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Southern Stud Jacks Off






The first thing that you notice about Darin is his thick Southern accent. Like many good old boys from the South, Darin grew up in a small town of about two thousand people. His graduating class had about 30 people altogether.

When asked, Darin admits he was the hottest guy in his class. The former wrestler may have just taken up going to the gym, but his body looks as if he has been hitting it all of his life. When he flexes his muscles, it’s hard not to imagine what it would feel like to run your tongue down all his sinewy muscles.

One thing we weren’t expecting is for him to be such a beast when it came time to jack off. He works his gorgeous tool with both hands, and switches things up repeatedly before he firmly grabs it with his right hand and goes to town.

Did we mention that he has never tasted his cum until he accidentally shoots some in his mouth at the end of the video? It’s definitely worth it just to see the look on his face!


Sean Cody’s Guys Get Versatile

The level of perfection of the men that appear on Sean Cody makes it one of those sites that you just have to go back to. Their latest update feature Ken and Trey, two guys who have never bottomed before in their life. Trey was incredibly excited to have his ass cherry popped and went wild when Ken bent him over and started rimming him. In fact, Trey couldn’t stop squirming and pushing his ass into Ken’s mouth, who was doing a good job of parting those muscular ass cheeks and tongue fucking the tight hole.


These two guys remind us of being in high school and the jocks we used to have crushes on. We always imagined that the star quarterback was always checking out his buddies and nursing a particular crush on one of them. In our fantasy, we picture these two guys one day lounging around while their parents are away, and one thing leads to another until one has his cock thrust deeply in the other.


The one part that we hadn’t imagined is the two studs trading off, which is exactly what Trey and Ken do. Their bottoming skills couldn’t get any different, Trey was eager and wanting every inch of Ken, but Ken just scrunches his face in pain — but we’ve all been there and know that it’s the good kind!


Oct’s Sexy Henry Gets Us Hard!

Every once in a while a guy comes along that really makes us wish we were back in college having hot boy-on-boy sex with the frat brother who decides we’ll be his first time with a guy. Henry is exactly the type of guy you want to make out and fuck. He’s so incredibly hot has a killer smile and a body that just won’t quit. He really is quite perfect!


Henry admitted that he had recently split with his girlfriends because they had too many fights. What we want to know is if she was crazy because you would have to be out of your goddamn mind to let such a beautiful dick slip through your fingers. It’s perfection! Great mushroom head, nice thickness and length plus his balls are shaved and his pubes are trim! That would be such a fun cock to suck on.


If you thought the front was nice to look at, you better take a deep breath because the back is just as stunning. It almost seems unfair that has the entire package. His type of bubble-butt is just so fucking delicious it makes us want to dive in with our tongues.


Henry really is the type of guy you would want to try everything with at least once.


We can only imagine that he’ll only get hotter with age, after all he’s only 19 years old. Hopefully Sean Cody will have him back real soon!



Branson bites off a little more than he can chew at

Big dicks are fucking awesome. We all know that, right? I mean, there’s nothing more thrilling than bringing a brand new boy home with you, slipping your hand down his shorts, and finding a thick handful of fleshy deliciousness waiting to be fondled.

branson fucks giant dick

Well, that’s sort of what happened over at, with their latest duo of Rylan and Branson, only instead of being in big dick heaven when Branson saw the huge, girthy flagpole Rylan had in his pants, he was more in scared straight boy hell.

branson fucks giant dick

Yeah, Branson hasn’t had too many dicks up his ass – in fact, you can probably count how many times he’s been fucked by doing a short skim through the site – and taking on a monster the size of Rylan was pretty intimidating. I think this close-up shot of his face pretty much sums up his feelings on the matter! Just remember Branson – practice makes perfect!

branson fucks giant dick


Dakota and Branson strip each other down and size each other up

There’s nothing better than watching two hot straight guys strip down and size each other up – especially when those two straight guys are about to have hot, gay sex for the very first time, and even more especially when it’s all going down on

But that’s exactly what happens when Dakota and Branson are paired up together and told to do some “further experimenting”. See, both studs have been here before; Remember, we brought you Branson, the hot EMT, last week, in a sizzling hot solo video? We know you can’t forget a body that well built. Well, little did we know we only had to wait a little more than a week to see Branson get totally pounded by another straight guy – and it couldn’t have happened sooner.

The best part is all the loud noises Branson makes as Dakota is driving him deep from behind, so make sure you’ve got your speakers turned way up when you’re viewing this one. We’re not quite sure if Branson is absolutely loving having Dakota poke him from behind, or if he’s just counting down the minutes until he shoots his hot, creamy load all over, but either way it definitely makes us want to find our own EMT to fuck!


Branson’s smooth, suckable cock will pump you full of life!

Meet Branson from – talk about a guy that could take your breath away, and then pump you full of life again! Actually, that’s because Branson happens to be an E.M.T (Emergency Medical Technician), which means he rides around in one of those ambulances all day long and helps people all day long. What a sweetheart, right?
But with that beautiful bush of dark curlies and a solid, veiny cock with a huge mushroom tip, he could pound the life out of anyone he wants. And judging from the way he jerks his meat in this latest update and leaves a drippy mess all over the floor, we’re hoping he gives up his days of doing good for more of these dirty, filthy deeds!


Pulling off the down and dirty double penetration at

The men of Sean Cody have always been pure perfection. Great body, killer smiles, clean-cut haircuts, and always flawlessly manscaped (most of the time), I always thought of them as pretty conservative, upstanding gentlemen. Well let me tell you, images can be way deceiving, because folks, we’ve been duped! Yes, I only have two words for you. Double-Penetration. The word alone is enough to make someone’s asshole start sweating, and your prostate scream with delight, right?

sean cody gay threesome double penetration

Sure, a Sean Cody guy may look all clean, All-American and – dare I say it – a bit conservative on the outside somtimes. But as their latest

trio of Nicolas, Cooper, and Reid has revealed, these boys are just as messy, wild, and willing to do some crazy shit as the biggest, most time-tested power bottom in the business.

sean cody two dicks in ass double penetration gay porn

A good DP (double-penetration, for those of you out of the loop) is difficult to pull off. But the amazing physiques and ripped biceps of this threesome plays to their advantage, as their able to get into some positions most of us could only dream of getting into. Of course, why dream when you’ve got such a stunning visual accomplishment only a click away

Stuffing tight ass with two dicks gay porn sean cody


It’s friday, enjoy Ajay, Caleb, Tim and Cary from Sean Cody!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

It’s Friday at last and what better way to wrap up the work week then to see some hot masculine guys doing things that are foreign too them.

Sean Cody’s men are some of the most beautiful specimens on the Internet right now that are not only nearly perfect but extremely hidden from the public eye – this is both a turn and frustrating, let me explain why. Working at Cybersocket for a while now I have yet to meet only one Sean Cody model (Ajay, above). While other studios often take their models on the road to promote their respective sites, Sean Cody does the complete opposite, shrouding his models in a mystifying veil of anonymity. As previously stated I enjoy this tactic to a certain extent because when I log onto Cody’s site since I have never met his men I can imagine them in any aspect I choose – as bottoms, tops, cum pigs… anything! If I have met a model then I generally know what they are into – maybe that is why I have refrained from getting to know Ajay, I want to imagine him as a pig sissy bottom who is a muscle Adonis – YUMMY!

The following are the four hottest guys on Sean Cody’s site now in my humble opinion, picked by no one else buy me! The guys you see are all hot in their own right and I have never met before… although I wish I could! If you enjoy these boys log onto Sean Cody’s site and buy a membership it’s pretty cheap when you figure he updates his site a few times a week!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Cary is my first pick (these are no specific order). At first when I saw his trim, flat tummy and nice cock I was sold but then when I checked out his other pictures and saw his tattoo work on his back I knew that this guy was “my type.” Sean Cody doesn’t feature too many models with tattoos and since they are a hot fetish of mine I like to watch these models! If you want to see Cary’s cock you can buy a membership so you can flip him around and see him!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Timothy’s eyes sold me! Although he is generally not the type of guy I go for his slim, tall body is a seller – I love him! His dick is average but I am no size queen, six is fine for me, any thing bigger is just way too big to fit in the mouth or in my ass if I choose to be a bottom, oh, way too much information huh? What do you think of Timothy? Do you like the size of his cock? Comment and let me know what you think of size!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Caleb is probably one of the most ethnic guys I have ever seen on Sean Cody’s Web site. His chest is a complete turn on for me – it’s robust, defined and slightly hairy… yummy! I also enjoy that Sean Cody featured an uncut guy – again, another rarity for the site but totally enjoyable when shown!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Mel appears to be your all-American, boy next door type with adorable rosy-cheeks, a slender smooth body (which again, I am rarely attracted to but for some reason it works on this stud) and his long dick. Check out the picture above! His hand is fully wrapped around his cock and there is still some poking out the top – SO HOT!!! Also if you like huge ball sacks Mel has some smooth ones – perfect for your fantasy to lick and suck on them. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Do you like hair on guys ball sacks or do you like them smooth? Sean Cody features both, but for the most part the Sean Cody guys have very trimmed hair!

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