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Tristan’s First Fuck





One thing that can be said about Next Door Buddies is that their straight models are gung ho about getting into the action without their sexuality being threatened. Take Tristan Bull, for example. He’s been on the site before and has done some gay-for-pay in the past, but one thing he’s never done is to fuck another guy. This time around, he’s back and he’s ready to experience new things. Just what kind of new things are we talking about? Well, Tristan is going to go where his straight cock has never gone before: Into a man’s ass!

To get him horned up and ready to do this, NDB has provided him with the most insatiable bottom boy: Samuel. He’s the lucky guy who gets the joy of being penetrated by the hunky Tristan. After playing some video games in only his towel, Tristan is ready for a different kind of game and Samuel just happens to be the game he wants to play. Check out these two horny studs as they work their bodies into ecstasy. The look on Tristan’s face as his dick slips into that tight, warm hole is priceless; not to mention Samuel’s own look of pleasure at having this strong, straight bull of a man fuck him from behind.


3-Way @ Next Door Buddies





Having roommates can be a tough on some people. Especially when you’ve got rambunctious roommates such as Cassidy Jones and Nate Kennedy. For Chad Con, it’s a struggle keeping his tight, young buns together whenever they get together… Especially in the shower. When Chad holds up the night’s fun by not jumping in the shower in a timely manner, his two buddies take it upon themselves to get Chad motivated. Their tactics involve getting Chad into a submissive position while the other two stuff their hard cocks in Chad’s mouth. It doesn’t really look like much of a struggle, though!

After Cassidy and Nate take turns face-fucking Chad in the home gym, the two literally throw Chad onto the bed and begin giving his ass a thorough pounding. They stretch open his hole with their fingers. Chad loves every minute of it and is thankful he moved into this sex house! They really enjoy pounding that tight ass before the top studs begin to unload their man-milk all over Chad, who smiles as his body gets covered in slimy jizz. At that point, Chad really needs a shower. But he’d better be fast this time!


Cassidy Jones & Zack Alexander





One look at these two clean-cut jocks and you’d never think that they would ever get into some kinky shit! But they do. Cassidy Jones and Zack Alexander aren’t your typical vanilla studs. When it’s time to get rough, that’s exactly what they do. Baby-faced Cassidy initiates the action and it gets wild from there. He grabs Zack by the neck and forces him into submission. They lock lips for a while before getting right into the hardcore action. Zack doesn’t even know what hits him, but he’s a good sport and goes with the flow.

He slams Zack onto the bed and strips him down and forces him to suck his cock. After a little forced oral action, Cassidy returns the favor and puts his buddies hard cock into his mouth. The action isn’t all oral, though. But they love to take their time getting to the fucking. Cassidy shoves the submissive Zack’s face into the pillow, spreads his ass, and slides his hard cock into his waiting pucker hole, giving him a hardcore pounding. Poor Zack can only moan and groan from the pleasure he gets. It’s not like he didn’t want it anyway!


Pool Table 4 Way





This clip from Next Door Buddies is a hot one! You get your intimate twosomes, sometimes a titillating threeway, but this one features an all-out orgy with four of this studio’s hottest studs. Phenix Saint and Rod Daily started it out with a nice little sleepover before Paul Wagner and Parker London crashed their party for two just a bit earlier than anticipated. It’s not like they were caught off guard. They had planned to meet up for brunch but ended up staying for a sample of one another’s tasty bits. Don’t miss this sensual man-on-man fourway!

They convene at the pool table – which gets used in ways a pool table has never been used before. They line up along the table and the hungry cock-sucking pair gets down on their knees and start to service their top counterparts. It’s a sight to behold with plenty of slurping noises to go along with the visual you’ll be getting when you watch this clip. Parker London and Rod Daily really clean out those pipes to make room for a big cum dump. Looks like they won’t be needing a brunch to satisfy their voracious appetite today!


Next Door Buddies Fourway





For being such a pretty boy, Tuck Vaughn really likes to get a little piggy when he’s having sex. In this clip from Next Door Buddies, Tuck takes on three hot tops for a scorching fourway scene that will leave a few viewers blushing and Tuck gasping for air. It’s a relentless tag team as each top takes his turn slamming his stiff cock into Tuck’s tight bud.  The hardcore scene is also filled with a lot of nasty verbal talk and plenty of sucking and fucking from all four. You won’t want to miss this hottie getting plugged from both ends and begging for more.

Wade Holder, Brandon Lewis, and Ryan all line up to get a piece of Tuck’s ass. They start off with some playful banter that turns nasty as they start to verbalize their intent to have their way with Tuck. Then they quickly dominate him into submission> and take advantage of his skilled mouth and tasty ass. He gets manhandled, prodded, and assaulted – just the way he likes it. His reward for being such a good bottom stud with the ability to handle three masculine studs is nothing less than three big squirts of fresh cum all over his smooth chest.


Cayden & Richard





Cayden and Richard are stunning men. They’re all muscle and tattoos and they’re horny as hell. Randy Blue snatched up these guys and put them to work immediately. It didn’t take much coaxing because these boys with raging hard-ons were ready to go even before the clothes came off. Cayden started it off with a nice, long shower. He soaped up his body and ran his hands over his rippling muscles. When Richard showed up, he honed in on that major muscle standing at attention between his legs. He swallowed that shaft and gave Cayden a sensational blow job.

After the shower they trade more blow jobs, each handling the other’s dick with their own techniques. Cayden loves to shove the whole length down his throat while Richard likes to concentrate on the head of the cock, licking it and making it feel good. After some intense kissing and a lot of rimming, these two are ready to bust a nut, but not before Richard flips him over and shoves his cock down his ass and gives him a good fucking right there on the bed. When they finally shoot their loads, they’re completely spent and satisfied.


Christian Wilde & Adam Wirthmore





Leave it to the rain to dampen a nice hike. What are two hot guys like Christian Wilde and Adam Wirthmore to do? They obviously don’t need the hike to work out. They’ve got trim, tight bodies made for creating some heat on a cold rainy day. At least that’s how Christian sees it when he emerges out of the shower with a hard cock and an equally horny Adam who’s eager to create some friction. Not one to let a buddy down in his time of need, Adam starts to work Christian’s raging boner with his mouth, getting it all slobbered up for an ass fucking.

Adam can’t go down on his knees fast enough, but when he does, you can see his beautiful ass open up and reveal a tight, pink pucker that’s just waiting to be penetrated. Christian admires that hole and even fingers him for a few minutes. They 69 in bed before Adam hops on top and starts to ride Christian’s cock before he finds himself on his back with Christian pumping his dick into him and then blowing a massive load of sticky cum all over his chest.


Rod and Trent





What starts out as a romantic make out session outdoors by a water barrel in a picturesque vineyard soon turns to a raunchy fuck fest when these two studs from Next Door Buddies start to explore each other’s tight bodies. The action soon moves indoors where they get more intimate with their cocks and asses. Rod’s muscular abs accented with some very sexy tattoos gets a good workout from Trent’s eager tongue. There’s plenty of oral action going on between the two horny fuckers, but the real fun begins when Trent’s greedy cock starts to seek out Rod’s firm, tight butt.

Rod bends over so Trent can have a better look and easier access to his tight rose bud. When Trent starts to enter his sphincter, you can almost feel it stretch that ass with that rock-hard pole! Rod’s body flexes and moves with the rhythm of the thrusting action that Trent delivers. They are both in erotic ecstasy as they use their bodies to get one another off. When they finally reach that moment, their bodies tense up in anticipation of the release! Finally, they let loose with a flood or their own sticky wet cum.


Next Door Buddies’ Threesome!





When you have a great pool of hot studs at your studio, it’s fun to try out the different combinations you can get by pairing up your models in twos and threes. In this case, Next Door Buddies has found a perfect combination with three of their most popular studs. Parker London is the lucky stud that gets to have his dick serviced by two very hot and eager boys. Redhead Jeremy Fox and exotic Blu Kennedy waste no time stripping down and wrapping their lips around that big tool. Parker has a fat dick, but these two cock hungry boys will each have to wait their turn to suck it.

This slumber party turns out to be one all three will not so soon forget. When Blu Kennedy wakes up after a night of partying, his kinky brain decides to prop up a camera and record the nasty plan he has in mind for his fellow buddies. Let’s say there is plenty of sucking, licking, and some gang bang action that gets heated up in this bedroom. To find out who does what to whom, you’ll have to log on and watch carefully – just make sure you pay close attention.


Kelly Taylor and DJ





All work and no play makes these horny cowboys a couple of dull boys – but not for long. After a long day at work, they trade a hard day’s work for a hard cock to work on. After DJ puts in some time tending the livestock and milking the cows, he’s ready for a little milking of his own – on his partner Kelly Taylor. Kelly has already gotten the action going. DJ finds him working on his own stiffy before he lends a hand. Working the farm has never been this fun for a couple of oversexed hotties like DJ and Kelly.

DJ’s mouth goes deep on Kelly’s longhorn before they switch into a kinky barnyard 69 and the two of them enjoy a hot session of cock eating and licking. DJ wants more of Kelly so he guides that big, thick cockhead and aims it right into Kelly’s soft, ample butt cheeks and pounds him long and hard. Working with these farm animals must have given them a few ideas about wild sex because watching them get real kinky with some ride-em-cowboy, contortionist sex is quite a hot feat to accomplish.


Next Door Buddies: Spencer Reed and Gavin





A great way to break the ice between two hot studs that are about to get intimate for the first time with each other is to play a manly round of football to get the body nice and ready. Spencer Reed is the lucky Next Door Buddies model that’s going to break in newcomer Gavin. By the hungry look on Spencer’s face, he’s got a different kind of ball game on his mind. They come outdoors in baggy shorts sporting bulges – looks like they’re ready to play.

We can see why Spencer is into Gavin. He’s cute and blond with a nice tan – more surfer than football player. Spencer can’t keep his hands off of Gavin’s package, but it’s his nice round ass that he is after. They move indoors and the real foreplay begins with a little make out session to loosen up the body. Gavin starts to suck Spencer’s big, long dick before Spencer rims Gavin’s ass and lubes it up for easy access. When he slams his cock in his ass, Gavin can’t help but cry out. We don’t know if it’s pain or pleasure, but he doesn’t tell him to stop so he keeps going until he blows his wad.


Marcus Mojo Fucks A.J. Irons






A.J. Irons is one hot fucking dude. The tight-bodied stud is brand spanking new to Next Door Buddies, but fortunately for him he got paired with one of the most familiar faces from the site. At 5’6” tall, A.J. is on the petite size for a guy, but he more than makes up for it with muscle – there’s one in particular that comes to mind!

A.J. is waiting for Marcus to show up and decides to take a little power nap. He must have been incredibly horny because as soon as he drifts to sleep he pitches a tent, which is right around the time that Marcus shows up.

Marcus immediately strips off all his clothes and sits on the opposite side of the room, and enjoys the view by stroking himself to hardness. All that sexual tension in the room wakes A.J. up and in no time not only are they both stroking while watching each other, but Marcus goes down on the stud. It’s all about fucking a nice ass, and not only does A.J. have the perfect bubble butt, but it’s also extremely tight. It almost looks like the pressure is too much for Marcus who winces from the pain of so much pressure on his dick, but he loosens it up after a couple of changes in positions. We’re definitely hoping to see A.J. Irons again real soon!


Spencer Reed Fucks Alexy Tyler




We’ve never quite had a wake-up call like the one Alexy Tyler recently had over at Next Door Buddies. There he was minding his own business when Spencer Reed walked in on the sleeping beauty. Being a horndog who can’t help himself, Spencer did the only think he could think of, he whipped out his dick and stuffed it down Alexy’s throat. Alexy didn’t seem to mind too much. In fact, he seemed rather happy to be woken up by such a nice cock.

We weren’t too familiar with Alexy until recently, but from what we can gather the hottie loves to be pounded. When Spencer teased Alexy’s ass with his cock we thought that the soon-to-be-bottom was going to cum from excitement. We can’t imagine what it must be like to have a stud like Alexy riding us, but we can only imagine that it must be a life-changing experience. Every single inch of his body is absolutely covered in muscles, and you can see them at work while he rides up and down Spencer’s thick shaft. Here’s hoping we see these two again real soon!


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