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Mason, Gabriel, and Adrian in a Flip-Flop Threeway at Cocky Boys

Mason, Gabriel, and Adrian in a Flip-Flop Threeway at Cocky Boys

Mason, Gabriel, and Adrian in a Flip-Flop Threeway at Cocky Boys

Mason, Gabriel, and Adrian in a Flip-Flop Threeway at Cocky Boys

Mason, Gabriel, and Adrian in a Flip-Flop Threeway at Cocky Boys

Making porn is a lot like alchemy. You just keep throwing different elements together, and hope for the best. Sometimes it’s all smoke but no fire, but other times you get lots of sparks. When you’re really lucky, however, you get gold – and that’s what happened when Cocky Boys brought Mason Star, Gabriel Clark and Adrian Long together for this rollicking flip-flop threeway. Before they’re finished, Adrian will have used his big dick to fuck Mason and Gabriel. And before that, it’s a free-for-all of cock-sucking, ass licking, and kissing. The big finale, however, is the long sequence of one cum shot after another that you’ll have to see to believe.

Mason, Gabriel, and Adrian in a Flip-Flop Threeway at Cocky Boys


Six Exclusives From Cocksure Men Form a Fuck Chain in The Engagement Part 2

Six Exclusives From Cocksure Men Form a Fuck Chain in The Engagement Part 2

Six Exclusives From Cocksure Men Form a Fuck Chain in The Engagement Part 2

Six Exclusives From Cocksure Men Form a Fuck Chain in The Engagement Part 2

Six Exclusives From Cocksure Men Form a Fuck Chain in The Engagement Part 2

We always love the videos at Cocksure Men, but we get especially excited when they pull out all the stops and throw tons of their hottest stars into one incredible orgy scene. This clip from The Engagement Part 2 stars six Cocksure men exclusives, including Brady Jensen, Kevin Crows, Robert Axel, Morgan Black, Mitch Vaughn, and Guy Jones. They all look like perfect gentlemen in their wedding suits, but before you can say “threeway fuck chain” the guys are stripping them off in favor of their birthday suits! You won’t believe your eyes when two separate groups of guys form fuck-trains on a leather couch! This is one of the most amazing scenes we’ve ever seen from Cocksure Men, and we know you won’t want to miss it when Brady and Kevin get covered in four loads of hot jizz! After all, why bother with wedding registries at over-priced department stores? A hot load of cum is always the perfect gift for a strapping young husband-to-be!


Hung Jock Threeway at Xtra Inches

Hung Jock Threeway at Xtra Inches

Hung Jock Threeway at Xtra Inches

Hung Jock Threeway at Xtra Inches

Hung Jock Threeway at Xtra Inches

Check out this sexy new video from Xtra Inches. It’s an amazing, jock-sex threeway starring nasty boys Dominic Pacifico, Brandon Lewis & Cameron Adams. After some passionate threeway cocksucking (with some great shots of two of them sharing one cock) Brandon fucks Dominic’s bubble butt. At the same time, Cameron feeds his dick to Dominic’s mouth. Then they play musical tops and Cameron ends up on the bottom, with both Dominic and Brandon fucking the daylights out of him. In the end, Cameron pulls a train and they all disembark in Loadsville. We know you’re dying to check their baggage, so check out the full clip after you watch the sample below!


Marco, David, and Miky at Bare Adventures [BAREBACK]

Marco, David, and Miky at Bare Adventures

Marco, David, and Miky at Bare Adventures

Marco, David, and Miky at Bare Adventures

Marco, David, and Miky at Bare Adventures

Life can get complicated when you’re a gay doctor with an out-of-control bareback sex addiction. Fucking a patient during his office visit is bad enough.  But when you’re recruiting multiple patients and starting orgies in the examination room, you’ve really gone off the deep end. Welcome to the world of Doctor Garret. As this hot clip from Bare Adventures begins, Doctor Garrett is fucking one of his patients with a “therapeutic” dildo when another patient walks in on them. Luckily for Doctor Garrett, the interlocutor gets turned on and decides to join the fun. Watch as the patient has every one of his holes used and abused until all three studs blow their medically supervised loads. I have a feeling that insurance isn’t going to cover this particular procedure.


Dawson & Ethan Tag Trey @ Corbin Fisher





The boys at Corbin Fisher aren’t much for foreplay. They are always ready to start up the action, eager to taste cock and fuck some really tight holes. In this clip, lucky Trey gets to experience not one, but two hard bones up his tight hole in this hot double penetration action shot. Of course, because Trey is taking two at a time, there will be a bit of foreplay, just to get the juices flowing and get his tight ass muscles loose enough to fuck the hell out of this bottom boy. Dawson and Ethan can’t wait to slip their hard shaft into that warm fuck hole!

Dawson says word on the street is Trey’s never eaten a guy’s ass before. Always eager to please, Trey is more than willing to expand his boundaries. They get a train going – Ethan eating Trey and Trey eating out Dawson. That’s all they need to get the action going! Once Ethan’s cock is buried inside, Dawson squeezes his big dick into Trey’s ass. Trey screams out from the pleasure of getting two cocks inside him at once. “Oh my god!” he moans loudly, sounding delirious from the sensation. Don’t miss this kinky clip!


3-Way @ Next Door Buddies





Having roommates can be a tough on some people. Especially when you’ve got rambunctious roommates such as Cassidy Jones and Nate Kennedy. For Chad Con, it’s a struggle keeping his tight, young buns together whenever they get together… Especially in the shower. When Chad holds up the night’s fun by not jumping in the shower in a timely manner, his two buddies take it upon themselves to get Chad motivated. Their tactics involve getting Chad into a submissive position while the other two stuff their hard cocks in Chad’s mouth. It doesn’t really look like much of a struggle, though!

After Cassidy and Nate take turns face-fucking Chad in the home gym, the two literally throw Chad onto the bed and begin giving his ass a thorough pounding. They stretch open his hole with their fingers. Chad loves every minute of it and is thankful he moved into this sex house! They really enjoy pounding that tight ass before the top studs begin to unload their man-milk all over Chad, who smiles as his body gets covered in slimy jizz. At that point, Chad really needs a shower. But he’d better be fast this time!


Str8 Fucks Gay





One of our favorite pairings in porn is when a studio gets a straight guy together with a gay guy. The results are always unpredictable, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun watching the results – and the results are usually kinky, sexy, and cum-inducing. Blinx is a typical horny straight boy with a constant hard-on. When he meets Wesley, that hard-on gets even harder, if that’s possible, and they quickly lose their clothes. Without questioning it, they get into a hot one-on-one with plenty of sucking and licking before the fucking begins.

Enter into the scene a very hot and sexy stud named Bryce and this twosome becomes a scorching three-way. He and Blinx take their turns getting their dick’s sucked by a cock-hungry Wesley. By now, straight boy Blinx is no longer as straight as he professed to be at the beginning of the clip. He’s been cock-deep inside Wesley’s tight hole and now he’s receiving one of the hottest blowjobs of his young life. The two tops are pushed over the edge and they blow their load all over Wesley’s face. It’s so hot to watch eager boy Wesley lap up that jizz like a hungry boy!


Hayden, Carter, & Logan





For college students across the nation, it is getting close to finals time. There isn’t a single college stud who isn’t feeling the stress. Right before the exams, most stressed out students look for ways to relieve that feeling, and a lot of the time it revolves around rubbing one out – whether it’s alone in the dorms or with a good jerk off buddy. College Dudes 247 offers some of the best clips of cock-hungry (not to mention cash-strapped) students looking to get off. In this clip, Hayden, Carter, and Logan have been teamed up together for a threesome.

The intensity of this video is so hot that it can’t be viewed in one sitting so it’s split up into two parts. This first part features our horny trio exploring one another’s tight bodies. Carter and Hayden both have huge cocks, and Logan really gets crazy in this video. Hayden and Carter are also the two kinkiest dudes around, so Logan gets the special treatment. He gets his face stuffed with cock and he keeps begging for more. We don’t know how long he’s gone without sex, but it’s obvious he wants more. Stick around and find out what happens in Part Two.


Nicky, Marcelo & Ty





We love a hot Latino triple sandwich! If you don’t know what that is, the ingredients are very simple. Take two experienced hotties and a tight, young stud. Mix well until rock-hard. If done correctly, you should end up with a delicious triple layer sandwich of pure, unadulterated Latin meat. The young one should be able to absorb all the natural juices for a unique mouth-watering taste that’s sure to satisfy your insatiable hunger for some south-of-the-border snacks. With this attractive line up at Latin Jocks, you can’t go wrong. Nicky, Marcelo and Ty provide a scintillating blend of exotic flavors.

This is the second part of this Latin triple fest. If you missed the first one, you don’t need to worry about it. We’ll bring you up to speed. Nicky is a hot, young bottom, but in this scene he tops Ty’s tight bubble butt. Talk about ambitious goals! He does a fine job ramming his dick in there, but ultimately, we want his cute face smeared with man-juice! We do get that wish as Marcelo and Ty top off this sandwich with a delicious au jus that Nicky is all to eager to slurp up and swallow!


Next Door Buddies’ Threesome!





When you have a great pool of hot studs at your studio, it’s fun to try out the different combinations you can get by pairing up your models in twos and threes. In this case, Next Door Buddies has found a perfect combination with three of their most popular studs. Parker London is the lucky stud that gets to have his dick serviced by two very hot and eager boys. Redhead Jeremy Fox and exotic Blu Kennedy waste no time stripping down and wrapping their lips around that big tool. Parker has a fat dick, but these two cock hungry boys will each have to wait their turn to suck it.

This slumber party turns out to be one all three will not so soon forget. When Blu Kennedy wakes up after a night of partying, his kinky brain decides to prop up a camera and record the nasty plan he has in mind for his fellow buddies. Let’s say there is plenty of sucking, licking, and some gang bang action that gets heated up in this bedroom. To find out who does what to whom, you’ll have to log on and watch carefully – just make sure you pay close attention.


Pool Party with the Cocksure Men





Pool parties are a perfect excuse to wear as little as possible and show off your summer tan. For these three Cocksure Men, it’s an excuse to dispense with any clothing and get down to the nitty gritty. Tristan, AJ and Dominik don’t waste precious time getting down to some bone-sucking action when their boring card game goes south and AJ uses it as an excuse to chow down on Dominik’s cock. This gets Tristan going and the threeway suck-fest heats up. The only thing left to do is to jump into the pool for a dip. You’d think that would cool things down. Instead, Dominik and Tristan use AJ’s firm bubble butt for a hot rimming session.

Back on deck, the threesome continues with a real butt-fucking tag team. Watching these perfect studs feast on each other is a real turn-on when you get a close look at their perfectly round butt cheeks spread open and their hard rods slipping inside those pink holes. Tristan and AJ slam Dominik’s ass – which proves too hot for Dominik, who ends up shooting his load all over his abs. Dominik and AJ then take aim with their cocks and then shoot their loads in Dominik’s face.


Corbin Fisher Tag Team





Sibling rivalry takes a back seat when brothers Elijah and Simon agree to a tag team. Sure, they’ve tagged a chick before. That’s not a big deal. But when they agreed to do a threesome with another guy – well, that’s a totally different kind of ball game. For Trent, the lucky bottom that gets to take both dicks in his holes, it’s a dream come true. How often does a hot 20-year-old stud get to work his mouth and his ass for two totally straight, hot brothers? Judging from Trent’s reaction to the butt pounding he receives, not often enough.

The scene is too hot, to be sure. Separately, Elijah and Simon have perfectly shaped bodies and rock hard cocks that demand attention. But together, they’re out of this world. The way they spit-roast Trent – with Elijah pumping away at his rump while brother Simon gets his cock sucked – is almost more than Trent can handle. And when they switch into new positions and the action amps up even more than in the previous, you have to wonder if, indeed, there is some sibling rivalry going on.  You know how brothers like to get competitive. Either way, we’re the ones that come out winning with this sexy video.


A Randy Blue Threesome!





Nicco Sky has deep brown eyes with a deep intensity that begs you to fuck him. With his small but perfect frame and a gorgeous ass, he’s a natural for a three-way fuck show with the boys from Randy Blue. In this episode, he’s teamed up with the equally handsome Malachi Marx and athletic Christian Sharp. All those broad shoulders and washboard abs are captured beautifully in this scene in which Nicco takes a good ass pounding from these studs. His talented mouth knows how to work Malachi’s engorged member as he slurps it up eagerly while Christian pumps his man-rod deep into his perfectly round ass.

But the action only heats up as they switch positions, making sure they give each other just the right amount of attention in all the right places. Usually you don’t find that in a three way, but these boys are pros and they’re versatile. They’ve perfected the art of giving head and fucking hard. Their perfectly hot tight bodies only help enhance the viewing experience as you watch Christian and Malachi work all of Nicco’s holes. A trio like that can only result in one thing – a scorching hot scene that’s bound to make you hard.


Randy Blue’s That 70s Gay Porn Movie, Part 2





Like a classic 1970’s TV show two-part episode, the thrilling conclusion to That 70s Gay Porn Movie picks up where part one left off.  The cock sucking, mouth stuffing, dildo ramming has ended, but the boys at Delta Lota Kappa (DIK) are hardly done with their plan for sexual sabotage.  In this scene, the action slow down a bit—but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any fucking left in them.  Wooky took a pledge pounding in the first half, but now he’s horned up and takes revenge on Skip.  The tables are turned as Wooky tops Skip in a scene that who turns out to be too hot for the polyester wardrobe.  That’s never a problem, the clothes simply come off and the action resumes.

Before long, the twosome becomes a foursome as the rest of the pledges return from their pledge tasks.  Eventually, the rest of this hardcore Randy Blue cast is going strong in what can only be described as an all out orgy fuck fest with the frat members wearing only multicolored stripe tube socks and headbands and a couple of togas here and there.  Indeed, a flashback to the ‘70s doesn’t diminish the pleasure of a timeless fuck fest.


Sex: The Perfect Cure for a Hangover





Randy Blue always manages to find hot, hung, and horny guys who are ready to show everyone how they do it. One thing we are always asked about is if we are really gullible enough to believe the scenarios that the guys are put into. We think it’s safe to say that most of these guys realize that there are cameras in the room with them – you’d have to be blind not to notice. But just because the scenarios aren’t unfolding naturally  doesn’t mean that they didn’t happen. One of the latest scenes at Randy Blue is based off of one of the model’s experiences and he was more than eager to recreate it for the camera.

After a wild drunken night Benjamin Bradley and Sean Everett wake up to find a hot dude that neither of them can remember inviting into their home. Instead of trying to piece the night together they decide to make new memories. It’s what would have happened in the movie The Hangover had the guys been gay. These guys are so into each other that it’s a little difficult to keep up with whose dick is going where, but we guess that’s exactly what the doctor ordered to cure those hangover blues!


Randy Blue’s Hot Three-way




It’s hard not to feel a little jealous when watching Benjamin, Malachi Marx, and Chris Rockway making out. Any guy with a pulse would love to find himself in this delicious man-wich of big muscles, tight abs, and long dicks.

As usual the centerpiece in any good three-way is Malachi Marx. There is no doubt that Malachi is one fine piece of man. It’s no surprise that the other guys think so as well and make him the star of the entire thing. We also love the fact that he has been looking a lot wolfier of late. Add to that the experience that he has gained in the last year over at Randy Blue, and this stud is good to go.

Chris and Benjamin have no problems giving it to Malachi, and fill him up on both ends. First, Benjamin makes sure that Malachi’s hole has been prepped by giving his ass a good rimming. In order to get to Malachi’s hole he has to get in a position that leaves his ass exposed. At this point it’s like watching a special on National Geographic on mating rituals because Chris goes in for the kill, and plunges deep inside of Benjamin! The three go on like this for a while until they bring things to a climactic end!

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