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Cassidy Jones & Zack Alexander





One look at these two clean-cut jocks and you’d never think that they would ever get into some kinky shit! But they do. Cassidy Jones and Zack Alexander aren’t your typical vanilla studs. When it’s time to get rough, that’s exactly what they do. Baby-faced Cassidy initiates the action and it gets wild from there. He grabs Zack by the neck and forces him into submission. They lock lips for a while before getting right into the hardcore action. Zack doesn’t even know what hits him, but he’s a good sport and goes with the flow.

He slams Zack onto the bed and strips him down and forces him to suck his cock. After a little forced oral action, Cassidy returns the favor and puts his buddies hard cock into his mouth. The action isn’t all oral, though. But they love to take their time getting to the fucking. Cassidy shoves the submissive Zack’s face into the pillow, spreads his ass, and slides his hard cock into his waiting pucker hole, giving him a hardcore pounding. Poor Zack can only moan and groan from the pleasure he gets. It’s not like he didn’t want it anyway!


Nicholas and Ryan





It’s another “first time” at Randy Blue. This time it’s the deliciously hot Nicholas with the huge cock who gets to experience his very first blow job administered by another guy. Judging from the way he got into it during the shooting of this video we’re pretty confident he’ll be doing it again. So who’s the lucky cock sucker that gets the first rights privilege? Who else but Ryan Rockford. No one appreciates the beauty of a finely sculpted penis the way Ryan does and watching him stuff Nicholas’ dick into his is ass is like watching a master at work.

Ryan not only sucks dick, he takes his time to savor the whole thing. He looks at it and then licks it before engulfing the whole shaft in his mouth. And Nicholas was getting so turned on that it wasn’t long before he was grabbing Ryan’s hair and face fucking him. His talented tongue then works that mushroom head with some powerful suction. Nicholas gets so turned on by the sensation of getting blown that he can’t hold back any longer and shoots his massive jizz load all over Ryan’s abs. Ryan soon follows with his own load.


Tucker Forrest & Steven Ponce Show Off Their Extra Big Dicks





It’s fire-crotch and Puerto Rican pingon at Extra Big Dicks this week! Steven Ponce gets a taste of Tucker Forrest’s Midwestern cock, but not before they start out with a hot make out session – to break the ice. Their hands travel the curves of their very manly features, popping boners along the way and stretching out their perfectly good pair of undies. It doesn’t deter Steven from licking his buddy through the soft cotton, but after some time, this proves to be inconvenient and Steven quickly pulls Tucker’s briefs aside to get at his extra fat, extra long eight inch corn-fed husk of a penis. In an instant, it goes down his throat as Tucker moans in delight at the attention his cock is getting.

Tucker also goes down to show that he can suck a cock as good as the next guy, and he even flicks his wet tongue around Steven’s puckered ass before Steven decides he wants to slide his huge Puerto Rican dick into Tucker’s sweet ass. The action continues for some time, and then they flip-flop. Now it’s Tucker pumping his shaft right into Steven’s Latin culito. Eventually, these horny guys do blow a giant messy wad!


Twink Gets Hard While Showering Under Waterfall

The boys over at have a penchant for stripping down to their skivvies and getting all hot and bothered until — and this happens quite often — they bust a nut and shoot their loads right through their underwear. Although Ryan did everything but that last part, you’ll have to agree that he’s a mighty fine specimen of twink.
Water tends to get Ryan horny. We’re not quite sure how beaches and public pools affect him, but we would sure love to witness it! As soon as Ryan steps out from underneath the waterfall he’s been getting himself doused under, he turns to the camera and reveals his hard cock throbbing and pulsing underneath the stretched fabric.
Those who own a pair of Ginch Gonch know that they are sturdy undies, but Ryan’s hard-on is raging so hard that even these reliable underwear aren’t enough to hold him in.
He finally gets to the point where his cock straining the underwear feels so uncomfortable, he is forced to take it off and massage his tool in the open air. We don’t know about you, but we have seen a lot of dick and this has to be in the top ten of the most beautiful cocks we’ve seen. From the tip of his dick to the beautifully shaved pubes that turn golden in the setting sun’s light, how could anyone not salivate at such an amazing sight?
Who knew that Ginch Gonch, water, a hard cock, and a twink’s flat stomachs could ever give us blue balls? We finally have the answer to the pesky question: If you could be anywhere in the world at this moment where would you be? To be in this scene with this twink, all we’d need is a cute pair of underwear. Not that they’d stay on for very long. But Still



Exposing Victor Steele – and’s dirty, well-hung secret

Everyone knows the target audience for is supposedly women, right? I mean, it’s in their name (Hello – Girl!). But lately, has been hiding one huge, dirty secret, and we’re about to let you in on it. Okay, here it is: Gay guys love their site too! I know, right? Who knew!


So maybe that wasn’t as explosive as I thought, but for any of you guys out there who love the buff, well-chiseled men this site features, we say it’s far time we let it be known that so many of us guys are big fans as well. Boy power, that’s what we say.


One look at the PlayGirlTV’s macho Victor Steele – with his great, flat stomach, and a cock that’s always ready and rarin’ to go – and you’ll see why there’s no way this site could ever be gender restrictive. Seeing Victor strip off his tight, white underwear and expose that stiff cock is enough to make anyone drool, vagina or no vagina. Of course, we’re still totally on team no vagina – sorry ladies!




Think toys are just for kids? Get your hands (and ass) all over this newest, hottest plaything!

Sure, you may be all grown up now, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to have your own treasure chest of fun playthings. And if you’re like me, you want to know what you’re buying before you make a purchase like a sex toy – and one of the best ways to fully understand what you’re getting yourself into is by watching it in action. So today, Gabriel from is brave – and horny – enough to act as our test dummy.

Gay Latino Twink
First up is a brand spankin’ new 6-inch clear glass dildo – and from the looks of it, it’s one toy that’s about as versatile as the cute, tan Latino boy who’s trying it out. He sits on it, he shoves it in his ass doggy style, he even deep throats the long wand to make sure it’s extra wet before it goes to work on his hole. We’ll give that one a score of 8 out of 10 – almost perfect, if only it were a few inches longer…

Twink Takes Huge Dildo Up Ass
His second toy – a wiggly, yellow penis shaped dildo – is a lot less attractive visually (that yellow color is horrible!), but it does have the extra inches Gabriel needed to bust his load. For that, we have to make it a must-own! Now if you’ll excuse me – I think somebody has some shopping to do!

Fuck Me Raw Daddy


The Red Head Dilemma: To Lick, or Not To Lick?

When it comes to dividing issues, nothing can split people down the middle more than the subject of sexy red heads. From our experience, when it comes to people’s tastes and attraction to these crimson cuties, it’s a very take it or leave it breed of men.  For a lot of our friends, even the mere sight of a little scarlet public fuzz and they’ve got out of their mind with excitement. Others, well, they’d rather leave the taste of guys with gorgeous red locks out of their buffet of carnal pleasures.

randy blue woody henson red head mushroom tip

Personally, I’m all about a red headed hottie, especially that one has just thrown our way. His name’s Woody – yep, laugh it up – and it’s clear that the old Irish spring grows deep within him. And speaking of growing, Woody’s an expert in that department, always willing to show what a good Catholic boy he is not by flashing his package for a hot and heavy jack-off session.

randy blue woody henson red head mushroom tip

More importantly, check out those abs. Those things are fucking amazing. It’s like I want to run out and grab the nearest hamper of dirty laundry and put his washboard to good use. A guy that makes us actually want to do laundry? Now that’s pretty…

randy blue woody henson red head mushroom tip


It’s Twink week – So grab the nearest smooth cuddly cutie and get ready to celebrate!

So in case you couldn’t tell, we’ve been on sort of a twink kick lately. I know, I know, it’s just one of those weeks. So a note to all you bear lovers and rugged readers – stay with us. Who knows – maybe next week, we’ll be all about huge, big old muscle studs and stallions. You just never know with us crazy folks here at Cybersocket – our tastes may change as quickly as the winds, but they never blow!

Back to twink land, where it’s all about this clever little site called Yes, we too expected to see young lads with painted faces and furry, fake dog ears, but luckily that’s not the case. There is, however, a lot of wagging tales at this amateur super site, and our favorite comes in the form of a little stud, aptly named Zoom. That’s because zoom-in is exactly what we wanted to do the first time we saw this fresh faced freshmen with a good build and an even better package..

zoom doggy boys hot gay twink muscular

The site warns that “he’ll take your virginity in a second” if you’re not careful, but we highly doubt this good guy would ever take anything from anyone. Of course, they never said anything about giving it away…

doggy boys zoom hot gay muscle twinky boys


Spoiler Alert: We’ve got a Crush on, and we don’t care who knows!

Crushes – we all get them every now and then. No matter who old we get, the second some sexy motherfucker crosses our path, our eyes get all big, our tongue starts a-waggin’, and we instantly turn into that love struck little high school kid we once were, all over again.

boy crush twinky young boy

It’s that feeling that is all about capturing – that first lusty glance that gets you all head over heels, fumbling your words, and hiding that growing bulge in your pants with your 3-ring binder.

topless young gay twinky stud

Now look, I’m no romantic. My ideal of a dreamy night out is a bottle of two-buck chuck, dinner at Red Lobster, and a quick, messy fuck in the parking lot. Oh yeah, nothing says lovin’ like cheap wine and a $5.99 Prime Rib dinner. But – with all it’s soft caresses and all-too sensual mood music – is starting to make us yearn for a little more love in the porn that we watch.

famous boy crush tinky dark hair boy

So I guess you could say we’ve got a little crush on – and that’s mostly due to their latest couple Jackson and Carson. These soft and sweet boys are all too sexy, and what’s even better is that they truly have some explosive chemistry with each other. And I do mean explosive in the cute, gentle sense of the word. Of course, I can’t promise you that your own explosions will have the same kind and tender characteristics…

Apr really the secret to wild web cam chatting and high quality video hook-ups?

Okay, so it’s not that big of a secret that live video web cam chatting is like the hottest thing ever invented. Not only does it give you the flexibility to watch a hot guy jacking off from wherever you want, but you also get to tell him what to do, and where to do it to himself. Talk about having total control, right?

hot live gay cams free video streaming

That’s why we’re starting to find the name of one of our favorite sites,, pretty obvious. Sure, when they started in 1996, web cam chatting really was a big secret, but by now, folks, the cat’s out of the bag, and I’m pretty sure every guy with a dick and a roaring sex drive has given their own personal wild web cam cum-filled sex show at least once.

live gay sex video secrets flirt for free

Of course, if you still haven’t enjoyed the pleasures of a little one-on-one video peep show, is one underground sex stomping ground that you should probably make your own. With a line-up of top notch performers and a quick link system that gets you the freshest, high quality shows available at the time you want it, it really doesn’t get much better than the content has to offer. Now that’s one secret I don’t expect anyone to keep!

live gay sex free streaming video flirt for free gay porn


Poax’s tight ass gets served up at

Thick, smooth, and bulky – That’s exactly the way the men come when you order up a hot serving of deliciousness from And in this oversaturated world of tiny twinks and runty little rascals, it’s so, so hard to find a good beefcake when you need one.

bang bang boys poax gets fucked hard in ass

Lucky for us, Davyd and Poak are the chef’s special for today, and for those of you who have never dined at’s restaurant, I highly recommend you come hungry. You’re going to need an insatiable appetite for sex if you’re going to be eating from Poak’s buffet, because believe me sweetie, this darkly handsome hunk has got enough to feed the needy.

bang bang boys poax gets fucked hard in ass by Davyd

Of course, the thing to remember about these men is that they’re tough, in everything single thing they do. Like when Davyd goes to poke Poak, he tosses him on the bed, grabs a fistful of his jock strap waistband, and pounds his sweet hole with his thick, veiny cock. Poak – always the gentlemen in these situations, politely grips his cheeks to hold them wide open for Davyd. This is one meal that definitely left our stomach growling for more.

hot ass penetration gay porn


Is that Channing Tatum, or just a hottie with a long dick? has long been a favorite site of mine. Like that familiar face that always makes you smile, this old-yet-fairly new gay porn standard is not only reliable, but really high quality in both it’s models and production quality. And if you want a thumbs up from me, those are definitely two of the most important criteria.

circle jerk boys two hotties on bed gay porn

Take, for instance, the latest due to shake their stuff on, Nino and Malachi. They’re both so cute, I really can’t decide which one I like better. On one hand, you’ve got the tattoo’d hottie with the long dick and the soul patch below his lip just for added flavor- I’ll give him an 8.5.

circle jerk boys taking off underwear hot gay ass

Then you have the shaved-head badass bro, just a little thick in all the right places. And is it just us, or he is like a total doppleganger for Channing Tatum? Boy, we’ve had a crush on him since his Step Up days – and until Channing finally decides to drop trow and show us the full monty, this guy’s a good enough to tide us over! I give him a perfect 10!

circle jerk boys sucking cock gay porn tattoo

Together, you’ve got a combined score high enough to make any seasoned junk judge loose his cool and shoot his load all over the place. Well done, boys!


Randy Blue’s Brent Diggs and Cameron suck each other’s dicks

Randy Blue’s Brent Diggs has really grown over the past few years since we last saw him on their site. He’s worked his body so that he’s in amazing shape, not that he was all that bad to begin with. He used to be quite bashful but has really come out of his shell. His first live show had him smiling a lot, waiting for direction and guidance with an adorable bashfulness, whereas in his last live show he took total control and led the viewers through a typical workout, holding them all in the palm of his hand. I thought it would be only fitting that he act as a sort of ‘big brother’ to newcomer Cameron Michaels.

Randy Blue Brent Diggs and Cameron - bautiful gay models

Cameron blew everyone away with his debut performance on Randy Blue with his unique mixture of angelic features (with those curly blond locks) and deep manly voice. Brent and Cameron had such an amazing energy together that went even beyond the video shoot.

Randy Blue Brent Diggs Cameron in sexy gay underwear

They did such a great job together, from the passionate way they locked lips and devoured each other’s tongues, to the hot 69 where they gave each other head while grinding their sexy bodies together. And talk about a blowjob, you would think that Brent would outshine Cameron with his experience as a Randy Blue model but Cameron has got one talented mouth. It’s so hot watching him blow Brent in this video that you can practically feel it.

Randy Blue brent diggs cameron 69 suck each others cocks

And as much as you want to shoot your load you’ll find there’s a part of you that doesn’t want them to stop. Even after unloading their hot steamy loads they still playfully laugh and smile so you know they had a great time making this video. See the full video on!


Naughty Naked lad flashes uncut cock

We’ve always had a soft spot for Engligh dudes like this naughty naked lad at We’re not even into white dudes but ever since Mikey fucked the shit out of us after a massage … Mikey taught us to honor the hood & that there’s nothin’ like some juicy foreskin to chow down on: it’s better than breakfast sausage!

naughty naked lad underwear

We’ve seen London, we’ve seen France, we wanna know how big the hood hiding under this naughty naked lad’s aussiebum underpants!

naughty naked lad licks arm pit

give it a lick! we bet you can totally see your tongue there 2! his pit looks soooo clean, maybe a little smelly but good. we’re taking bets: smoker? non-smoker? dick smoker?

naughty naked lad flashes uncut cock

yuuuuummmmmmm!!!!!! Everybody at Cybersocket headquarters popped boners. Well, one of us did: imagining our tongue up inside that foreskin. step off, Mister Hand, that’s a job for Konrad Product.


We All Love Hung Boys at

Holy Shit! There are some fine ass looking guys over at You Love Jack. I don’t think there’s one guy I would kick out of bed on this site. On top of it these boys are fucking hung! I mean like third leg, horse hung, donkey dick type hung. I’m surprised their big dicks don’t affect their equilibrium.

One thing I enjoy about this site is how clean everything is on the web pages. Some sites have so much shit all over the place you don’t really know where to even start, but YLJ’s layout is very easy to maneuver around.

I wouldn’t bottom for many guys, but this Middle Eastern hunk has pierced nipples and a beautiful 9-inch-cock that I would love to straddle. Can’t you just see him lifting his hips slowly back and forth impaling you with his manhood as he stares deeply into your eyes and slowly licks his lips. His picture alone is worth a thousand whacks.

I think out of all my favorite penis shapes the mushroom head is definitely top of my list. There’s just something so pretty about it — and it doesn’t taste bad either.

I’ve been to a lot of sites lately, and I really haven’t seen a picture like this. Usually guys will do the whole deep throat, jacking and sucking thing, but never lick the dick like a lollipop. So how many licks does it take to get to the center?

One thing the guys at YLJ are known for is their talent for being able to suck their own cocks and being good aimers and filling their mouths with their own hot loads. Hey if they can catch their own, they shouldn’t have any problems catching mine.

See more studs at


Enigmatic Boys – hot fucking twinks

I’ve never been into twinks that much but I have to admit that some of the guys over at Enigmatic Boys are really fucking hot. This site has gathered twinks from Russia, Europe and the Mediterranean so on top of having exotic looks the majority of them are uncut!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Franco sitting on the chest of drawers, he reminds me of an ex-boyfriend I had in high school. We were both on the track and field team, but managed to do very little running.

One thing that makes a twink really sexy is when he has an angelic face and a huge fucking cock between his legs. A lot of these guys don’t have what I like to refer to as powder puff balls — where it looks like they had their pubes trimmed in a salon — but natural pubic hair. There’s something about burying your face and smelling the musky scent of a man that can’t be beat.

What I liked about the pictures and videos on this site is no twink goes unturned. You get to see every inch of them from top to bottom — no pun intended — in a way that makes you want to jump onto the screen.

Paolo’s cumshot makes me want to turn into a cum guzzling pig, then again his luscious ass (pictured above) would make a top out of any bottom. I love how his abs get rock hard as he shoots his load.

Aside from a huge selection of videos and galleries, one of my favorite things about Enigmatic Boys are the black & white photo shots. It’s as if Ansel Adams decided to do porn.

Check them out at

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