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Hung Cop Matt Majors Fucks Braxton Bond’s Snitch Ass at Red Hot Latinos

Hung Cop Matt Majors Fucks Braxton Bond's Snitch Ass at Red Hot Latinos

Hung Cop Matt Majors Fucks Braxton Bond's Snitch Ass at Red Hot Latinos

Hung Cop Matt Majors Fucks Braxton Bond's Snitch Ass at Red Hot Latinos

Hung Cop Matt Majors Fucks Braxton Bond's Snitch Ass at Red Hot Latinos

The relationship between a cop and a snitch is a complex one. In order to build a bond of trust, sometimes the best thing to do is to have the snitch suck your cock and rim you – right before you fuck him up the ass. Matt Majors and Braxton Bond demonstrate the technique for us in this hot new update from Red Hot Latinos, which should be standard viewing at the Police Academy. Matt has a big dick and he can tell that Braxton wants it. So, to loosen his tongue, Matt whips it out and shoves it down Braxton’s hungry throat. After that, he lets Braxton rim his butt before he turns the guy around and fucks his snitch ass until they both cum all over Braxton’s torso. If that doesn’t make him talk, we don’t know what will.

Hung Cop Matt Majors Fucks Braxton Bond’s Snitch Ass at Red Hot Latinos


Hung Jock Threeway at Xtra Inches

Hung Jock Threeway at Xtra Inches

Hung Jock Threeway at Xtra Inches

Hung Jock Threeway at Xtra Inches

Hung Jock Threeway at Xtra Inches

Check out this sexy new video from Xtra Inches. It’s an amazing, jock-sex threeway starring nasty boys Dominic Pacifico, Brandon Lewis & Cameron Adams. After some passionate threeway cocksucking (with some great shots of two of them sharing one cock) Brandon fucks Dominic’s bubble butt. At the same time, Cameron feeds his dick to Dominic’s mouth. Then they play musical tops and Cameron ends up on the bottom, with both Dominic and Brandon fucking the daylights out of him. In the end, Cameron pulls a train and they all disembark in Loadsville. We know you’re dying to check their baggage, so check out the full clip after you watch the sample below!


Rod Daily Does Ethan in the Bait Bus

Rod Daily Does Ethan in the Bait Bus

Rod Daily Does Ethan in the Bait Bus

Rod Daily Does Ethan in the Bait Bus

Rod Daily Does Ethan in the Bait Bus

In this recent update from Bait Bus, hunky Rod Daily joins the crew as they search for cute boys in South Beach. Once they spot the delectable young Ethan, they know they’ve found their mark. They tell Ethan that they’re filming a new reality show and then ask to interview him in the bus. It’s a classic tale of, “Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.” Except that the spider and the fly are both dreamy, horny studs. After Ethan agrees to get sucked off by the beautiful Bait Bus girl and puts on the obligatory blindfold, Rod goes to work sucking his dick. Ethan is pissed off and shocked when he realizes what’s happening, but he needs the money and his dick is hard – so he agrees to go all the way. You won’t want to miss the sizzling fuck scene that ensues!

Rod Daily Does Ethan in the Bait Bus


Axel Brooks and Neil Stevens in Menatplay’s The Hustler

Axel Brooks and Neil Stevens in Menatplay's The Hustler

Axel Brooks and Neil Stevens in Menatplay's The Hustler

Axel Brooks and Neil Stevens in Menatplay's The Hustler

Axel Brooks and Neil Stevens in Menatplay's The Hustler

Check out this hot new update from Menatplay called The Hustler. It stars Axel Brooks as a high-priced callboy & Neil Stevens as a successful executive who hires Axel in order to celebrate the closing of a big business deal. What makes the dynamic between these two so electric is the power play between them. Whether you’re wielding it or submitting to it, power is a big part of what makes suit-and-tie porn so hot. Neil lightly binds Axel before inspecting and exploring his body if he were a purchased object created solely for Neil’s pleasure. As Axel submits to the arrangement, his dick is rock hard. What’s so interesting about these kinds of situations is the ambiguity concerning who really holds the true power, since each person has something that the other wants. The tension builds up to an amazing finale that you won’t want to miss!


Brett & Thor





The name Thor brings a big hammer to mind and when you get a load of Thor at Randy Blue, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of his big club. You could also look at his handsome face and naturally smooth athletic body all day. He is the perfect mixture of boyish charm and manly muscle, right down to the Adonis line that frames his thick meaty cock. Brett Swanson has the perfect body to complement Thor’s, so it’s only natural that they are featured together in this clip!

Thor had never fucked a guy on cam before, but that is all about to change when Brett spreads his legs open and lets that god-like hammer into his waiting ass. Brett gets really into the dirty talk while Thor is pumping his sweet hole. This only fuels his lust for fucking on camera and he ups the ante with some more powerful thrusts. Brett, of course, is loving every minute of it, egging him on to pound his sweet hole harder and faster. By the time Thor is done with this ass, you’ll be convinced that he was born to fuck… The rest comes naturally.


Ben @ Xtra Inches





Do you like giant cocks on thin twinks? We do! Especially when the twink is as hot as Ben! This well-hung, smooth cutie may look young, but he’s got the cock of a real man and he knows how to use it. He teases us with that pole in this solo jerk off video. Then he whips it out on the couch and gives us a one-man-show well-deserving of a standing ovation from your dick. We bet you can’t watch Ben working over his tasty cock without blowing your load! !

Ben’s gigantic cock isn’t the only feature on his body that we love. He’s also got a nice bubble butt that’s made for pounding. Too bad he’s only doing a solo; but as we all know, solo jerk offs are the gateway to hot action scenes. It’s just a matter of time until we get to see if this boy will bend over backwards to let a fellow hung twink invade that beautiful ass. Until then, let’s just watch him jerking his cock, showing off his bubble butt, and milk out a huge load of twink cum all over himself!


Richard Pierce & Reese Rideout





This Randy Blue update is a fun one with two of the hottest models from the site. Reese Rideout is prominently featured (not to mention his ever-hard cock) as a stud looking to rent out his apartment. Richard Pierce is the lucky bastard that runs into him. From the moment their eyes meet, it’s pure lust at first sight. Reese’s cock starts to stir and Richard’s ass starts to twitch – they make the perfect roommates in this situation. It looks like it’s going to be non-stop sex between the two of them from this moment on.

To seal the deal, Richard offers up his tight, bubble butt as collateral and Reese has no problem tapping that ass and giving him a test ride. He’s quickly won over by Reese’s charm and sexuality and if everything goes right, Richard will have that beefy, muscular stud as often as he wants. Reese on the other hand, will have a nice tight hole to sink his horny cock into as often as he wants. Now that’s the perfect roommate situation we’ve seen in a long time. So if you want to see a smooth tattooed hottie get it up the ass from a horny muscle stud then you won’t want to miss Richard and Reese.


Leandro Silver & Paul





Leandro Silver is a first class Latino with a buff body, perfectly tanned skin, black hair and a red phoenix tattoo that contrasts nicely against his skin. He is also the one on his knees ready to take Paul’s long, hard dick into his mouth and into his round bubble ass. Leandro is, indeed, a hottie that loves to give it up! His chiseled face is a picture of masculinity even when he’s got eight inches of man meat chocking his throat. In this clip from Alpha Male Fuckers, Paul gets a world-class blow job from this fiery Latin stud.

Paul can’t wait to sink his pole into that gorgeous ass. He strokes his slick dick next to that ass in anticipation of the fuck that’s about to be unleashed on Leandro’s sweet pucker. When he does insert that massive cock into his ass, Leandro responds with a grinding that quickly speeds up and gets Paul close to shooting his load. Watching Paul and Leando fuck under the warm heat of the sun will surely make you want to bust your nut right along with them. Don’t hold back. It’s a cumfest waiting to happen!


Ricky Sinz





Ricky Sinz has been around for some time. His longevity in porn is secure thanks to his hot muscular body and the sexy tattoos that adorn his naked flesh. We’ve seen him in some of the hottest blockbusters from major studios and we’ve also seen him perform with other hot studs in some raunchy sex scenes. It’s nice to see him at Badpuppy going solo, spending some well-needed time by himself going over all the lines and curves on his tight body. We’ve mostly seen him top, but here, he’s exploring his back end and splitting his bubble butt!

He starts with some poses and flexes that really make his body pop! In anticipation of the dildo action, he turns over and shows us his perfectly round mounds of butt cheeks before getting down to business. After that it’s all fist pumping on his rock-hard cock. No fan of Ricky will want to miss the dildo that he inserts into his ass. He starts out slowly, but once it’s firmly in place he starts to shove it all the way in! If this is any indication, we’ll be sure to look for his first time taking a real dick in his ass.


Mason Wyler and Parker London





Parker London is a rock-n-roll kind of dude. He’s laid back, carefee and most importantly, he’s never let anyone near his very tight asshole ever. Right now he’s just fresh out of the shower and feeling a bit horny. Mason Wyler has been checking him out and he was just warming up a hot boner when he saw Parker freshly bathed. Mason’s big dick is just the thing needed to stretch out Parker’s hole and it’s no surprise that Mason is up for the job. This certainly isn’t Mason’s first experience in hole stretching.

He’s plunged his throbbing cock into many a tight space, always getting the job done with pleasure. But he’s especially excited to get deep inside the muscular, tattooed Parker. From the look of things, Parker isn’t too worried about getting his cherry popped. He knows that Mason also loves a thick shaft up his bum and if he lets him in the back door, he’ll have to return the favor. They go at it, sinking dicks into tight, wet holes and flip-flop for a hot butt banging time. Parker is able to take Mason’s powerful thrusts and when his turn comes up to fuck Mason, he shoves his fatty all the way in!


Eddie Renzo





Cock teases come in all shapes and sizes. Eddie Renzo comes to us neatly packaged in a muscular, taut body that is enhanced by his masculine tattoos that adorn his broad shoulders. Eddie is a stunning addition to Randy Blue’s collection of hot hunks. His handsome face is inviting when he smiles and his gung-ho attitude is an adorable addition that makes your heart beat just a bit faster when you first cast your eyes upon his acutely defined body. He’s obviously comfortable with his body when he starts to run his hand all over his chest, feeling every inch of himself as he toys with the camera, flashing that smile and teasing us with provocative glances.

As he continues to tease, he coyly aims his deliciously plump ass towards the camera giving us a close up look at his pucker. His butt muscles expand and contract as his fingers inch closer and closer to his hot spot. When he slips one of his fingers inside, you just about want to eat him up whole! This man exudes sexuality and there’s no telling how far he will go when paired up with another guy. We can only wish to find out – and soon!


Hung Marine Goes Awol

The latest U.S. Marine that Bobby Garcia encounters is a 20 year old from Michigan. This stud admits that he had never thought about his ass sexually until a girl stuck a finger in his hole. Apparently he was shocked by just how good it felt and admitted that he did the same to her. Our Marine tells him that it felt so good that he started doing it to himself every time he masturbated. We can’t imagine just how tight that shit must have felt the first time he slid his thick muscular finger(s?) inside of himself. You know his eyes were probably so far back into his head that he looked like the jerking dead. We wonder if someone should tell him that a dick feels even better than a finger. Seriously, we were totally straight, and then one day we accidentally backed ourselves up onto a jock’s dick in the locker room who happened to be lubed up, and hard. From then on we never turned back.

Ah Bobby, you deserve a medal of honor for bringing us so many hot Marines for us to gawk at and jack off over. Thanks buddy!


Latino Stud Strokes Cock






You Love Jack is known for having guys with big dicks parade around in front of the camera strutting their stuff. Recently, we noticed that a lot of the guys were on the twinkish side, so maybe to correct this they have dug up this hot fucking man. Emanuel is his name and if his hard body doesn’t convince you of just how hot he is then the meat between his legs will.

Emanuel has eight inches of cut throbbing manhood that he plays with for the camera. He gets so fucking horny that his fat mushroom head begins oozing out pre-cum, which Emanuel smartly uses to lubricate himself. The Latino “thug” loves to show off his dick in every position imaginable, and even jumps on the couch so that viewers can get a better look at his hairy nut sack, and long shaft.

What’s hot about this particular stud is that he’s hot and he knows it. Emanuel throws so many cocky looks to the camera your mind begins to imagine what he must be like in bed. All that thugging around must not really leave him too much time to jerk off because he shoots a nice thick load at the end.


The Bait Bus Strikes Again!






The award to the site that has the most gullible guy of the week goes to… drum roll please. how to lose weight fasthref=”” target=”_blank”>Bait Bus! And the crowd goes wild! But seriously folks, what the fuck are these straight dudes thinking? If someone told me they would give me a couple of hundreds bucks and a blowjob just to wear a blindfold, I'd probably call 911. But not these happy-go-lucky whack jobs.

This week Elle was out with Todd, Stone and Marques to troll the streets of Miami for yet another dumbass innocent and naive bystander to dupe. As they’re driving around, they stumble upon a handsome mechanic covered in tattoos. I wonder if the cameraman also carries a gun. Anyway, the girl flashes titties, the guy gets blindfolded, and yada yada yada. The borderline-autistic unsuspecting dude actually thinks they are shooting a movie and goes along with it. There really is no end to a straight guy’s stupidity.

Next thing he knows, he’s blindfolded and getting his cock sucked by someone other then Elle. When he found out, the dude was pissed, like “I’m a bust a cap in your ass” pissed, but after being handed fifteen hundred bucks there was slight change in plans. What a cheap slut! Anyway, he fucks the shit out of the bottom, who by the way is really hot, and all ends well.


Zeb Atlas Pounds Killian

A few months ago we had the opportunity to sit down and speak to Killian, who appears in Falcon’s film Best Men Part 2, The Wedding Party. What made this such a momentous occasion for Killian (aka go-go dancer Adam Killian in the circuit scene) was the fact that it marked his first appearance in porn.
In the movie, Killian plays a wedding videographer who captures all the shenanigans (and believe us there are plenty). As an interesting sidenote, readers may be surprised to learn why he was cast. Kilian has actually worked behind the scenes in porn for quite some time. When the idea for an explosive scene with Zeb Atlas was proposed, he felt it was the perfect time to make his screen debut.

The night before they shot the scene, the two grabbed some dinner and

got to know each other. Killian says they really hit it off and that he felt very relaxed around the well built Atlas. Fast forward a dozen hours or so, and Killian is filming Zeb in the shower washing his hole out and soaping up his cock that resembles more of a billy club.
All those years of barely engaging in any gay activity finally came to a head. Zeb does everything, including letting himself get rimmed before he bends Killian over and gives him the fucking of a lifetime. The fucking is so intense that Killian almost loses his balance and has to grab Zeb for stability. By far one of the best scenes to come out in recent times!


Deano’s English Lads Debut!

No, those are not Chace Crawford eyes. Though we could see how the mistake could easily be made. Meet Deano, the latest guy to show off his goods on English Lads, and yet another reason why we have to head over to the U.K. in 2009. Deano has actually been dancing in clubs for a while, so he’s no stranger to showing a little bit of skin, but he was really excited about doing a little bit more for the cameras.
The first thing you’ll notice about this Brit is his beautiful body. We just love the hair on his chest – it’s just the right amount! Another thing that makes this stud even hotter is the extensive tattoo he has on his back. Deano has no problems getting hard for the camera and strokes his cock enthusiastically before adding a see-thru Fleshjack into the mix.
As he wanks his rod of steel, he shows off his plump ass giving viewers a perfect view of what a lucky top would sink his dick into.
Deano’s ass twitches and pulses as he strokes himself. Once he gets close, Deano lays out a long towel on top of the bed and positions himself over it. His strokes get faster and faster until long streams of jizz come flying out of his cock!

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