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Sexy Surfer Maka Juggles and Jerks Off at Island Studs!

Cute 20-Year-Old Surfer Maka Gets Off at Island Studs!

Cute 20-Year-Old Surfer Maka Gets Off at Island Studs!

Cute 20-Year-Old Surfer Maka Gets Off at Island Studs!

Need a break from our political dystopia, the natural disasters, and global warming? Then Have a gander at this cute and horny young stud surrounded by a tropical paradise in this hot new solo scene from Island Studs starring Maka! This cute 20-year-old surfer with an 8” cock loves surfing, weightlifting, and jerking off – and in this scene he does all three. This is actually Maka’s fourth scene and he’s back by popular demand. As the scene begins he pumps some iron while nude in the garden, does some back flips, and then starts to get a little nasty as he juggles some passion fruit, sucks a piece dry, gets erect, and spreads his ass cheeks wide for the camera. Maka has no shame! The fun continues as Maka plays, strokes his fat uncut cock, shoots a load, and then hoses off.


Rudy and Timmy Have Vampire Sex at

Halloween season has now begun (according to retailers and Disneyland, at least) so we thought we’d bring you some spooky gay fucking. In this hot update from Staxus starring Rudy Valentino and Timmy Taylor, Timmy sets out to stake a vampire (Rudy) who has been pestering the local community. Luckily, Timmy has a secret weapon: his sexiness. After some mutual cock sucking, Rudy gets a chance to ram his cock into Timmy’s ass. Then they switch places, and Rudy delivers an amazing cumshot while being fucked. But will Timmy stake his heart while he’s unloading? You’ll have to watch the clip to find out!


Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Camping can be great fun, but you’ve really got to go into it with an “anything can happen” mindset. You’ll probably enjoy a lazy respite in nature, but you should also be ready for bear attacks, killer bee attacks, wild boar attacks, and even Creepy Janitor attacks. Because they can happen, as you’ll see in this hot update from Bound Gods. Adam Port plays a carefree hitchhiker (apparently he thinks that he’s Jason Mraz in the I’m Yours Video.) Unfortunately, life isn’t always a sweet fairytale. Naughty Pines can be a dangerous place to thumb a ride, and Adam gets picked up by the infamous Creepy Janitor. He’s bound, thrown in the flatbed of a truck, transported to an undisclosed location in Naughty Pines, and then dragged into the woods. Then he’s tied naked to a tree, flogged, and molested. In the end, the Creepy Janitor cums all over Adam’s face. She may look pretty, but sometimes Nature can be a savage mistress.

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines at Bound Gods


Straight Stud Liam from Essex Jerks Off at English Lads

Straight Stud Liam from Essex Jerks Off at English Lads

Straight Stud Liam from Essex Jerks Off at English Lads

Straight Stud Liam from Essex Jerks Off at English Lads

Straight Stud Liam from Essex Jerks Off at English Lads

This week we had a hankering for hot  British guys, so we headed on over to English Lads. As usual, there was tons of sexy new meat on display – but Liam immediately caught our eye. This straight 19-year-old from Essex has a great body, and apparently he’s a bit of a nudist. As the clip begins, Liam is up on the roof sunbathing and enjoying the feel of the sun and wind on his hairy balls. Liam loves to show off, so his cock gets hard instantly as he poses for the camera and then spanks his own ass. He shamelessly shows off his hairy hole, then strokes his cock until he eventually cums all over his chest and abs. He may be straight, but judging from his behavior, we’d lay odds that he’d love to have had a hot young buddy spanking his ass instead of doing it himself. Whether he just ended up teasing or went all the way, we’re pretty sure he’d get off on it. Stranger things have happened, so be sure to keep your eye on English Lads if you like Liam as much as we do!


Ryan and Johnny Fuck Around On the Roof at Out In Public

Ryan and Johnny Fuck Around On the Roof at Out In Public

Ryan and Johnny Fuck Around On the Roof at Out In Public

Ryan and Johnny Fuck Around On the Roof at Out In Public

Ryan and Johnny Fuck Around On the Roof at Out In Public

Most people walk around without ever looking up. But after you’ve seen this hot new clip from Out in Public, we guarantee that you’ll start watching the rooftops more often! This clip features hotties Ryan and Johnny and includes some unforgettable sucking and fucking action. Not long after the Out In Public cameraman had set out with his partner-in-crime Ryan, they met sexy Johnny. The cameraman bribed Johnny with some cash-money, and before long he and Ryan were getting naked on the roof to see how far they could go without getting arrested. And as you can see from the photos, they went all the way!

Ryan and Johnny Fuck Around On the Roof at Out In Public


Show Me Your Junk





Every young boy has the desire to get laid. Donny is no exception. Jordan is a dude who likes it when dudes grab his junk. He’s daring like that. Neither one of them have ever done anything remotely sexual in public, but money talks and they’re about to embark on one of the hottest displays of sexual affection in public. For one who loves his junk grabbed, the local junk yard is the perfect location for a nice blow-and-go. For a couple hundred buck Jordan agrees to suck Donny’s cock with the camera rolling and excitement lurking just around the corner.

Jordan pulls Donny’s pants down to his ankles and begins to work on the already-stiff cock. When the subject of fucking comes up, Jordan only has to think about that big dick in his ass. His answer is “yes!” They fuck like junkyard dogs in heat unaware that they’re about to be caught by a junk yard worker. The Latin man gets an eyeful of the kinky man-on-man-action. The man kicks them out screaming obscenities in Spanish, as Jordan and Donny scramble to put their pants back on. One thing is certain, the rush of public sex is something they’ll probably try again!


Between a Cock and a Hard Place





Going out on the prowl for the perfect victim can be a lot of fun if you have the right bait. At Bait Bus they always go out cruising for men with a hot girl in tow. We already know she’s only there to bait them in, but the real fun starts when the man-on-man sex starts. In this clip, Elle and Josh Stone cruise the streets for a horny stud with a hard cock. It doesn’t take long to come across Kehoa. This Tahitian believes he’s going to be in porn. He just doesn’t know it’s gay porn!

Elle’s big tits gets this boy in the van and before long he’s stripping off his clothes and getting ready for a blowjob. With a blindfold on, he leans back and lets Elle suck on his hard knob… So he thinks. Josh is actually the one doing the sucking and when Kehoa takes off the blindfold, he’s pissed! But being a straight and horny man, he goes with the flow and even manages to give Josh a good, hard pounding right there on the bus floor. Those straight boys! They’ll do anything to shoot their loads.


John Holmes' First Ever Gay Bareback Scene





If you're a porn fan, whether it's straight porn or gay porn, you undoubtedly know the name John Hol

mes. He's the legendary actor from the 70s that brought big dicks to the forefront of erotic movies. Even today, he's revered as the porn king simply because his 13-inch pecker wielded such massive power. In this clip, Vintage Gay Loops has managed to save footage from one of Johns' lesser known works in gay porn. Most people don't even know that he could get it up for both sexes, but this clip reveals that his tool is in perfectly good working order, even as he pounds away at a cock-hungry stud.

The young stud nearly falls over when he gets a look at that fat shaft. He can barely put the whole thing in his mouth, but he knows something that big doesn't come around often, so he does his best to service it like the good cock sucker that he is. When he bends over to take it up the ass, John's bareback cock nearly obliterates his hole, stretching it to the limit. John cums on his ass and continues to fuck him, pushing some of that cum into his hole.


Rooftop Jerk Off





There's a wicked grin that spreads ove

r James' coy face when you mention jerking off to him. In an instant, he's got his hands wrapped around his shaft and he's pulling on it, making his uncut cock very stiff. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that this boy has an exhibitionist streak in him and he's not afraid to show it off. But there is a style to his exhibitionism. It starts with his sexy red undies that cling to his smooth, twinish body. When he pushes them aside, his cock pops out and is ready to play.

He jerks off for the camera, stroking with intent and making sure it is all captured on film. Then, he jumps up and without warning he leaps out of the window, cock in hand and continues his jerk off session on the roof deck of his building. The sight of James pounding his tool with the city in the background is a sight to behold. When he finally pulls back and gets ready to shoot his load, he lets it fly all over the roof deck. Some of it even flies off the ledge, making it rain spooge a few floors below. We think he had this planned all along!


Jeremy Bilding & Shane Frost





It’s nearing summertime again and as long as the sun is out and it’s warm enough to strip down to the bare minimum, guys will find any opportunity to lounge around and catch a few rays. That’s what Jeremy Bilding and Shane Frost are doing in this video clip. With a couple of beers on hand, they let the contents of the alcohol affect their libido, causing them to become outright exhibitionists. They start to play with their cocks and before they can even check to see if the gardener is watching, Jeremy’s tongue is deep inside Shane’s ass.

The effects of the beer and the sun really make these two studs a couple of horny bastards. They trade off sloppy blowjobs before their attention turns to what they’re really looking for. Shane can’t wait long enough to get Jeremy’s cock in his ass and Jeremy is all too eager to drive his boned up pecker inside those tight buns. These two look absolutely hot in this outdoor clip. The passion with which they fuck is unscripted and the cum-filled finale is a perfect way to greet a new summer… Even if it’s still a bit early to do so.


Connor Fucks Dru






Connor and Dru are tall, buff an blond with a lot of sex appeal and a horny disposition. They look hot together as they get ready for their fuck session. From the moment they start to explore their well-defined bodies, you know that these two are going to deliver a very hot scene. Connor can’t wait to stick his long shaft deep into Dru’s ass! From the moment that Connor throws Dru down on the bed and feeds him his dick, Dru is a non-stop moaning stud in heat. He groans with every thrust of that powerful fuck tool and it’s hard to argue that Dru loves every minute of it.

You can tell that they’re feeding off of each other. With every moan of pleasure, Connor is enjoying ramming his cock and fucking the daylights out of Dru. He enjoys watching him squirm and Dru loves stroking his own cock while Connor rams him. Before they’re done, Dru climbs on top of Connor and starts to ride that stiff boner taking control of each thrust that sends chills up and down his spine. All that fucking, sucking and groaning builds to a hot, sticky climax that ends with Dru covered in both of their loads.


Tyler Andrews & Zach Alexander





Tyler and Zach are opposite in the way their bodies are defined. Tyler has a smooth, taut body while Zach is furry and chiseled. Like they say, opposites attract and there’s definitely a lot of attraction going on between them. To get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, they head out to nature for a hot, one-on-one roll on the grass. They find a nice cool spot and decide to “take a load off.” They lay out a blanket and get comfortable – naked, to be more precise. They check out their bodies and their dicks begin to stir with a lust that won’t go away until they’ve satisfied all their carnal desires.

Tyler has a beautiful, big cock, but Zach’s tool is a whopper! Tyler tries his best to swallow it all the way down but it’s just too big. At least he tried. Now, it’s Tyler’s turn to put his dick to good use. Zach is all to eager to get that cock up his ass. Tyler happily obliges him, shoving his dick deep inside Zach’s hairy ass. Zach gets pounded doggie-style then goes for a ride on top, and finally gets his hole drilled missionary style.


Noah & Taylor





Summer is not over yet so there is still plenty of time to catch some rays before the cool climate comes in. If you look closer, though, you’ll also find a couple of hot, horny guys lounging by the pool in little to no clothing. Noah and Taylor are as devoted to catching rays as they are to getting a good fuck before the sun goes down. It may all be a pretense as they cruise their bulges and take in their hot ripped bodies, but for our intent and purposes, who cares? They’re getting naked and their boners are tenting up in their board shorts.

Blame the heat of the sun, or maybe it’s the steam from the hot tub, but these boys are delirious with lust.  The wrap around grab that Taylor slyly pulls around Noah’s towel to get at his dick is all they need to get the action started. In no time, they’re bobbing down on one another’s cocks. Soon, Taylor’s gotten what he’s wanted all summer: Noah’s big, fat cock buried deep into his ass. These boys may have been planning some quiet time by the pool, but they really turned up the heat on each other.


Tristan Bull’s Outdoor Shower




Sexy outdoorsman Tristan Bull can’t wait to take a nice soothing shower after going kayaking all day. Lucky for us, the cameras are there to catch all the sexy shower action that occurs outdoors.

There are very few times when our jaws actually drop to the ground when a dude gets naked, and watching Tristan slip off his shorts was definitely one of those times. As he slowly peels them off, we were in shock to see that his cock never seemed to end. Finally, after what felt like days we caught a glimpse of the end of his dick. Bonus! He’s totally uncut!

Tristan definitely has his work cut out for him when it comes to jacking off – he’s got so much ground to cover! Not only does he have a long unclipped tool, but he’s also got some meaty thickness to it. If this was a meal you’d have to get a to-go box! We can’t imagine what it must be like to try and fit that mammoth piece of meat in your mouth. Oh, to get a little taste of Tristan…


“You know you’ve got a big dick when” …even old pros like Jake Cruise have trouble choking down your meat!

There’s not a lot of things an old pro Jake Cruise can’t do – at least sexually, that is. I mean, just look at the guy; it’s clear he’s been around more than a few huge cocks in his life. And he always knows just how to touch a guy’s junk to get him in the mood – and as proof, just look at all the hot, buffed out straight guy this gay and grey all-star has managed to pull into his bed.

And Seth, his latest update, is no exception. How Jake always manages to seduce the hottest guys into fooling around with him on camera still remains a mystery (at least until Jake writes that juicy tell-all novel we’ve been begging him to start penning for years now!), but one thing’s clear: Seth was one handsome piece of work.

Of course, everything was going swimmingly – until Jake tried to deepthroat Seth’s cock. Now, as we said earlier, Jake knows his way around a guy’s cock and balls, so it’s truly a testament to the girthy size of Seth’s meat to see Jake struggling to choke down every last extra inch. It’s also pretty damn hot, if we do say so ourselves…

Jul goes bareback, and takes hunks Vinnie and Mauricio along for the ride

Since when did go bareback? Not that we’re judging at all – we’ll reserve that one for all you readers to do on your own. But for the life of us, we can’t remember if it’s always been like that on their site or not. So we’ve got a little assignment for everybody: Cruise around and report back on the state of condoms on their site. How’s that for like the most self-rewarding task ever?
Anyhoo, a lot of the hot men we’ve seen on this blazin’ hot site are straight, so seeing two guys with authentic passion for each other is almost too hot to handle. It’s clear from even the quickest glance at Vinnie and Mauricio that these two have fucked around before, and as Vinnie hoists Mauricio up on the deck chair and shoves his cock in Maury’s tight hole, the two fit almost as perfect as a glove.
Actually, the intimacy makes sense; according to the site, these two have been friends for over 3 years, and they’ve only gotten closer and closer – and much better at knowing how to fulfill each other’s needs – and asses. Seriously, we can’t wait to see what they can do to each other in another 3 years!

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