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Chandler Fucks Skye Bareback at Corbin Fisher

The only way to foster Olympic-level fuck champions is to constantly push them to new heights, and that’s what happens in this hot new Corbin Fisher update starring Skye and Chandler. Freshman Skye was feeling fairly confident after getting fucked by Marc in his last scene, so Corbin Fisher decided to see if Skye could handle Chandler’s huge dick. As the scene begins, Chandler throws Skye down on the couch and immediately goes to work on his cock. After teasing Skye’s ass with his tongue, Chandler lets Skye suck his dick so that he can get familiar with the monster that is about to wreck his ass. Chandler fingers Skye’s hole, then jams his cock in so quickly that it makes Skye cry out. It seems brutal at first, but within minutes Skye is on top and riding Chandler’s cock, begging  for Chandler to drill him harder. Skye cums while being fucked and then Chandler keeps fucking him until he’s ready to blow his own load all over Skye’s ass. Then he licks it up and kisses Skye!