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Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines

Camping can be great fun, but you’ve really got to go into it with an “anything can happen” mindset. You’ll probably enjoy a lazy respite in nature, but you should also be ready for bear attacks, killer bee attacks, wild boar attacks, and even Creepy Janitor attacks. Because they can happen, as you’ll see in this hot update from Bound Gods. Adam Port plays a carefree hitchhiker (apparently he thinks that he’s Jason Mraz in the I’m Yours Video.) Unfortunately, life isn’t always a sweet fairytale. Naughty Pines can be a dangerous place to thumb a ride, and Adam gets picked up by the infamous Creepy Janitor. He’s bound, thrown in the flatbed of a truck, transported to an undisclosed location in Naughty Pines, and then dragged into the woods. Then he’s tied naked to a tree, flogged, and molested. In the end, the Creepy Janitor cums all over Adam’s face. She may look pretty, but sometimes Nature can be a savage mistress.

Adam Port Finds Trouble at Naughty Pines at Bound Gods


New Site Alert: ties up, gags, and fucks your favorite gay porn stars

So is a brand spankin’ new site – quite literally, in fact, the site is completely devoted to kink, bondage, S&M, and everything else that could possibly go on in a dark, seedy sex dungeon – and we’re fucking in love with it, mostly because they’ve managed to get such big stars.

Their first update is an awesome example of the heavy hitters this site is pulling in and tying up – its a duo scene between latinolicious Tommy Blade and the legendary, award-winning Rod Barry – and you’d better hold onto your shit before startin’ up this scene because you’re about to see some hardcore, crazy fucking. In fact, Tommy Blade pretty much gets totally owned by Barry, and he loves every moment of it – and you will too!

The best part is the vertical hanging scene: Rod shoves a ball gag in Tommy’s mouth, hangs him upside down by his feet, and starts flogging him to holy hell, all the while Tommy begging for more. If this is any indicator of what’s to come on, you can totally count us in!


Sex Toy Watch: Throw out your ‘safe word’ and slip on these steel slave bondage mittens

Are you sick and tired of your typical bondage routine? Handcuffs and leather straps just not having the same pull they used to? It might just be time to take your kinky role-playing to the next level, and we’ve got the perfect way to do it.

100% pure steel bondage mitts. Oh yeah, this shit is crazy. Serious, this ain’t your father’s bondage gear. Well let’s just hope nothing is your father’s bondage gear, but you catch my drift.

steel bondage mittens gay kinky sex

The best part about these is that while the person wearing them will feel totally helpless in With double-Masterlock secured, (nearly) 4 lbs gloves around their fists, the person wearing them will feel both totally helpless, and yet totally in control. You see, chances are you probably won’t need a “safe word” when you’re playing around with these. One swing of these thick steel gloves, and you’re sure to knock out anyone offering any unwanted advances!

Oh yah, and did we mention there’s a matching steel head cage? Yeah, picture one of those old school Jacques Cousteau dive suits…but we’ll have to save that for another day!


Titan Media gets Kinky with Fear!

If you haven’t heard yet, Titan Men is all over the gay headlines lately, leaving the industry shocked at both the controversy they have spawned and dumbfounded at their newest movie coming out – keep reading for all the news!

Last week in Berlin at the 2nd Annual David Awards, Bruce Cam of Titan Media refused the DAVID Lifetime Achievement Award because of the awards affinity with bareback films. While lots of drama still surrounds it, what we’ve heard so far is that Cam ended up not going to Berlin because of a sudden illness, however Titan Media Vice President Keith Webb was there with some of his exclusive Titan models.

Cam furiously spoke out when the news spread, and he left nothing out of his press release!

“I cannot in good conscience accept a Lifetime Achievement award from an organization that glorifies and promotes bareback content alongside my own, I have worked my entire adult industry career to promote and eroticize safer sex content in all of my films,” says Cam. “It would be against every single fiber of my moral being to accept this award. Silence is acceptance and I can no longer sit by and watch the industry where I have worked and helped shape be destroyed by others seeking financial gain at the expense of performers and the entire gay community. I cannot and will not accept this award as it is tainted with the blood of others.”

Now onto the most powerful gay porn films you are likely to see this year! Titan has been a porn powerhouse releasing huge films like Folsom Filth, H20, the popular ManPlay series, and their newest movie sure to drop many jaws – FEAR!

Directed by Brian Mills, the movie Fear, stars Diesel Washington (above), Alex Baresi, Dean Flynn, François Sagat, Derek DaSilva, Lars Svenson, Rick Van Sant, Brody Newport, CJ Madison, Tober Brandt, Tony Buff, and Dirk Jager – yah a lot of man sex in my humble opinion!

Even if you’re not into pissing scenes, fisting, ball socking, men being tied up and other VULGAR (yet completely safe) sex acts you’re going to have an appreciation for FEAR!
If you are even the slightest bit curious log onto Xtube and check out the trailer – trust me it’s worth it.

This four-hour, two disc set is going to be a big contender this year at the GayVN’s I can feel it, definitely dividing the men from the boys! One scene that you have to check out is the bound to be infamous scene featuring porn star François Sagat (above) being tied up by a crucifix suspension and gagged with a horse’s bit – the scene also features CJ Madison, Diesel Washington, Dean Flynn, and Brody Newport.

Oh, did I mention there are two versions? The one you need to fork out the extra bucks for is the Directors Expanded Edit (DEE). The DEE has all the watersports, fisting, infusion and (some) bondage that is not available in the other versions!

Titan is all about sexual controversy in the last quarter of 2007 – just the way we like it! Check it out!

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