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Kent Fucks Tom Bareback at Corbin Fisher

We never believed the old saying abut blonds having more fun – until we saw this hot new Corbin Fisher update starring blond hunks Kent and Tom. These guys are two of Corbin Fisher’s most popular models, and in this scene they enjoy a hot and heavy bareback session that has them devouring just about every inch of one another. As the scene begins, Kent and Tom are making out on the bed and kissing each other’s muscular bodies. Kent quickly makes his way down to Tom’s cock and rubs it against his own. After engaging in a little bit of foot worship, Kent rims Tom’s ass and slides a finger into the tight hole. Next comes Kent’s big dick, with Tom moaning as Kent fucks him bareback. They then try a number of different fucking positions until Tom eventually cums while being fucked – and then Kent unloads all over Tom’s ass. To finish, Kent jams his cock back inside to give Tom a nice creampie!


Jason Ryes Jerks Off Like No One’s Watching at College Dudes

Jason Ryes Jerks Off Like No One's Watching at College Dudes 247

Jason Ryes Jerks Off Like No One's Watching at College Dudes 247

Jason Ryes Jerks Off Like No One's Watching at College Dudes 247

Jason Ryes Jerks Off Like No One's Watching at College Dudes 247

“Dance like no one’s watching” is a popular, feel-good quote that has graced countless plaques, cross-stitch creations, bookmarks, and mugs. Jason Ryes seems to have internalized that pearl of wisdom, except that his version goes, “Jerk off like no one’s watching.” And that’s exactly what he does in this hot new clip from College Dudes 247. This straight-laced, barely legal skateboarder manages to completely ignore the cameras as he gives us an intimate glimpse at one of his private J/O sessions. It’s no act, either. This boy simply doesn’t have any inhibitions. You’ll almost feel guilty watching it. Almost.

Jason Ryes Busts a Nut at College Dudes 247


Garrett Pounds Jayden





I don’t know about you, but we think these boys from Dirty Boy Video must have a lot of pent-up sexual frustration. Because when the camera starts to roll, they just can’t wait to start going at it! They start out by the window, sucking face like it was going out of style. Their hands fly all over each other’s bodies, exploring every bulge and bit of hard flesh. Jayden licks and kisses Garrett’s face, peeling off his clothes and making his way down garrett’s chest. Garrett is boned up in his tight undies and Jayden fishes it out and puts it in his mouth.

You want to know how horny and ready Garrett is? When his cock pops out of his underwear, it leaks precum all over the place. By now, Garrett is ready to fuck that tight, twink butt. He grabs Jayden by the hip and pushes his cock into his spread cheeks. Jayden grunts with each thrust, but he’s clearly enjoying the deep anal penetration. The passion is intense and the fucking is hardcore. You don’t want to miss this clip. They look innocent enough but when it comes to busting their nut, all bets are off at Dirty Boy Video.


Noah River from You Love Jack





We are nearly overwhelmed by the hot guys that come across You Love Jack. Noah River is one of those cuties with a handsome face, a lean body and a big dick that begs to be stroked. Even if we’re no the ones doing him the favor, it’s enough to just watch him sit down on that couch and take off his pants, rub his manhood through his tight undies and tease us for a few minutes. In a moment, we know he’s going to slip those cotton briefs and start jacking his huge dick!

Noah really enjoys jacking off and it shows. His solo jerk off session is one of the best we’ve seen in a while and it only gets better. He throws his legs up over his head to reveal a very inviting hole that he starts to finger the moment his butt cheeks apart. He really digs them in there and even adds a bit of lube to stretch his hole a little wider. The sheer pleasure of feeling those digits penetrating his hole makes him moan. When he busts his nut, the creamy boy liquor coats the front of his shirt!


Tyler Dorn Busts a Nut





Tyler Dorn may look like a sweet and innocent kid, but this college stud has nothing but sex on his mind when he’s not diligently studying for exams. All study and no play can make Tyler a dull boy, but there’s definitely nothing dull about his sex life. He’s got aggressive sexual tendencies that he freely discusses before whipping off his tight-fitting orange shirt to reveal his ripped body! He’s extremely hot – all chest, arms and sexy abs. He teases the camera with a bit of flexing to reveal rippling muscles. Then he moves down to his pants and unzips them!

When the jeans come off his hard dick pops out. It is a thick piece of meat that he grabs and waves around for us to see. His ass proves to be just as hot as the rest of his body. This boy takes care of his body and he’s not afraid to show it off! Everything about Tyler is sexy from top to bottom. He strokes off his cock for us and spreads his rock-hard butt cheeks so we can get a better look at his tight hole! Now this is a fun game of show and tell!


Eddie Renzo





Cock teases come in all shapes and sizes. Eddie Renzo comes to us neatly packaged in a muscular, taut body that is enhanced by his masculine tattoos that adorn his broad shoulders. Eddie is a stunning addition to Randy Blue’s collection of hot hunks. His handsome face is inviting when he smiles and his gung-ho attitude is an adorable addition that makes your heart beat just a bit faster when you first cast your eyes upon his acutely defined body. He’s obviously comfortable with his body when he starts to run his hand all over his chest, feeling every inch of himself as he toys with the camera, flashing that smile and teasing us with provocative glances.

As he continues to tease, he coyly aims his deliciously plump ass towards the camera giving us a close up look at his pucker. His butt muscles expand and contract as his fingers inch closer and closer to his hot spot. When he slips one of his fingers inside, you just about want to eat him up whole! This man exudes sexuality and there’s no telling how far he will go when paired up with another guy. We can only wish to find out – and soon!


College Boy Gets Fucked By His Hot Buddy





When you have a horny college dude calling up saying that it’s been a while since he’s gotten fucked “really good,” you know the resulting video is going to be hot! That’s what Tucker Davis said to the guys at College Dudes 247, so they paired him up with the deliciously dark-haired Buddy Davis. From the moment Travis caught sight of that hard cock, he was on his knees doing his best to deep throat that sucker. It’s an awesome sight to see Buddy’s glistening abs and tight torso undulate with the rhythm of Travis’ expert blow job.

But once Buddy’s cock is at full attention, he turns his attention to Travis’ ass by fucking him doggy style. The highlight of that scene is when the camera pans down to capture Buddy’s big balls slapping Travis’ taint with every powerful thrust of his muscular body. Watch as Travis mounts Buddy and spreads his legs so that we can get a good look at that pole sliding in and out of his perky, firm ass. This bottom boy knows how to work a top and by the looks of this episode, Travis will definitely be back for some more butt-busting action.


Jimmy Durano Fucks Beau Tucker





Jimmy Durano, resident hot stud at College Dudes 247, is back with his incredibly taut body and a stiff cock.  He’s quickly becoming a favorite on the site and I’m sure no one is complaining about seeing more of what he can do—to himself and to another tight young body.  This time, he’s putting that huge pole to work on Beau Tucker.  You’ve seen Beau and the way he works his mouth (that boy gives new meaning to deep throating!) and in this video, you’ll see his sweet pink hole get worked over by power top Jimmy.

There’s too much sexy going on in here and you’ll have no problem getting into the action.  These boys are irresistible to watch—not only because they’re both gorgeous from top to bottom, but also their sexual work out is hot enough to make you sweat.  When Jimmy slips his throbbing member down Beau’s mouth, he works it to the max and Beau has no problems keeping up with the pounding rhythm.  And when Jimmy finally slams his cock head and shaft into Beau’s ass, the sheer pleasure of getting worked over by a hot stud sends Beau into a frenzy of lust.


Randy Blue’s That 70s Gay Porn Movie, Part 2





Like a classic 1970’s TV show two-part episode, the thrilling conclusion to That 70s Gay Porn Movie picks up where part one left off.  The cock sucking, mouth stuffing, dildo ramming has ended, but the boys at Delta Lota Kappa (DIK) are hardly done with their plan for sexual sabotage.  In this scene, the action slow down a bit—but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any fucking left in them.  Wooky took a pledge pounding in the first half, but now he’s horned up and takes revenge on Skip.  The tables are turned as Wooky tops Skip in a scene that who turns out to be too hot for the polyester wardrobe.  That’s never a problem, the clothes simply come off and the action resumes.

Before long, the twosome becomes a foursome as the rest of the pledges return from their pledge tasks.  Eventually, the rest of this hardcore Randy Blue cast is going strong in what can only be described as an all out orgy fuck fest with the frat members wearing only multicolored stripe tube socks and headbands and a couple of togas here and there.  Indeed, a flashback to the ‘70s doesn’t diminish the pleasure of a timeless fuck fest.


Hot College Dudes Fucking





We love it when guys look like they are meant to be together, and we haven’t seen this much chemistry between two guys in a while. Zach loves to get fucked, and wouldn’t you know it Jack loves to fuck. It’s amazing how those two things come together in perfect harmony to give us an awesome video we can bust a nut to.

Zach’s slender, slightly hairy body looks rather small when you put him next to Jack. Zach almost looks like he’s in awe of the beautiful stud as he wraps his mouth around Jack’s dick. Jack is even happy to return the favor, but our favorite part comes when Jack spreads Zach’s ass and shows the camera just how tight the hole he’s going to be fucking truly is. We swear Zach’s already half-way to shooting his load and he hasn’t even felt Jack inside of him yet!

Of course, with a gorgeous stud like Jack inside of you, not only do you go into fits of ecstasy, but you actually end up shooting quite a bit of cum all over the place. This is definitely one top that Zach won’t be forgetting any time soon.


Nash Lawler Fucks Phillipe Delvaux






The people over at Hot House always have some interesting pairings for their Backroom members. One recent pairing involved Nash Lawler and Philippe Delvaux. The two start off in the typical manner Philippe is on his knees getting smacked by Nash’s cut cock. As Philippe sucks his dick Nash calls him a “dirty German schoolboy.” He says it through gritted teeth, which makes it even hotter. We’re not sure if Philippe understands, but we’re guessing he has an inkling by the way he gets all excited.

Later, while Nash’s mouth is too full of dick to lash out any verbal abuse, Philippe loosens his own hole. We’re not talking one or two fingers, but what appears to be all of them! Nash slips two fingers inside the tight (ahem) pink hole, and slips them back and forth before inserting himself inside the “German Schoolboy.”

After the multiple finger banging we thought for sure that Philippe’s hole wasn’t the tightest bloom in the bunch, but according to Nash it’s really tight. After a few positions, Nash pulls out and is clearly aiming to shoot on Philippe’s face. As he’s about to cum Nash demands, “cum for me you fucking tourist!”


College Dude Jerks Off





One of the latest updates at features Logan Birch – a cute young guy who gets hard as marble when he’s aroused. He has a great body, which comes as no surprise after he reveals that he enjoys playing baseball, and going swimming.

The thing we really like about Logan’s package is that he isn’t all trim and pretty down there, but it’s not out of control either. As Goldlilocks would say, “It’s just right!” The other thing we couldn’t help but notice is just how quickly he got hard, but we guess that’s what happens when you’re in your late teens.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a straight guy’s virgin hole. We all know that it’s off limits, but it’s still nice to see, and Logan has a really pretty one. You know he must be super tight! We can just imagine how good it would feel to slide inside his tight pink hole and thrust away.

It’s always interesting to see guys jerking off, and Logan is definitely fun to watch. Whether he’s using one hand or two, you can tell that he’d really like to be inside of someone. He does play with asshole to put himself over the edge, and when he does he lets out a sexy moan that makes us wish we were in the room.


Mitch Bennett's Steamy Shower




There are muscular guys and then there’s Mitch Bennett. Mitch, the latest model to hit Randy Blue, was actually spotted by Randy at the gym. According to Randy, he noticed that guys were stopping in their tracks and staring at someone. Once Randy laid eyes on him, it was clear to see why all the guys had been distracted. Anyone else might have been too intimidated to speak to Mitch, but that’s what makes Randy’s site so fucking amazing. Here you’ll find guys that the rest of us would be too scared to approach, but Randy seems

to have turned it into a game. It’s not too difficult to guess what happened next. Numbers were exchanged, and a date was set in which Mitch would show the world exactly what he’s got hidden underneath his workout clothes.

Watching Mitch shower will leave you breathless. Mitch’s body is sculpted by serious muscle. In fact, we would gamble that there isn’t a point on his body that isn’t bulging in one way or another. What we particularly enjoyed about Mitch was that he was unafraid of bending over and showing off his pink hairy hole. We have a feeling there haven’t been a lot of guys up there, but we could be wrong. One thing we’re not wrong about, though, is Mitch’s uncut dick. If a man measured his riches in foreskin amount Mitch would be quite wealthy. One thing we couldn’t help notice was how quickly he got hard when he began to lather up his chest and nipples. Tit-play anyone?


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