off the end of a forgotten strip mall in downtown L.A., with Vin Nolan checking into the unwelcome sight of Dak Ramsey. Get ready for a late checkout!

Thug Boy Volume 5: Dick Fo Dayz
Don’t miss out on this hardcore homeboy fuck fest! Thirteen thugz in six hot scenes will give you dick fo’ dayz!

Ink Storm
Tattoos are about transformation. They are about someone’s need to be marked. Logan McCree is a hot stud that should not be missed!

Gay guys service straight guys and suck them dry! And then the tables turn. See hunky straight guys suck their first cocks!

The Stoneage
These guys take you back to the stoneage where monstrous reptiles aren’t the only dinosaur bones to be found!

European Holiday 2
The latest film from the Falcon International Collection, Starring Marcus Cruise, Antonio Martin, Max McKay and John Palmer will have you booking your next holiday to Europe.

Seed My Hole
Seed My Hole 2 is all about breeding asses. Pump your seed inside babe! It’s all about gorgeous twinks having their asses filled with hot creamy cocks.

Come Over and Play
Come Over and Play Volume 1 features ten all-American straight studs getting down and dirty with not just their cocks, but their buddies’ cocks as well!

Pool Side Heat
Where else in the world would you encounter hot, steamy, dark muscled guys ready and willing to show you everything they have?

Barebacking with Jeff Palmer Volume 3 Gang Fucked
Jeff Palmer is up to his old tricks again in this non-stop barrage of hot bareback ass plowing and face fucking.

The Closet
When Brant Moore moves in to a rented home, he is unaware of a presence that comes with it. Friends and even tricks just seem to disappear. It’s the sexiest thriller of the year!

Take It Like A Bad Boy
Cobra mixes a few hot men with five of their hottest Cobraboyz in this fantasy feature that pits the old with the new.

Urban Blackout
These crazy city boyz go wild for cock in Urban Blackout! Watch as black dudes pull out their big ass cocks and get to sucking and fucking like you’ve never seen before.

Boys Do It
Hardcore bareback scenes. Stunning sucking and fucking action with lots of cum-eating.

BSI Prague: Bareback Sex Investigation
Fresh, young, and full of cum. Handsome young men who enjoy a great fuck as well as sucking cock make this movie explosive good fun.

Faster Faster Fuck Me Harder
Director Alberto Rey has done it again! Five extended scenes, nearly 3 full hours of wham, bam, fuckin’, suckin’, beefy Euro boys slidin’ and more!

Jarod Steele’s Buckets of Cum
It’s a dream come true for Jarod as both his ass and mouth are pillaged, ravaged, pounded, pumped and filled with hot man jizz in this cum dump extravaganza.

In Deeper, human cum dumpster Dawson takes on a brutal gangbang, a barrage of anonymous glory hole fucks, a free-for-all sex dog-pile and more!


Titan Media gets Kinky with Fear!

If you haven’t heard yet, Titan Men is all over the gay headlines lately, leaving the industry shocked at both the controversy they have spawned and dumbfounded at their newest movie coming out – keep reading for all the news!

Last week in Berlin at the 2nd Annual David Awards, Bruce Cam of Titan Media refused the DAVID Lifetime Achievement Award because of the awards affinity with bareback films. While lots of drama still surrounds it, what we’ve heard so far is that Cam ended up not going to Berlin because of a sudden illness, however Titan Media Vice President Keith Webb was there with some of his exclusive Titan models.

Cam furiously spoke out when the news spread, and he left nothing out of his press release!

“I cannot in good conscience accept a Lifetime Achievement award from an organization that glorifies and promotes bareback content alongside my own, I have worked my entire adult industry career to promote and eroticize safer sex content in all of my films,” says Cam. “It would be against every single fiber of my moral being to accept this award. Silence is acceptance and I can no longer sit by and watch the industry where I have worked and helped shape be destroyed by others seeking financial gain at the expense of performers and the entire gay community. I cannot and will not accept this award as it is tainted with the blood of others.”

Now onto the most powerful gay porn films you are likely to see this year! Titan has been a porn powerhouse releasing huge films like Folsom Filth, H20, the popular ManPlay series, and their newest movie sure to drop many jaws – FEAR!

Directed by Brian Mills, the movie Fear, stars Diesel Washington (above), Alex Baresi, Dean Flynn, François Sagat, Derek DaSilva, Lars Svenson, Rick Van Sant, Brody Newport, CJ Madison, Tober Brandt, Tony Buff, and Dirk Jager – yah a lot of man sex in my humble opinion!

Even if you’re not into pissing scenes, fisting, ball socking, men being tied up and other VULGAR (yet completely safe) sex acts you’re going to have an appreciation for FEAR!
If you are even the slightest bit curious log onto Xtube and check out the trailer – trust me it’s worth it.

This four-hour, two disc set is going to be a big contender this year at the GayVN’s I can feel it, definitely dividing the men from the boys! One scene that you have to check out is the bound to be infamous scene featuring porn star François Sagat (above) being tied up by a crucifix suspension and gagged with a horse’s bit – the scene also features CJ Madison, Diesel Washington, Dean Flynn, and Brody Newport.

Oh, did I mention there are two versions? The one you need to fork out the extra bucks for is the Directors Expanded Edit (DEE). The DEE has all the watersports, fisting, infusion and (some) bondage that is not available in the other versions!

Titan is all about sexual controversy in the last quarter of 2007 – just the way we like it! Check it out!

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